Hey guys Welcome back to another episode This weekend I’m in Shiraihama I always come here So today I’m going to make
an episode about how you actually get here You can see that there’s
a lot of people around today It’s basically called kai-sui-yoku-jyo Which means
“beach bathing season” You can see that they’ve warded off A certain area where you can surf They don’t allow surfers in You have to stay in that area Let’s not go to “Ohama” beach How about “Tatadohama” beach? So to come to
Shiraihama in Shizuoka First thing you need to have is a Japanese friend And you need one that drives If not You have to come here by
a Shinkansen and then by a bus Or a train,
Which is really long Your friend doesn’t need to have
surf boards Because you can rent a
surf board at The surf shop in shiraihama Usually for 1 day or 2 days And they usually cost about
2 or 3000 Yen a day And you can keep it overnight too Like I’ve seen plans where you
can keep it for 2 or 3 days So if you come here by car You need to drive and
take the Tomei Which is the highway to
come to Shizuoka Apart from that you can take
another highway It’s called Atsugi Atsugi highway Either one of those
And then You can come to Shiraihama But don’t come in July Or August or September Because it’s kai-sui-yoku-jyo
(beach season) Which means it’s bathing season So there’s a lot of people
on the beach And basically you can
only surf in a certain area Usually in the left or the right Everyone is packed into this
one area Need to stock up on supplies
Before you go surfing Because there’s not much around
there that you can buy I don’t usually drink beer but Thank you This is Tatado-hama If you want to come here you
have to drive about 10 minutes It’s pass Shimoda station You can only surf maybe
in that area You probably can’t see This area is all like bathing If there’s no beach season The short boards are on the right The long boards are on the left That’s the local rule Surf size is not that big
at the moment It’s probably like Knee to maybe waist height But nonetheless I’m going to still surf so I’m
going to change to my Go Pro Now So one of my youtubers Asked me to take some videos Of surf cars and vans Small cars with surfboards on top Big vans full of stuff White cars BMWs Family cars full of stuff Mercedes Usually pretty normal People have surf boards on top of their cars A lot of big vans I guess We’re on a mission to
find a restaurant That we can go to tonight
and for the next few days We’re in Shimoda station
at the moment Driving around the streets We’re going to go eat dinner Going to a seafood restaurant Somewhere in Shimoda I think this one is more expensive Wow it’s super packed This is a Japanese alcohol shop This is Sake It’s not water Look how big it is Can’t drink too much or we can’t
go surf tomorrow Can you hear the drums? So we thought it was a festival But actually it’s not a festival The drum banging It is

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