Hey guys how’s it going? It’s Golden Week in Japan and it’s also my favourite holiday of the year because for the next 5 days
I’m going to have no work I’m in Miyazaki and I’m going to be here surfing for the next 6 days you’re probably wondering where and why did I come to Miyazaki well Miyazaki is located on the eastern coast of Kyushu and surrounded by the Pacific ocean and Miyazaki is one of the best places to actually surf in Japan There are actually 3 places in Japan that are really good for surfing The first one is in Miyagi in Sendai which is in the northern part of Japan and then there is Chiba which is in Tokyo near Tokyo which is where I go surfing all the time and then there is Miyazaki now why all three of those places are grea is because it has this same curve that goes like this so the surf conditions and the swell
are actually quite good and they’re always constant and the good thing about Miyazaki is that there is no one here! kind of like a private session I’m at this point it’s called AKAEHAMA which is right next to the airport the airport is just like over there the fastest way to get to
Miyazaki is by flying I flew from Tokyo Haneda airport and it took about 1.5 hours which is pretty fast So It’s my first time actually taking the surfboard onto the plane which is kind of scary I’ve heard some pretty crazy stories about people’s surfboards being broken but in Japan airline stop was really nice and friendly so they don’t really throw your boards so they take care of your stuff but still protect it with bubble wrap and sponges Just check on YouTube
There’s a lot of videos about how to pack your surfboards anyway I think you’re probably sick of me talking so I’m going to go surf I’m going to change to my Go Pro now Hello! It’s not your first time to Miyazaki right? It’s our first time The hotel your friend stayed at is over there ANA hotel Yeah it’s that hotel If you want to go to an Onsen and you have a discount coupon It’s only 600 yen Please go there anytime Please come in Have you gotten used to Japanese food? Yes! I love Japanese food What do you love to eat? Do you like sushi? Yes I love Sashimi Which do you prefer? This one You’re going to watch TV? I’ve got the big bed I was going to actually JANKEN
for the bed like rock-scissors-paper but he’s like “I want to watch tv” He’s got the TV bed So I was talking to her before I said it’s better if he writes down his details But she’s like you’re Japanese…? Nooo I’m Australian She was like REALLY?! I thought you were Japanese Her nephew is currently in Australia Living in Perth Where? Perth So that nice lady who owns this pension or apartment thought I was Japanese and I told her I’m from Australia and she was like OMG I thought you were like from Japan and my name is Ken which is a common
Japanese name too so this is the place that we’re staying at It’s called Aoshima Pension it’s about 7,000 yen for 1 night which includes breakfast and dinner and if you don’t want breakfast and dinner it cost us 3500 yen so it’s pretty cheap so it’s pretty cheap and the beach is just there like a 10 minute walk I think I haven’t actually walk there yet but
I think it’s close ok the first cafe I’m going to is called AO and they are open There is always a way
to open any door In Miyazaki, there’s a lot of delicious food They have this chicken that’s been charcoaled I highly recommend it It’s like one of my favourite food They also have this udon With fried GOBO (burdock) The soup is made from little fish broth Can’t remember what’s the name but you also have to try that They also have Miyazaki beef we tried it the other day and
it was super delicious a little bit pricy But you have to try the wagyu here the most famous food in Miyazaki is probably Chicken Nan-ban which is fried chicken with this white tartare sauce but the place we’re going to has all these different flavours like wasabi black beans I can’t wait to try!!! a lot of people even my friends that come from Miyazaki tells me you have to eat Chicken Nan-Ban in Miyazaki It’s like the real thing The ones in Tokyo are like all fake Craighton house it’s more like a cafe so it’s not very traditional Japanese izakaya
or restaurant Thank you This is the normal white one and this is UME which is PLUM this is ginger this is spicy I think it’s a Chinese sauce that they use and the rest is fried chicken OMG I’ve eaten 2 pieces of chicken already It’s SOOO GOOD HERE In Miyazaki Chicken Nan-Ban is definitely way
better than Tokyo because the chicken is fresh and the sauce is more like very saucy Aoshima in Miyazaki I think is more of a tourist place than a surfing place because the waves down south is quite smaller than it is up north there are a lot of parking spots and cafes around here easily accessible for families and
kids to come here as well if you’re serious about surfing I think you should go to the north the very north of Miyazaki from here it’s about a 3 hour drive I haven’t actually been there yet because it’s a little bit too far But I heard the surf there
is excellent This shrine I’m currently walking to is called Aoshima shrine it’s a famous tourist spot in Miyazaki in Aoshima basically it’s a shrine known for marriage so if you want to get married come here You can see behind me it’s that red gate In ancient times the entire island was a sacred ground and entry onto it was not permitted until the Edo period how did I know that well I Wikipedia it so you’re probably wondering
what all these rocks behind me are This place is called Oni-Sen-Taku-Iwa
which means devils washboard It’s a rock formation formed by crashing waves over millions of years and looks like a huge washboard the aquatic rocks are formed in the sea late miocene which is about 7 million years ago and are up lifted with hard sand stone and soft mud stone repeatedly since they are washed in the
waves for a long time only the hard sandstone layer is like a plate which becomes visible It’s super hot in Miyazaki I think it’s like 30 degrees today which is awesome but I need a drink or an ice cream black sesame ice cream please 300 yen please thank you this is black sesame ice cream taste really good Hey guys hope you enjoyed my vlog and hopefully I covered everything about surfing in Miyazaki if you have any questions
please write in the comments and I will try and reply as best as I can and please push the button below give a thumbs up my video and please subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t I’m trying very hard to get more subscribers I know I should be making more videos I will try harder and harder from now on so I’ll see you guys later BYEEE


  1. Hey Mate great job, good information without ego getting in the way… like typical Aussie on YouTube.
    One question, you said it was 30 degrees, what is the water temperature? Is their a month when no wetsuit is required?

  2. Great video! I am going to Miyazaki next week to spend my holiday like you. So excited. R there many shops where I can rent a surfing board?

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