How to Wax & Care for a Snowboard : Snowboard Waxing: Scraping Off Old Wax

In this section, I’m going to sow you how
to scrape off all the excess wax. It’s important to do because after you wax your snowboard,
if you leave all that extra wax on there, it’s not going to help you go faster. What
you want to do is you’re going to get your scraper, just a wax scraper that you can pick
up at your local ski shop and then you’re just going to start at the nose pressing hard
and scrape down to the tail. When you’re scraping, what you’re going to do is take your scraper
here and just touch it to the board. Try to scrape off all this extra wax. You will see
peel up a little, and you just want to make so that you can see that it’s smooth over
the base and you can tell the base isn’t dry like it was when you started. You also see a lot of that dirt coming off
from the old wax, once you’ve re-waxed it which is good. You’ve got to press pretty
hard here to get all the old wax scraped off sometimes; doesn’t want to come off too easy.
And that’s how you scrape all the excess wax off your base.

10 thoughts on “How to Wax & Care for a Snowboard : Snowboard Waxing: Scraping Off Old Wax”

  1. your holding your wax scraper the wrong way. you want to scrape with your scraper at an acute angle to the board, not an obtuse. your going to take off almost all the wax, especially if you shape it with a nylon brush or scotch brite pad. also you should use long even strokes from one end to the other to ensure you dont have heavy spots of wax and thin spots, you want an even coat. please dont follow this kids example.

  2. @madaboutrc Does it matter going from tip to tail? I mean, the reason why you do this is cause, when you board, you let the snow melt, if you go in the diriction from tip to tail, it will 'glide' better on your board. But i think it doesn't matter wheter you go from tip to tail, or from tail to tip… Wouldn't make much of a difference anyway

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