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description in this video we’re going to take a first look at humor Tech’s
IndieGoGo offerings the Razer board and the travel board let’s get into it so
you’re in the market for an electric skateboard earns you back to huger times
IndieGoGo this video is for you just keep in mind that these close to
production board aren’t exactly what you guys are going to receive me and a
couple folks out there that actually been working with Hubert X and given
them our feedback so they want to make sure that the board that you guys ride
on the streets are perfect so in part one of this video I’m going to be
talking about Cutex racer boards this is their fastest and also their longest
board so let’s start off by talking about the deck the deck is a pintail
board as you can tell it’s different than kind of your traditional longboard
that you see especially Electric skateboards a lot of people like using
that downhill board because the trucks are set up on the outside styling wise I
really like the pintail deck I think people are going to either hate it or a
little bit so the deck is actually made out of nine pine maple which is a hard
material the nice thing about the nine-time maple is that it’s really
responsive to your feet so when you are going 25 26
per hour the board is going to listen to your feet a lot quicker the downside to
the maple is that you feel a lot more of the road vibration than you would feel
from a bamboo board the bamboo board is a softer material it flexes so you’re
going to actually feel a little less of the vibrations from the road but the
responsiveness is the trade off so it really depends on the rider in my
opinion I preferred maple so this is a long board it spans in length 38 inches
it’s not a super wide board it’s eight and a half inches I prefer something a
little bit larger and then the wheelbase is 22 inches which is just enough for
some good stability so one thing that sets apart the race our board from a lot
of Electric skateboards out there for sale right now is that these have
integrated lights in the front and the back the front light is great for night
riding I’m not going to say that it’s super super bright but when you buy them
when you buy a board most of them don’t even come with LED lights so this is a
nice addition the back board is nice and bright one thing that’s really nice
about it is when you brake on the remote the light in the back actually gets a
little bit brighter also when you’re turning what I found is that there are
some directional signals basically going to the right or the left depending on
which direction you’re turning I found those to be not that bright so I don’t
know how useful they’ll be but the fact that they’re even integrated into the
board is kind of nice and turnkey for the customer that’s in behind this next
up let’s talk about the motors the huge eraser comes with dual hub motors that
handle about a thousand watts apiece this suffice for the way I ride I love
to push the throttle down hard I like going fast up hills so at a thousand
Watts apiece these are not going to break down on
anytime soon if you’re out there looking for a board the wattage of the motors is
very important if you’re under thousands and you’re going up hills your board is
not gonna have future tech respond into the market with the racer there’s going
to be a lot of people that want to go up hills and do it fast and aggressive with
a combined 2,000 blocks in these motors I was able to go around my neighborhood
with large Hills with without a flinch this was I had no problem it was almost
very similar to my DIY board so here I want to talk about cubers remote I have
huger next to two remotes that I currently own for my DIY board here is
the inertia ssin Nano X which they’re actually going to be using on their
Raptor board it’s a really small form-factor I have the bench wheel
remote which I currently use for my board and then I have the huger it’s
larger than the two and I really like it I really do like it so here’s the on
button it starts to blink when it’s trying to pair with the huger board 2.4
gigahertz which is standard with RC remotes has a little bit of a rubber
feel right here which I really like for grip it has a lanyard just in case but I
do like the the large form factor I have to say that with the smaller remotes you
almost forget that they’re in your hand and I just I want to remember that here
the position is very ergonomic compared to this one right here my thumb
needs to be really cocked right here like that with this board my thumb is
very relaxed and then the trigger is large so that there’s a little you know
a little room for error and whatever right here is an indicator LED indicator
for the board’s battery life so tells you when you’re about to run out of
battery and I found that this this to be accurate there’s actually a button right
here that you can’t see it’s pretty hidden but it’s a cool little secret
huger has a horn that you can actually change within the app the sound of the
horn can be changed and this controls it right here to toggle switches one is for
forward one it’s for backward so you just don’t go backwards by pressing back
you actually have to toggle to backward to go backwards I don’t actually use
backwards so it’s not a big deal and then they have the two modes beginner
and then expert and I always suggest to try beginner even if you are you know
used to riding boards the Electric skateboards until you get used to you
know a new board but other than that I mean I give this as a ten out of ten I
love this remote I wish I can actually use it with mine let’s check out what’s
under the hood right here in an aluminum closure under the deck it’s really nice
and sleek design there’s a huger logo right here and it encloses the swappable
battery as well as the electronics like the BMS and the electronic speed control
and things that control the light the battery itself is 36 volts nominal and
is 4,200 milliamps cuter says that the board can go about 20 miles on one
battery I would be worried about any kind of range claims with whatever
company that you’re going with just because that’s probably best-case
scenario a lot of things that change that are weather conditions terrain
conditions how hard you are on the throttle as well as size of the rider so
that all really changes but the fact that they do have a swappable battery is
a good move on huger and they’re selling the battery for $149 on the IndieGoGo
page to me that is a steal and you should take it
man there’s a little thumb screw right here that you on the screw take off the
aluminum top take the battery off from the little xt60 connector pop in the new
one and follow that same process but backwards it’s a pretty simple process
I just find anything wrong with it if there was any suggestions that I do have
for future is that the battery does move around a
little bit so to maybe add some 3m like kind of cushion tape with an inside so
that you don’t hear that when you’re writing so briefly I’m going to talk
about what you get in the Box obviously you get the board
you get a nice 2 amp charger you get some extra bushing these bushings are
actually a little harder so if you want some a different styling ride you get a
tee tool which is pretty standard with electric skateboard you get a USB
connector for charging your remote oh you get your remote and then you also
get some stickers that you can put on your board and then I guess write your
name on there thanks for checking out this video hopefully I was able to help
you guys weigh out the pros and the cons of the Hyuga razor board if you want to
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to be doing the second part of this review on the travel board from cuber
see in the next one proof are you in the market for an electric skateboard but
you don’t know what to get ah are you in the market for an electric
skateboard but you don’t want to


  1. Hey dude!! Love your videos. I'm from Vegas too and wanted to know if I could run a couple questions by you about my build? Let me know! Thanks man.

  2. Hey brother! Hope all is well. So what's your thoughts on the trucks being not so close to the front of the board?

  3. Hei Neil,

    Thanks for the detailed review of the huger board. I was going to make my DIY board but for the budget sake it seems could be better to have a huger classic board for 399 $.

    What do you think how was your experience for building your own skateboard which one do you recommend it?

  4. I'm thinking of creating my own small electric skateboard brand here in my country, the motors will be dual hubs 500W each and the battery will be 10S5P with bms, two escs for both the hubs, the deck I will be making myself. I also bought a container with battery indicator and on/off button, control and a 36V 2A charger. I don't know about adding LEDs to the board though, I want it to look slick and modern but some leds makes it look worse as an example of the Hugertech boards, I like the glow on the ground of them but not the light themselves when looking right at them, when they're dotted. I've bought the parts for my first prototype e-board from a middleman company in single units, if I'd buy it directly from the manufactures in a batch it would lower the cost immensely. The cost right now would be right around 450 USD on the prototype, any thoughts?



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