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[Music] I’m really stepping out into something that I have no idea about I don’t exactly know where I’m at or what I’m doing or what I need to drive people are really sort of investing their time and energy in me but just want to do everyone proud I’m really ready to dedicate my life to this welcome to one of the most unique events in motorsport there Falk lightning struck a drift car and a pinball machine at the same time this would be the result I’m freshly back from the US I’m gonna be heading up to Liverpool for a Red Bull dress shifters it’s actually Mike’s own event and he said for me to come up there to update him on what I’d done to the car because I’m really driving the s15 like we’re dead SRX a beautiful style angle through the he’s invited the best drivers from around the world to come over and compete on this course shutting down the center of Liverpool James Dean’s up there Matt Carter’s up there so it’ll be really nice to catch up they’ll be able to finally see the s15 in the flesh oh here she is good choice awesome choice you’ll be replacing these panels loadout you’re not crash you’re not going hard enough did you get to the States I did so I went and saw rad Dan he’s an amazing driver yeah he’s cool I mean we’re here at Red Bull Drifters yeah this is gonna be crazy slight gives me goose bumps is talking about it this was another one of my dreams for a driver your score 100% legitimately on what you’re doing so your speed your angle with proximity with all the senses I mean as a spectator you don’t have to be a core follower of drifting as such and know how the judges critique our runs it’s simple if you hit the center ditching you’ve got the sound effects the big-screen TVs you’ll enjoy it you’ll see I mean the lineup of drivers I have here is absolutely world-class you’ve got a busy weekend ahead of you right thank you sir [Music] it’s been a while since I’ve seen you in a few weeks yeah James machine I’ve been watching on Instagram and you’ve just been here that maybe we’re been absolutely crazy flew to Seattle to straight back to Ireland I think for two days then we went to Riga managed to win the event in Riga yeah we flew from Riga straight back to st. Louis and we came straight here with an hour’s sleep oh my god it’s been busy what is it like on that it’s a lot of fun can I do it again here when it kills there’s a couple of people just got their eyebrows down belching fire semester with Japan and then we went to LA we went to Rome for those things even though right Willow Springs a pretty cool place very open very hard it’s just absolutely mental you got a taste with some real power yeah yeah nice to meet you uh swaying yfd competitor James usually takes the win you know but people love to see the James Forest battle so hopefully you know we can get some more of that with both of our cars running good I was just catching up and Becky and she’s actually learning how to drift oh really awesome she might be coming on this stuff a lot of practice to stick to that and you know you’ll get that Oh guys it’s been amazing to watch you very fout there today good luck thank you has to look she’s got good luck nice are you [Applause] if you’re watching and wondering what is going on Factory has not caught fire next in we got Matt Carter Great Britain’s finest so much where he’s driving the last time I saw you was boots yeah gonna last it’s that much being alone well you can do it I’ve been traveling with drift Masters Championships amazing and then we come here the car she said she’s here what do you think she’s gonna do – how long did it take you for buying a street car like this – getting into a race car except it was only about a year to be honest my first competition on my second time in the fourth girl so technically I could just head into a competition as long as you know yourself you can get around the track it’s so much harder actually following a track than it is just going around the cone what do you think I should do now all right we should set you out sort track somewhere you’ve actually got lines to follow and if you go out then line your L an aptitude test day oh yes I guess the only thing we’ve to do next is get some fun see 2018 cold the proximity sensor noon perfectly this is gonna be huge let’s see if he can get the highest score [Applause] [Applause] [Music] it’s not long now before I’ve got to head up to Santa pod and tackle that course that Matt’s been drawing up for me I’m a little bit nervous so many used it’s time to go out to drift limits and squeezing that last little bit of sea time to prove that I’m actually ready for grassroots competition things very good very good so this is a training day this is the big day before the big day because obviously we’re on a track with walls next you have to be 110% in control here it’s about sea time that’s the longshore drift [Music] [Music] [Applause] too fast come on all right yeah come in better way better okay good way better it your Donuts clockwise and clockwise absolutely consistent yeah and I could see where your confidence level already was building into your figure of eights yeah if you just do circles around the two cones yeah going out wider is actually putting you more in the kind of the radius and kind of the speed and control factor needed for tomorrow okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] well if your transitions are looking really really good late second go for us so much nicer it’s just like get a bit of speed up and then you can really get moving exactly once you’re in a higher speed drift you can actually sit back relax I don’t know whether you felt it but a number of times you’re getting a slight bit of understeer yeah okay these are the original wheels and tires on another front that the came with the car from Japan okay and we have new wheels for the car we have a brand new hammer a do a tire rubber for them the handling with the car be a lot a lot better we’re gonna lower the car a bit more better center of gravity full alignments for tomorrow you should again feel another difference with the car and certainly no understeer tomorrow they’re actually laying out a track for you towards the end there you were pushing out to our second gear which was actually using up the full amount of the track because that is your kind of boundaries of the track you’re using tomorrow with the a de facto walls walls you have to think about us and respect it but at the same time don’t look at the wall car you gonna hit it [Music] tomorrow the stakes are pretty high and I’m nervous I just got a few final tweaks that makes the S 15 and then I should be ready to do what I set out to do so testing today went well now it’s a case off at noticing that you had a bit of a understeer a issues going on earlier as well we’re addressing those issues with new wheels for a fresh look new sticky tires for the front for our control and then it’s really kind of case of with alignment seeing how low we can go [Music] the I would have that tucked like tucked in there course you would be but you got your BMW for that everything feels different from when I first walked in here and sat on these steps I didn’t even know how many weeks ago your next victim no bit of tire Lube yep working with Dean and working with Julian and seeing how they’ve kind of taken me under their wing a little bit it’s a really nice feeling because it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to go to a garage and have that same family community feeling well now we’ve got your wheels and tires fitted up yes you can get the wheels and tires on the car kind of get it looking much cooler because obviously you want it much lower yeah but then we’ll just find that middle ground of too low between actually functioning and being a drift car you know I’ve been talking to Big Talk and saying I want to get back into competition but now it’s really time to stop talking the talk and actually walk the walk right we’ll go for 30 mil yep you know what they are it’s a C spanner si Senora drifting is a lifestyle drag racing gave me a family and a community and a home for so many years drifting has the same community feel this is kind of the final stage really this is the alignment machine this is state-of-the-art bit of equipment it takes the readings or the front wheels the rear wheels suspension tow camber caster your righty and how’s it looking there yeah I’ve just finished up doing the alignment I’ve stayed quite mild just to keep the car as a streetable you Yahoo car and you obviously you could progress yeah into the car but that way we’re in a good place soon yeah the best place I’ll see you tomorrow all right be on your door girl you better watch out for me tomorrow well you don’t you never get rid of me now so you’re another one of the guys the offspring are you one of the eggs that have hatched you’re learning scales being like very very very quick and very intensive I’m surprised and really really proud of you j-dog thank you I see you tomorrow man awesome this is the big day the final reckoning this is going to decide whether I’m actually ready to go into grassroot competition I am feeling nervous when you’re out driving it’s a split second between making it round that quarter and putting myself back at square one again in that moment anything can happen right now there is everything to play for and a lot at stake I’ve given this project everything I can’t fail at this and more importantly make good on my promise to my dad alright guys we’re here us a nice at Windy Santa pod I have up there what I’d like as a tract but I think it’s more important to basically walk it check out the surface so what defines when I can I can do it for me it’s consistency and that is going to be working hand in hand with the confidence so I know if you were to go through there especially on drift rip your tire off and probably gonna split you into one of the concrete barriers there isn’t good I hit three of them in Ebisu in our Japan and same sized barrier so I wouldn’t recommend it so we’re gonna do the run-up in the back corner there ya gotta have a nice big smoky corner around here and then you’re gonna bring it into a tighter chicane here mm-hmm and then a nexus up there so a lot of the grassroot drifting this would be the sort of circuit you’re beyond you know a carpark event there lay a track out with white lines like we’re doing i could be judged julian that and be scoring as well I was Judge Judy and that’s kind of happens well noise noise I thanks for coming out today no problem it means a lot because it’s just I’m kind of nervous about it you know put a nice car you’ve got a good team behind you it’s like a certain degree of performance anxiety there just simply because like there’s quite a lot riding on it if it does go not the way you wanted to you just have to assess what has gone wrong and apply the corrective actions the important thing is not to panic and is not to get upset by it just don’t run into the abrupt wall [Music] come on Becks [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] trying to add lots of people watching there lots of things culminating you’re being too aggressive initially on the turn in and then you’re actually a little bit delayed on the are throttle right it’s just a balancing a balance okay [Applause] oh thank you did you dearly had it all you had to do there must be a little bit quicker on the throttle and you had it Hey [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] well duh right that how do we do do you reckon I can go into competition yet well from mr. professional drifter here what you what do you reckon I’d say you’re very close very close I’ll take that because you know what even in my own heads I’m not ready yet the majority of your runs that were absolutely spot on your entry was spot on your line was spot on and for me you earn the seal of approval Garrity I feel like I like this one a little it is that but it’s also kind of a being a pleasure working with you and being a major part of your journey into the drifter zone let’s say and and race as well exactly and it has been successful you guys have been amazing no it’s been really nice to have you by my side because it there’s been times where I was like that it was amazing well done I thought you did very well it’s very impressive when I got sprayed with rubber just a little fast really cool well done you’re gonna get there now yeah next thing is competition I guess yeah after a few more hours and see oh yeah ladies can go back confident in saying I’m adorable dress I’ll say my daughter’s a drifter and they’ll say oh very sorry [Music] [Applause] I feel like I managed to walk the walk today and it was great to have my dad though it was great to have Judy in there they’ve been such a support throughout this whole thing like back in the office I’ve got like two dads now we’ve only done the basic mods I’ve only done the basic maneuvers is so much more to be done I actually really want to do this I want to get into competition it’s just a case of practice application time commitment all of those things wrapped up into one this is the beginning at the end I think I can definitely say that you will be able to see me rip it up somewhere and attract new you very soon [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you

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  1. This is one way to alienate the actual grass roots drifters. To portray real grass roots there should be a way heavier focus on the car, the at home modifications, and the actual struggle of practicing. Episode 5 and we've seen a lot of pros giving "advice" and barely any wheel time. More driving, less fashion show. Also, no helmet on that head of hers? Come on redbull

  2. That wasn't her first time drifting was it? Goes from going round cones to linking turns? i can see why there's so much travelling in this show now, she was already able to drift

  3. Excellent episode Becky, and well done Red Bull. Clearly you have put in a lot of time and effort and your progress is clear to see. Some people here have tried to rain on your parade by suggesting this is not what drifting is all about and might give potential newcomers the wrong impression. Maybe they’re right and maybe they’re not. I’m not a drifter so couldn’t say but you are and can. Prove them wrong, go out there and get competing. Very best of luck!

  4. I've thoroughly loved this series…I've genuinely enjoyed every minute; loving the process and the personal journey along the way…it felt privileged to be part of it. At times it was deeply moving and emotional…one of the highlights for me, was when you asked Julian sign the diff, and he was really touched by the simple, but effective sentiment…respect Becky. And all the best for your future in competitive Drifting…

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    Now I need to go get me a rwd car😉

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  16. I don’t get why everyone is against this series it’s good a bit to much backing from the sponsors I’ll admit but Becky started with no clue and now she can link bends and have a good time doing it let’s not forget people drifting is all about fun! I would love to have opportunity like this just like many of these haters would aswell well done Becky keep it up and tell Julian I want my headlight for my s14a

  17. il start by saying im really enjoying the series but this is so far removed from grass roots drifting, who the hell buys a clean modded s15 as their first drift car, how has she never drifted? she owns a e21 and hasnt drifted before? drifting is about getting any banger you can and going ham, getting seat time etc, drifting to drifters is so natural, i was trying to drift motorbikes before i knew drifting was a thing, i was sliding longboards and it progressed into drifting cars, ive always been sideways lol shes going all over the worlds instead of just drifting every track day she can, every empty roundabout… i get this is a professional way to do it just seems so unnatural. wanna learn to drift buy something cheap an replaceable and go learn, save the advanced lessons for when you need them

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    Young teenage boy goes out buys s13 hatch
    Does some street drifting
    Buys wheels and quick release steering wheel
    Start doing tandems with friends on the street
    Breaks car street drifting
    Sells car on craiglist for absurd price

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