I just bought a CHEAP catamaran SAILBOAT and prepare to move it up the ICW with NO EXPERIENCE-PART 1

hey guys we had to take a quick break
from the houseboat because I bought a catamaran so shortly after I bought the
houseboat I realized the adventure was limited on it I can only take it but so far
just gonna leave it on a lake I really wanted something that would take me to
Florida for the winter so I started looking and I really like catamarans
and after doing some research and checking out prices I realized how
expensive they are so finally I came across in 1976 Iroquois mark 2 it is 30
feet long and it’s gutted and it’s in my price range two days later we drove down
in North Carolina and I purchased this catamaran and the guy we bought it from
it was super cool he gave me 30 days to leave it there until I can arrange to
come pick it up fast forward two months and he texted me he was like hey you
should probably come and get this boat now so off we go to North Carolina to
motor this boat all the way up to the James River and then ride bicycles back
unfortunately we chose the hottest week of the year to do this so we’re gonna
just power through it and make it happen what’s up guys we finally made it to
Kittyhawk we got in really late so we dropped some of the stuff off here at
the boat and then we slept at a campground went to bed at probably five
in the morning and now it’s it’s around 11 a.m. but the boats floating it looks
good James is here he’s been getting some
stuff out for us so we’re gonna attach some cleats and then guess we’ll figure
out how this thing works James is gonna show us how to drive the boat because I’ve
never driven a boat before and then we’re off to the James River
this is James hey guys feel a little tired right now a little sweaty I’m
gonna get this thing going yes so how long have you had the boat I got it on
my 40th birthday nice and March so a little over a year yes yep then you want
something bigger and better now yeah time to let you take my dream and me to
upgrade mmmm wasp there are more wasps hello it’s spinning but yea it’s pulling the wood up I was told that this is your emergency
leak kit you take a little bit of a wax toilet ring and throw it on right now
the boat doesn’t have any leaks so you should be good but this is a case of
emergency only probably works better on a cooler day instead of a hot day where it’s just gonna melt first thing you want to do to start it take this bulb right here and you just squeeze it until you feel pressure and I feel pressure and that moves your fuel
down into the line after that it’ll siphen automatically okay alright you have your choke here pull your choke in alright this is your cutoff switch right here if you have it like this they’ll kill it
won’t start your oil is right here pop it out and check the level push it back in oh man all right so now your cowl’s back on
you’re running you got fuel this stick i added to it just to give it a bit more height all right okay right now you’re in neutral okay “r” is reverse so this works great for like steering but you got to kind of
come down here to get it out okay then you’re neutral again neutral is lined up here
uh-huh reverse is the other way all right crazy we’re gonna cast off alright you’ll hear it click and go into neutral and you know it won’t really turn at all easy slow and easy yeah is that as much as it turns? yea it takes a little bit to turn it Oh no am i getting close? a little bit yeah Oh we’re okay maybe I’ll take it a little wide there okay I’d
start it kinda like right now okay I’d straighten out a little bit at least i have a mast to kinda point where i’m going yea Leaving the canal and entering the albermarle sound the largest lagoon on the east coast oh really you’re fine let’s talk about juice that’s the stuff i like we are giving it some juice We’re moving along alright now yea i like it what does that mean? how fast does it burn
through gas you got a ton of gas? yeah we’ll just get back and we’ll try it again okay we’re still good alright tell me if we’re gonna clear that piling do you want to be to the right of the green or the left? oh yeah you’re good you’re good less now you’re going straight for it you’re headed directly at it do you see the other piling? yeah it’s to the left up there uh oh there should be a nut somewhere around here it fell off see how i’m reversing now uh huh that’s a good idea kinda like drifting in see that stream shooting out the back? yea that’s important that’s your engine coolant ah ok we loaded everything onto the
boat and got ready to take off but then noticed a pretty big storm coming in just installing a skylight beautiful wait it out you don’t like this storm? no i don’t like it either it doesn’t sound good it doesn’t sound good you wanna go for a boat ride? no get me outta here what’s the weather like tomorrow? hopefully good have you looked? no i haven’t. Trevor. if you want i could get you into the office at the campground i got some cots so. oh ok. a little air conditioning. something better. sick. shower. that would be awesome ok that might be.. i don’t want my first boat ride to be with any of that let’s check the weather for tomorrow what’s the weather for Kill Devil Hills
tomorrow? tomorrow’s forecast for Kill Devil Hills is 90 degrees and mostly
sunny it’s good three miles an hour from the southwest. that’s actually pushing you the right way. I’ll take it yeah how’s it feel Jess? much better than that over there that looks scary oh my gosh you guys that lighting is close nothing to see here just playing with gasoline in a lightning storm wanna rig that up? yea oh my
gosh you guys that lightning strike was like really really close I think the hair on my neck is standing up. I don’t love that what’s going on? it’s gonna be too tight. Oh to be
able to spin? the whole thing okay yeah I can just try and do it right here turn the whole thing. oh ok yea. you can give that a go that’s that’s what we’ll do. this is redneck
right here I can’t believe you’re recording this hey it’s all part of the
adventure right? time to go in Can we go inside? I really think we should It shouldn’t last long we’re gonna be alright we’re getting a lot of leaking water
dripping right here we plugged the hole up with plastic bags and same over there there’s a lot of a lot of water leaking in I mean
there is water leaking back here the I mean there is water leaking back here same same kind of hole over here that hole is not plugged and I think that’s nope there’s water leaking.. okay there’s
water leaking out of the roof and then there’s water leaking from the front
hatch you know what I say when I see a double rainbow all the way across the
sky I say would you look at this just look at it there’s squares I forgot why that
was so funny but we were really tired so we got some wood to make a new hatch for
the front of the boat the window didn’t work out so well because it’s made of
glass and so while we were making it James proposed that we take the boat out
for the sunset and I agreed without hesitation but as we’re taking it out we
realized the wooden dowel is not going to cut it so we’ll have to figure that
out later but we’re gonna enjoy the sunset
I grabbed my drone and let’s go ahead and get some shots tomorrow we head out will we
successfully complete the nearly 200 mile journey up the ICW through the
Albemarle Sound Great Dismal Swamp Chesapeake Bay and the James River now
is definitely the time to subscribe and hit the bell notification to come with
us as we learn to drive a boat navigate waterways I just realized we forgot to
buy a radio We ain’t got no radio

100 thoughts on “I just bought a CHEAP catamaran SAILBOAT and prepare to move it up the ICW with NO EXPERIENCE-PART 1”

  1. Iroquois have a brilliant reputation. One won the round Britain race back in the seventies. The quickest way to learn sailing is to just do it. Good luck, you have a lovely boat.

  2. James seems more like a friend than a seller. This is definitely a project boat and I'm subscribed to see how you do. Ignore all the haters, one man's treasure is another's trash. Someone married my ex-wife, how bad can this boat be? But the radio silence is gonna be an issue with navigating the locks, and do you even have nav lights?

  3. To all the naysayers, they’ll be fine… they’re taking advantage of parts of the AIWW/ICW and the Dismal Swap Canal..not tackling the mighty open ocean.

  4. As a boat designer, an ABYC certified systems technician, and somebody who has years of education and work experience with boats, I'm going to subscribe so I can see how this shit show pans out. May God have mercy on your souls.

  5. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Let's hope the latter , good luck cuz your going to need it. I've had 55 years of sailing experience and I feel scared for you Please consider getting some professional instruction before going out on your own. Be safe.

  6. “You want something bigger and better”, ‘yeah, something that actually sea worthy!’ A fool and his money are soon parted!

  7. forgot a radio,? why so you call mayday when you clear the dock. 😀 I would have been more concerned about having a good anchor. Proper motor controls and rudders. Also nav lights would be great. Not to mention a cabin that doesn't leak.

  8. With some 11:05 added 10:09 TLC, engine, sails and food -you can sail to the Caribbean and have fun in the sun with white sandy beaches

  9. You are one brave man, cuz you bought a piece of shit in the shape of a catamaran, leaks every where, can't steer it, just wood not fiberglass, thin line between brave and ……………

  10. Depth sounder? Zip, Charts? Zip, GPS, nope, This is great, a good sized roached boat, an undersized motor, a bare minimum of equipment, no experience at all, a long trip, dang, this is what life is for…popcorn is done….subbed.

  11. My hat's off to you guys. That took some intestinal fortitude ride that thing anywhere…much less in a storm…with giant lightning rod strapped to the roof. I hope you can make it all work and get it out on the water to make your dreams come true.

  12. This looks like a total disaster waiting to happen…. So I am obviously hooked and love your enthusiasm … Just don't take her offshore please. Now… while I have your attention … I have this lovely old bridge for sale

  13. Jeez, the owner gave them 30 days free dockage. They took 60 and the seller had to prod them to get off the dock. Then he had to install deck hardware and teach them to steer. Old boats attract lots of nut cases.

  14. A note of caution from an experienced hand…these boats have crossarms (akas) made of plywood covered with a single layer of fiberglass cloth. They are notorious for rotting out.

  15. Now that is what I call exciting.
    You can really fix this thing up well to your own taste, totally blank canvas.
    Best of luck

  16. Oh yes, I subscribed. I am originally from Norfolk and have spent my entire adult life working on boats in Florida. Lots of multihulls. I am looking forward to watching this.

  17. Hey man, we watch these things for boats, babes, and booze. There is way too much time spent on you and not enough on the woman. And no charts, safety gear. or rum. This is not going to go well.

  18. At what point did you realize you made a big mistake? He jumped in the water when you bought it because he was so happy he was getting rid of that piece of junk.

  19. Oh No! How much did he pay you to remove it from his dock? Don't you have any friends to tell you someone is ripping you off!

  20. If don't mind me asking when do you plan/hope to be in Florida? Where abouts are you going in Florida? I ask because I live here just S of Georgia on east coast and would give y'all hand if you came thru. Lmk if interested

  21. UAV is worth more than the boat.

    This is a pathetic case of fools errand. You spent too much on someone else's problem. He so much wanted to be rid of that eyesore. Old project that lost all momentum.
    Too bad you spent what? 5k on it? My god, you can buy an actual working 27 foot boat for that with sails and no bad leaks and even an interior. Sailboats are cheap and everywhere and you spent actual coin on a junker.

    Grist for the internet mill. Hey–get your view count up high enough and that thing is FREE!!!!!

    What a wanker business.

  22. that merc is worth more than the whole boat, i bet dollars to donuts they didn't make it all the way up that river trip that is insane !

  23. Is the vessel registered , does it have insurance , how about safety equipment just to leaving the dock legally you need : life preservers , a tossable life ring , flares , running lights , anchor & line , manual bilge pump and basic knowledge of the rules of the road . Nice to have : a working toilet w/ holding tank , a galley , a berth , a vhf radio , a automatic bilge pump . etc . Keep your cell phone charged with 911 , Seatow ,& the coastguard on speed dial . Best of luck on the maiden voyage Skipper!

  24. taking your bikes sailing , that's really not "cutting the lines".. jk i know you need transportation and they make sense, but they take up a lot of space just wondered how you plan on stowing them? I imagine there's some stuff in the other hull, you didn't show us everything , i guess some on purpose but okay i'm sub'd.
    Don't sweat the naysayers this is a cool boat, looks like an empty canvas to paint your own dream.

  25. What happened to the rudders? I mean the sailing rudders for this boat? I also don't see a boom. Seriously, if you paid more than $1 for this piece of crap you were taken badly.

  26. Taking that boat out with all the work it needs is like driving a car with the cord showing through on all four tires! So I'm looking forward to the next video. Good luck!

  27. even the neighbors were out to watch the "boatnicks" take off. This will wind up being funny but not before it's tragic……

  28. HI
    MY EMAIL IS [email protected]

  29. "Shortly after I bought a houseboat, I realized I'd bought a boat that was completely wrong for my purposes.." lol great job

  30. Bought with enthusiasm, warts and all! The good news is, without any cladding and bear naked inside, the restoration guide is visibly available! Good luck the pair of you, if anything have fun! Keep up your sense of humour and adventure and you'll get there.🍀

  31. shit yeah, you guys are taking a little bit more risks then we dared to do! We also just bought a sailboat without sailing experience beginning this year. Good on ya!

  32. I can't wait till you guys smash this project and I wish all these haters and people who don't know you that guy or the boat would STFU with all the negativity and blind criticism … I'm sure you guys aren't going to magically have everything go your way. And the rig is indeed going to need stuff done and it's old as hell so it's going to have unforseen issues but as long as you hammer at it and also support each other and MAINLY stay safe don't fk around or test mother nature you'll be fine.

  33. I am sure after 8 hr on the water its not fun any more. no experience no lights no anchor no radio o boy if they happen to come across the marine patrol there not going to be happy campers.

  34. Dumbshits with no money should not buy boats. Save your money until you can afford a REAL VESSEL that is seaworthy. Don’t be a fool and put your life at risk.

  35. I'll be honest I found this pretty uncomfortable to watch but I'm subbed & wish you guys good luck & fair winds…

  36. Don't listen to these people, most of them are up to their eyeballs in debt on their trucks, houses, and boats. Another hiccup in the economy and they will be on the bottom. Live on it, work on it, and soon it will be a nice little coastal cruiser. Yes, safety is job #1. You need to be alive at the end of the day, so life jackets, tie-offs -people can and do fall over board, nav lights, and a anchor that will keep you in place. Then standing and running rigging. Find rudders that will fit that cat and docking it will be as easy as parking your car. Don't let these people shit on your dreams or what you see on the canvas before it's painted.

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