Ice Factory – Motu Patlu in Hindi – 3D Animation Cartoon for Kids -As seen on Nickelodeon

Doctor Jhatka, big brother, I’m starving,
can you get me something to eat and drink. Please. Ok brother, have something. Tea vendor, give them whatever they want. Brother tea vendor, get us two teas with no water, only milk & lots of sugar. And cream on top of it; ten servings of samosas & four plates of jalebi. Half a kilo of barfi, half a kilo of rasmalai
& one kilo ladoos. Half kilo chamchams, four bowls of gulabjamun. Hey! Enough! Enough! Do you want to give me a heart attack? All right brother, I will stop. And after we finish, get us two glasses of
sweetened buttermilk! Hey! I’m already harassed by the heat and now, you are harassing me more. I swear on my patients, I would do anything to get rid of this heat! I have twenty years of experience in getting rid of heat! Let’s find a job in an ice factory. Not only we’ll feel cool, we’ll get paid
for it! Let’s go! Hey, what about my money? Stop! On Ghasitaram’s saying, I am giving all of you the job. I am going out for some work; make sure all the ice is sold by evening. Sir! By evening we will sell your factory also!! What? He is joking! All right then, look after my factory. Boss has gone. Snore away to glory, my friends. Snore away to glory, my friends. Now, there is nothing to fear! Dance! I forgot to take my file; it’s a good thing
I remembered before I traveled far. What is this horrifying sound? And where are Motu, Patlu. Samosa. What is this? Who is snoring? Samosa! Samosa! I swear on my patients. Oh my lord! Big brother, the ice is over, come you also
go to sleep. I’m saying wake up!! Why are you disturbing my sleep? Go to sleep. Samosa. Samosa. Big brother, the ice is over, come you also
go to sleep. I’m saying wake up!! Why are you disturbing my sleep? Go to sleep. Is this an ice factory or a store of snores? Ghasitaram. Wake up! Everybody wake up. Sir! Sir! When did you come? When you were all happily sleeping!! Sorry, sir!! Get up! Stand up and talk to me!! I will forgive you this one time. But if again ever I see anyone sleeping on the ice again, I will throw you all out! Is it clear? Sleeping is cancelled now. Patlu and I will clean the factory while the
two of you sell the ice. I have twenty years of experience in selling ice. What are these long boxes? They are used to freeze the ice. These boxes go in from that way and once the ice is frozen, it comes out of the other way. Let’s lay down in this and rest for a while,
the water is so nice and cool. The ice will get formed, till the owner comes back. So why don’t we enjoy till then? Good idea! Ice! Ice! Buy cool ice! Buy cool ice!! Are you selling ice or vegetables? Move aside, I have twenty years of experience in selling ice. Due to you all people’s drama, I forgot to take my files. I don’t know if my work will get completed today. You can see sir that we are working properly now. Good ,good, but where are that Motu and Patlu? They had gone inside to clean the factory
but have not come out yet. I’m sure they are sleeping inside! I will teach them a lesson today!! Motu, my big brother. Where are you? What did you do? You froze them!! Oh no! No!! Motu, my friend, my bother. What happened? Now who will I conduct my experiments on? Patlu, my friend, what is all this? My factory will be shut down!!!! Do ghosts snore? Sir! Just give us one more chance; just one chance; we’ll not make a mistake again. This is your last chance! Till the people cannot see the ice, how will
it sell? Motu! Stopit!! Motu!! Doctor Jhatka! Stop it! Ghasitaram, stop it. Somebody, stop it. Motu! Stop it! How should I stop it? There are no brakes. Help! Move aside!!! Move aside!! Help!! Hello, Chingam sir! Motu has stolen my ice slab. Quickly come here. What are you saying? Motu has stolen your crab. How is this possible? Sir, you did not understand my talk. I am saying Motu has stolen my ice slab. Ok! Motu has stolen your crab. I meant ice slab & not crab. Ice slab! Ice slab! Move aside! There are no brakes in my vehicle. Help!! Chingam sir!! Stop!! Chingam sir, stop it! There is no brake in it. It cannot stop. There is no brake, no steering wheel & no clutch. Ok! You catch my hand & come on the motorcycle. Come! Come! Hurry!! Oh my god!! Somebody stop it. Oh, my god! What is this happening? Let me get down. Stop! Otherwise, I will fire a bullet. No!! Chingam sir, you have caught the thief. Now don’t leave him. Immediately send him to jail. What has he stolen? Tell me that. He has stolen my ice slab. Look. To send someone to jail without proper evidence is impossible! Impossible! Sorry, sir! Forgive us! But we were not stealing anything. We are not lying. Ok! I will forgive you. But you will have to work in my another factory for one month. One month punishment is to work in an another ice factory. Is this a punishment or a reward? We agree to it. In summer, we are working in a bakery. In my twenty years of experience, this has never happened.

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