Ice Skating Basics : Ice Skating Foot Movement

It’s important, very, very important for prepare
your muscles, your foot for advance exercise; open and close, open, open and close your
feet by toes. Open and close your feet by toes. Always bend the knees, always bend the
knees. It seems so easy, but to do, not so easy, try this out, try this. And bended knees,
open, close, and open, close, open, and bend your body a little bit forward, yes, so you
can do this, you have to practice it. Open, and close, and open your feet and close, open,
close, steps, open, close, pay attention for the bended knees, always bend your knees and
steps, and gains more, enough speed, and open close, steps again, enough speed, skating
open your feet and close your feet open close. Then your body forward, lean your body forward
a little bit yes, this is a very good exercise, this is very important for the next steps.

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