Ice Skating for the First Time!

– Are you gonna go on an airplane? – Going to New York. – Whoa! What is this? We are now at Bryant Park. – I’ve never been ice skating before. – [Chris] Me neither, I’ve never done it. – I’ve always wanted to. (upbeat music) – This looks so much fun! – I’m standing. – [Jessica] You’re standing? Why is that such a big deal, Parker? You always stand. – Because I’m on roller skates! – Ice skates! You have the cutest little
skatey feet I’ve ever seen! – [Jessica] Alright, you excited? – Yeah, I’m gonna do this. Gonna try it out. – We are currently buying helmets. Yes I am the mom making all
three of my kids wear helmets. But, you know what, we’re
clumsy folk and we’re from California and don’t know
what we’re doing at all. So we’re gonna be safe. They’re kind of nerdy looking helmets, like there are cooler helmets
out there in this world. These ones are pretty nerdy so, go ahead and make fun of us, I guess. But I don’t care we’re gonna be safe, it’s the most important thing. I don’t know if you’ve
ever heard the phrase, “It’s like herding cats,” but I feel like we could
equally use the phrase, “It’s like herding California
small children in ice skates.” – [Christopher] It’s a much
more condensed phrase, Jess, we should adopt that. – [Jessica] I like it, it’s better. Need help standing up, buddy? – Super hero! – [Jessica] No, stop being a super hero! – No! I’m a super hero! – [Jessica] No, don’t,
you’re gonna hurt somebody. Don’t jump. You’re gonna slice my toes off. I feel like everybody in
the comments is now going to give me horror stories
about all the times they broke all their parts ice skating. That’s what happened when
we went roller skating, there were a lot of terrible
roller skating stories. – I’m ready! – [Jessica] Okay, wait,
Jacob’s gonna go first. Alright, Jacob. You got this dude! – [Christopher] How’s that feel? Hangin’ on tight? – [Jessica] How’s it feel Christopher? – [Christopher] You ready? (squealing) – I’m feeling so stressed
as a mom right now! (playful music) I kind of feel like I should have bought Christopher a helmet too. Okay, I think it’s been like
10 minutes and they’ve gone, I wanna say like a quarter of the way, maybe, around the ring. I can see them over there. (playful music) So, Jacob is huggin’ that wall which is exactly where I want him. (lively music) When I’ve gone skating myself, that’s what I did for like, a solid hour. Then I was able to get to a
point where I could let go of the wall for like, a little bit. That’s all we should expect
at this point, right? (lighthearted music) So far it looks like it has
been mostly about survival. They have fallen a few times but they’re going a little faster. Like, Jacob is still in
it and trying to zoom. I think that Christopher seems like he’s actually gettin’ it pretty well. ‘Cause he’s really amazing like that. I think they’re almost back. How was it? – My feet hurt so bad! (laughing) It’s fun! But trying to keep your
balance for the first time on the ice while dragging a
child around is difficult. He gets under you! – I’ll try it one more time! – [Jessica] He can go out
on his own now, right? – [Christopher] You
wanna go out on your own? – [Jacob] Really? – [Jessica] Yeah! Just
be safe, hold the side. – [Christopher] Make sure you’re going the direction everybody else is going. – Okay.
– You got this, dude! No fancy tricks, get
used to it first, okay? Alright, you guys got this. (perky music) – [Jessica] How’s it going, Jakey? – [Jacob] Good! – [Jessica] Whoa, Parker! Skatin’ man, how’s it goin’? – Really good! – [Jessica] Do you like it? – Uh-huh! Daddy just let
me go but I don’t fall! – [Jessica] Wow! You went skating all by yourself? You big boy! – [Parker] Daddy just let me go then I just raced over here with dada. – [Jessica] Whoa! I think we
need to tighten your helmet. – Oh yeah. It feels like it’s snowin’. – [Jessica] Yeah? What does
it feel like to your legs? – Um, very tired. Everybody should do this. So, how you get really
concentrated is you have to hold your dad’s hand for a while. And then you get the hang of it, then you can just go on by yourself. – [Jessica] It’s your turn to skate? Bye, Bailey! (lighthearted music) – How’s it going, Bailey? – I love it, it was so much fun! (lighthearted music) – They’re doin’ great, huh, Duncky? Skatey skatersons! Oh, you’re a boogie mess. You’re kind of a boogie mess! Go over to the stuff and start changing your shoes. Yeah, that’s it. – That’s it? We’re done? Too much fun! – [Jessica] How was it, buddy? – I wanna go again! – [Jessica] You are going
so fast now, Bailey! – Thanks! Can I do one more circle like, right here? – [Jessica] Everybody is
asking for one more circle. – [Christopher] One more
circle, hear that, Parker? – Okay, everybody, one more circle. (all children celebrating) The safety staff just ran
over to get Parker but, I think he’s fine, he got back up. They’re really great in here,
they have a bunch of guys in yellow jackets and
they’re rescuing people. They’re doing a great
job, I’m really impressed. Hey! You’re zoomin’! Okay, go change into shoes. – Wow, I can’t believe I
did that all by myself. – [Jessica] Amazing! Yay! – No this way, that’s the door right here. – [Jessica] Come here, buddy! Alright, say bye! – [All] Bye. – We met some cool people! They wanna be in the vlog so
hopefully that makes it in. – When I wasn’t touching a wall and I felt like I was gonna lose my balance I just spinned and I got my balance. – [Jessica] Whoa, that’s a fancy tip. Do you recommend skating to people who have never done it before? – Yeah! It’s like the best! – That was so awesome! Our kids and Christopher’s
first time ice skating at Bryant Park in New York City. What a bunch of fancies! Whoa! Feet on the ground, dude. You are so cool. – It was the best fun ever!
– I loved it! – It was awesome! Wanna see me do a whole bunch in a row? One. – [Jessica] Wow! Fancy dude! Careful of daddy! – That’s my best cartwheel.

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