Ice Skating: Freestyle Stops Tutorial

Hi guys! This video is about some freestyle stops,
now if you are looking for the classic inside/outside edge stops, that’s another video, check out
the description for that. With this tutorial you’ll learn some additional
freestyle variations. Let’s see, we have 2 birds, the hawk and eagle
stop, two letters, X and V, numbers, backwards stop and a couple of simpler funny stops. The Eagle stop:
You will use the outside edges of both feet. These edges. If you can only do that in one direction,
that’s totally fine. The stronger leg needs to be in the front,
you just add the weaker leg to hang around in the back until you get used to the situation. So start making an eagle in the direction
where your stronger leg is in front. Center your weight, and maybe start sitting
down a little bit lower. If you need practice exercises for the eagle,
I have a separate tutorial for that. When you have found the balance you can prepare
for a quick turn. You’ll turn by leaning back and in the same
time rotating yourself into the position by swinging your arms. Same as the hockey stop, you need to find
the balance with the friction. Just practice leaning back and get confidence
with the break to be able to do it fast enough. Alternatively you can try doing it from going
forward. The Hawk stop:
You need one inside edge for this stop. Let me repeat. Just this edge, your most confident edge from
the most basic hockey stop. What fools you is that you’re going backwards
and your legs are kind of crossed in a T position so it’s hard to see it at first. Start going backwards on one foot and center
all your weight on that. Don’t just put your second leg in the front,
instead you replace the back leg with it. The center of your weight remains in the same
place, but on a different leg now. Also don’t forget that your inside edge needs
to hit the ice so lean forward enough. That’s totally weird at first, I know, and
also hard. As a practice put your stopping leg somewhere
next to the other and just try to hit the ice with the inside edge. Then do the T position, commit, switch legs
quickly and balance with the arms. Spread them like a hawk. X-feet:
Similarly to the eagle, you use 2 outside edges. Your better leg should be the driving leg. Start doing a regular outside edge stop, even
from a curve, then place the weaker leg in front. Maybe try the opposite setup, but for me,
the weaker leg in front worked well. At first it’s fine if you only put pressure
in your stronger leg. It’s even centered in this clip. Then sit down a little bit more, and distribute
your weight evenly. And this is Jo’s variation, by the way, he
has his strong leg in the front. The V:
I remember my friend was doing heel stops very confidently and he still happens to have
those old skates. I compared his blades, literally no heel,
to my blades to see if there is a limitation. Your skate might even have another kind of
heel, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Go in a medium speed, start lifting up the
nose and at the same time turn your legs sideways. If you overdo it, your skates will dig deep
into the ice, stop faster, but damage the ice, so be careful. V is a super fun stop, actually all the heel
and nose stuff, do them from medium-fast speed, because they will slow you down very quickly. Backwards:
This is something easy again, but adds to your skills, try it out. Go backwards, in a straight line. Open your legs legs in 2 directions keeping
your weight in the center. One leg will use the outside edge, choose
the confident leg for it, the other will use the regular inside edge. Now some fun with the rotations, and I’ll
hand it over to my friend, Patrick from Alpine Ice Freestyle who was visiting me from Germany. Hey guys, greetings from Bavaria. Let’s start with a 90 degrees break which
means you just jump into a break. If I do a 180 break I like to jump into a
reversed eagle position with my hands touching the ground. 270 is similar to the backwards stop, but
you jump into it from going forwards. If you want to add some more style, try to
do it on the tips of your skates. 360 and four-fifty is similar, do a 360 and
turn into a break right after. If you’re confident with that try to do the
break straight from a 450 rotation. Last but not least from me a penguin stop. Have fun guys! And for the sake of this tutorial I wanted
to come up with something new so I remixed our teams logo stop, transferring from one
side to the other with a little jump. Most of the stops we saw here are safe to
practice, some of them are very challenging, it was definitely fun for me to learn them. Make sure guys to subscribe if you want to
see more freestyle ice skating tutorials. See you later, have a nice icy day!

55 thoughts on “Ice Skating: Freestyle Stops Tutorial”

  1. Thanks man haha you are helping me so much. With this tutorials i can constantly improve my ice freestyle skills! Keep on doing nice videos like that! ??

  2. WOW!! The Hawk stop looks so amazing and I can totally see myself making that happen (since you break it down the way you did!)

    I'm also getting very comfortable w/ the ground touch one-leg… they are sooo much fun to do and are not so scary once you nail the mechanics. Of course you always seem to one-up it; now you're doing it on both sides.

    Jeez! I guess new challenge accepted!

  3. Hey guys! Due to travel I won't be uploading tutorials for some time. Check out the team's instagram, I'll be posting ice skating related content there:

  4. Great job with this video – you’ve got the right concept, music to match and put together well. All the things that count. You remind us of one of our favorite artists, Hunnid. We have a lot of his videos on our page, check him out as we really think you’d appreciate. Love to connect talented artists and individuals. Keep grinding! We do it all For The Culture

  5. shit, i think i've subscribed to this channel waaay too early.. i can't even do a simple hockey stop but i'm here watching freestyle ice skating videos. smh, pshh..
    and everytime they post a new video, it just gets more technical.. ah ha hah!

  6. What you call the "Hawk". I know as "Suicide" from rollerblading stops.
    Can you give an info of how to sharpen your blades for spraying ice?

  7. Amazing tutorial i learned the hawk stop but i added my own twist so instead of using the inside edge i use the outside edge ?? by the way what is the next video going to be?

  8. Greetings from Яussia, dude! Your channel is truly awesome.

    In general I prefer rollerblading but recently mounted my fsk pair with ice blades and was hooked it seems. Days and night at the icerink now. So much to explore! For the first time in my life I do not want the winter to end quickly 😀

    Got to the "hawk" thingy a couple of weeks ago, and have founded this tutorial next day only. Was really upset by this sequence, cause it could have been much easier with your guide (leg replacement moment in particular).
    Btw, it also works if u put both feet on the toes.
    Anyway, gonna try it on wheels soon, where it more often called "suislide".

    Subscribed and looking forward to new videos! 😉

  9. These videos are amazing and very useful to me! Please keep posting new tutorials on youtube… You definitely rock!!!

  10. This tutorial is perfect. Quick and dirty as it should be! Just do "that" and then practice! Whoever thinks too much about a trick, is doing it wrong already.

  11. It's crazy how much humans can do on ice. I just recently learnt how to do just a simple hockey stop and now looking at this, my jaw is totally dropping … You guys are crazy!

  12. Just discovered your videos and it's making me want to ice skate! I skate on wheels of all kinds. You do a great job explaining and showing weight transfers and inside/outside edges. Very helpful to gain better understanding. Thank you!

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