Ice Skating Jacket Back | Making Money with the Spangle Elite

(guitar music) – Hi this is Mark Villar. – And Hannah Rago here at ColDesi. – And we’re here to
share with you this great project that we did
creating a bling design with our SpangleElite. And we started off with picking just the right jacket to use. So why don’t you tell us
about how we did that. – Yeah, so we found this jacket, this is from This is our Port Authority
Diamond Heather Fleece. It has a full zip-up, and
it has a really, really flattering curvature on the
back of it that we thought would work wonderful with a winter design. – Yeah and I love the jacket. It’s nice and smooth. It’s really great for bling or any really any type of apparel
decorating works great on this. So let me tell you a bit
about how we ended up with this graphic, how we created it. So we went to, and that’s the design service
that we have from ColDesi, and you could do print art, embroidery digitizing, or bling too. And we sat down and we
filled out the order form. We didn’t have any
graphics done or any art, and we just really just said, “We want some swirls and some ice skates “and this is the size we want.” We took a picture of the jacket so they understood the taper and all that. And a day later we got
this awesome design back, production ready.
– Ready to go. – Yeah, production ready.
– Yeah. – So what are we gonna do next here? – Yeah, so I’m going to
show you guys how we made this jacket, and I’m going to tell you how the SpangleElite can make you money. All right, so let’s crunch
some numbers and see how much money can be put in your pocket with a spangle jacket like this. So lets start with the art. We have this graphic
conceptualized and designed by The cost of this
production-ready design was $25. Once we had our design done,
we were ready for production. The cost of the spangle tape
and transfer paper used was only about $2.29 per transfer. Now, since this design was ready to go, thanks to ColDesi Graphics,
it took no time at all. The SpangleElite ran through the art in less than four minutes. All right, so now let’s talk about the jacket cost and labor. One of these jackets
will cost you around $36. Labor on the heat press
is gonna be very low because spangles only
need to be pressed once and only for 16 seconds. So the moment you’ve been
waiting for, now let’s talk about the money you could make on this project. Say it was an order of 20
jackets for an ice skating group or a dance league. The art was $25 and 20 jackets
will cost you about $720, 20 transfers would be about $45. So the total project cost was about $790 or $39.50 per jacket. Now let’s talk retail. I Googled bling jacket,
and I also searched on Etsy and Amazon. Prices for a jacket like this were anywhere from $65 to $125. Now keep in mind these are
off the shelf, and they’re not custom-made for the group
like this project we did. Even on the low end of this
pricing, you would make about $500 in profit from this sale. Now if you were selling these
at a premium price, you would make over $1,700 on this order. If you can find a niche
in the spirit, dance, or cheer market, think
of how much money you can make with this being
just your side hustle. Think of what orders
like this could make you in the next couple of years. Dreams of being your own boss can be a reality with
the SpangleElite system. Thanks for watching. For more information on the SpangleElite visit

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