iFish Fishing and Boating tips – featuring Catch’n’Release anchor retrieval system

When you’re fishing over rocks, broken ground or heavy reef, you use a reef pick and I’ve got a really clever system on here called a Catch’n’Release anchor system works a treat, gets your anchor back every time and it protects the reef. So you end your days fishing you go to pull up the anchor and guess what? It’s snagged. But there is a very easy way to get it off. I drop this bit of the device down, feel it go down, Look at that, it’s free. How clever is that The anchor literally gets pulled out, the opposite way that it went in They call it the Catch’n’Release anchor retrieval system for a reason Use this for two reasons – 1 – so you don’t lose your anchor when you get snagged but more importantly, use this system every single time you put the anchor down because it protects the environment, and protects the reef and that’s where all the fish live Brought to you by Boatsales.com.au

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