Improve your breaststroke swimming technique with a good break out

To talk about the breaststroke break out we
need to talk about the angles of the breaststroke pull out. In an earlier video we talked about the pull
out and how it consists of three parts. The dolphin kick, the arms pull and the breaststroke
kick. The goal in the break out is to be closest
to the surface as possible before doing the first stroke. Maybe already touching it. To do that you need to do two things. the first is to push off the wall strongly. This initial speed will allow you to go far
with your pull out and maintain certain depth. The second is to get the angles of the pull
out right. You first need to push off the wall slightly
downwards. You will need to figure out how much on your
own because as you can see here it can change depending on each swimmer. After you have pushed downwards and you are
deep in the water, with the help of the butterfly kick and the pull of the arms you will change
directions and approach the surface. You don’t want to change your angle dramatically
upwards or you will slow down. Try to position yourself horizontally. The air in your lungs will bring you slowly
upwards. Once you are getting closer to the surface
you will shoot forward and upwards with your arms and the breaststroke kick. Unlike the other strokes, in breaststroke
you will break the surface of the water and shoot upwards with your head in order to shoot
your arms forward for the first breaststroke stroke. Remember to have your arms close to your body
and your core tight, as you can see adam peaty do here. look at this! We have passed 40 thousand subscribers! Thank you! Let’s keep improving together and make this
channel the go to swimming community! See you next time! Swim fast!

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  2. Hi my name is Sunitha from India Chennai… I started learning swimming from past 20 days now I'm doing freestyle… But while doing breaststroke I'm not moving forward and my bums are above the water wt can I do for that?

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  4. Its actually great but I am confuse that do we have to breath in water or hold on🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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