India to Kazakhstan | VIA PAKISTAN | Almaty 5-star Hotel in 70 Rs!

Lets begin The in-flight music is making me nostalgic Last year I travelled with Air Astana from Delhi to Russia Inflight entertainment has improved a lot It will take around 4 hours to reach Almaty We will reach at 4 pm in Almaty Let me show you the freebies which I got in this flight This is the goodie bag Here are the candies Now we are flying over Pakistan We have just crossed Lahore, Sargodha, Gujranwala… Now we have entered Jalalabad, Afghanistan This is Afghanistan I requested for vegetarian meal I wanted to edit the videos but couldnt just because.. the landscape visible from this height is mind blowing We are flying above Tajikistan That seems to be a river and a dam We are somewhere near Dushanbe and Kulob If you love such landscapes, then I would recommend you to take this flight of Air Astana This flight leaves Delhi around 11:30 am We have reached Almaty Mr Kartikeyan accompanied me on this seat Like him there are a lot of medical students in this flight Even last time I saw lot of medical students in Air Astana’s flight So this flight belongs to students and Doctors He is going to Ukraine and I am staying here in Almaty The unique thing about this trip is that I am going to travel 3 countries this time but I didn’t take advance visa for none of them Let me tell you, how I am doing this! Right now I am in Kazakhstan. After this I am going to visit Turkey and then Georgia My initial plan was to visit Turkey There are lot of flights from India to Turkey But I chose Air Astana because Kazakhstan offers a free transit visa to Indians for 72 hours Only condition is that Kazakhstan should be in your transit, not your actual destination So after 2 days I am going to fly to Turkey You have to leave Kazakhstan within 72 hours of your arrival After this I will visit Turkey, then Georgia and then back to Delhi via Astana (Kazakhstan) I was not required to get advance visa from the Turkish embassy because… Turkey offers e-visa to valid Schengen and US visa holders Thanks to my US visa because of it I could get e visa for Turkey Indians can visit around 40 countries without visa if you have a valid US visa I have written an article on it. Check the link above. These 40 countries are other than those countries which normally offers such facility to Indian passport holders You dont have to get US visa for those ‘other’ countries For eg Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc.. Indians get visa on arrival, e-visa or without visa to visit these countries So if you have Schengen or US visa, then you can visit Turkey with an e-visa getting e-visa for Turkey takes hardly 2 minutes You have to fill in your personal details, US visa number, travel details, etc and you’ll get Turkish visa online Similarly, my US visa is also going to help me enter Georgia without its visa I didn’t shoot videos at Delhi airport because all the formalities at Delhi airport are already recorded in another video That is the first video of my Russian series That will help you to know about the formalities in India before you fly outside You can stay in a 3-4 star hotel for a day in just 1 US Dollar if you are flying with Air Astana Today, I am going to stay in a 4-star hotel I just paid 1 US Dollar Around 70 Indian Rupees This is the airport Kazakhstan is like Russia That an ATM from Cberbank Tenge is the currency in Kazakhstan i am going to withdraw from an ATM You can also exchange US dollars from those exchange counters In this Stopover Holiday Programme I also get free pickup and drop facility You can extend your stay in the hotel by paying for discounted tariffs as you are Air Astana’s passenger So if you are flying to Russia, Ukraine, China, Mongolia, UK, Germany or somewhere else… then you can visit another country (Kazakhstan) without its visa if you fly with Air Astana Please check their website to know where all do they fly I would definitely recommend Air Astana’s ‘stopover holiday programme’ and Kazakhstan’s 72 hours free transit visa I am sure you’ll love this experience After landing at Almaty airport, I approached the Immigration desk They asked me are you a Tourist? Yes The immigration officials could not speak properly in English. I had a similar experience in Russia however, we managed to talk with eachother They asked me for Kazakh’s visa I said, I am availing the 72 hours free transit visa Then he approached a senior official A lady handed over him this document This helped me in getting permission. It was an easy process Though the immigration process takes time Now I am going to approach the stopover holiday desk There is a free wifi for passengers at this airport but you need Kazakhstan’s local number to use it the send OTP only on Kazakhstan’s sims I have an Indian sim so couldn’t use the free wifi This is a small airport Here is the Tourist information desk This is the meeting point for Stopover Holidays I have got some basic information from this Tourist Information desk This is operated by the official Tourism department of Almaty I have asked them how should I plan my next 1 1/2 days in Almaty Let me share something important This is bus 92. Goes from Airport to the city center This will take you from the airport to the Sayakhat bus terminal From there you can get a bus to go anywhere You have to pay 150 Tenge (KZT) to reach there in the bus its almost 30 INR The fare remains same irrespective of the distance you cover in a bus But you can avail discounted fares if you use Onay card its cost 400 Tenge Instead of 150 Tenge you will pay 80 Tenge through this card its 8:00 pm This is Hotel Ramada I paid 1 USD to stay here I am getting messages from Couchsurfers now. I am using this hotel’s wifi Its 8 pm here and 7:30 pm in India This is a petrol station near Hotel Ramada He is a couchsurfer. Helping me a lot I have purchased a local Sim for 300 Tenge which costed around 2000 Tenge at the airport This is ‘Tele 2’. The same network I used in Russia I a going to recharge it with that machine I used the ATM at airport to withdraw 1000 Tenge This is not working. We are going somewhere else to recharge Here you can stop a car by waving your hands Even private cars will stop You can bargain for the fare if its not a taxi I saw a few people doing this Its just like hitchhiking but here you pay for this Going to recharge my sim from this machine I like this place

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