Infinite Swim – Never Miss Another Swim Training Opportunity

Infinite Swim Never miss another swim training opportunity while you travel Training for a triathlon or long distance open water swim is challenging enough We are triathletes We travel for a living Time and time again we hear “I can always bring a pair of running shoes” “I can usually train on the stationary bike in the hotel fitness room” “Trying to train in a tiny hotel swimming pool is almost impossible” A 2.4 mile swim leg of a triathlon amounts to 384 turns in a hotel swimming pool Infinite Swim sets up in less than two minutes You just fill the water bag from the pool jet Slide the frame under the fully filled water bag Attach the belt around your waist Then swim Michael Phelps has achieved maximum thrust of just under 18 pounds The Infinite Swim can withstand in excess of 25 pounds of thrust You can even perform all of your training drills using the Infinite Swim to keep you in top form After all, the swim leg is won in training visit for more information Infinte Swim breaks down in less than a minute Rock Your Swim!! Win Your Race!! Order today!

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