Inline Skating Though the Dark Streets of Cape Town

Ola youtube my name is ricardo lino and I’m a wheels addict a wheel addict perfect weirdness katie harnock honest thing in my place he lives in a Janine Pachulia beautiful city and 1800 kilometers away Oh far way to get here like it is was riding on an elephant for three days to get here to be this big day here with Holland’s roosting let’s skate that’s cool I need some that what you’re singing man as Papa God before what is it what’s your singing oh they can’t hear me okay I’ll go behind you guys I’ll just I’ll be dude I don’t see shit I’ll be the camera guy but you got yourself all over me even though always they were nice try and you know it in a third way but you guys still fond all your first experience anyway I put these women like you gotta pull a hamstring go suppose shit but I keep it matter like some coffee you’re my dancing queen don’t spin the do spinster self-induced easily do becomes the Nightrider sounds crass it was surprisingly good want to try to the white I think you drank every time that we skate the Harvey community likewise was a jab boy and I’ve been with the girl that I see no future we’ve got a pair – it’s gonna go into this year can you go downstairs No we need to do that to imagine the whole thing we don’t stop like please this is the one that was amazing so now I just got here but these guys it’s better lighting than us check this I was really happy that I have good lighting you know these guys come and they have better lighting in us damn it and I see the film then gentlemen grab just event to slide it’s called the gazebo get Kazuma lit okay but you named it gazebo ladies and gentlemen that’s how you get zero that was it the business gel in the gorge Autobahn ah now now we’re talking that’s it there’s me the damn way I bought these women like that’s what’s up I almost died when great I was telling Greg to go forward in the car and then when he left he just took this four check this whoop I said is so dangerous don’t do that it wasn’t a smart move oh no it was a production was it okay not a smart move just a production value move we’re done there was your your initiation skate session in Cape Town what you thought about it was special for me it was something I ever dreamed of doing and now the big day came and I wouldn’t have imagined it being any more beautiful this is like the best day in my life Thank You Ricardo and they could rag shit’s forget why we all started skating because it’s fun and none of you liking is subscribing to do all those little things

2 thoughts on “Inline Skating Though the Dark Streets of Cape Town”

  1. Love your videos bro!! Started skating a month ago and been watching your channel along with a couple others to improve my skating…. decided to buy my first skates, roces m12 typed in the search bar for a review on them and that’s how I found your channel, thanks for your work… I just bought the Aeons 72’s now, really happy with them 🤙🏽 🇵🇹

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