do you like these ones? skate to work on my new triskates Olá Youtube my name is Ricardo Lino and I´m a wheel addict as you saw already i got new skates its not really a short cut, basically..hahah its a long cut, i´m taking you to work with me the long way so this are now… we crossed Rugby..and now this area is called Brooklyn Brooklyn Cape Town Not in New York So usually imagine ill come from here to here but today i like from here all the way around its al good at least you get to see a bit of Africa i can show you my up hill I´m tired today hein where di you go? all the way from the city? no i live in Milnerton, but instead of coming this way right here, i Went all the way around Brooklyn? Rugby, Brooklyn, all the way in Paarden Eilan. How You Doing? that will tough in you up hein? It´s Good I´m done for today thats a nice helmet do you like hte helmet that one looks god for cameras my helmet looks terible sorry man we´re about to get to my shop and it´s right here I hope you enjoyed this video If you did, don´t forget to Subscribe to the channel! and ill be making more of these these flows whatever I´m planing on doing a skate Review on these skates really soon So stay tuned for that one Cheers

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