The bus to the airport costs 6€ So I was thinking:” it’s 1.5 hours by foot, let’s walk”, also with those backpack Generally the jet leg is for intercontinental travels and not for travels in which you want to save money and so you leave at 1 am only for Perugia-Bologna I tried to sleep on the bus, but behind me there was a baby crying and when he stopped crying I found out that there was something worst: someone playing music with his smartphone So, here’s the solution to survive this journey (energy drink) You’re telling me that the “pedestrian lights” turn on when I get close? Wow, the future! Ah, underpass in the suburb during the night… Empty plane I’ve never understood that image Photo for Instagram, follow me on @vetvoyage You understand you’re approaching London by the clouds There is a discount: for 4£ you can buy 1 main food, 1 snack and 1 drink, so I take this opportunity Turbulence is coming Obviously I’m joking, but it was a turbulent journey but I’m here in Iceland, my 23th Country Now I take the my backpack and then I go at a home of someone who hosts me through Couchsurfing I’ll go there by foot, it’s 30 minutes from here You won’t probably hear anything, too much windy Luckily the road is illuminated but the cars are running too fast, so I can’t hitchhike now Doesn’t matter, always positive This is the map of the city where I’m staying for 3 nights: Reykjanesbaer Moreover I’ve just contacted my host and he said that he will be late at work so he isn’t at home right now, but I didn’t understand well, I think either his wife is at home or that the door is open, one of these two options Then he said “enter the purple room”… ooook… My room on a loft Reykjanesbaer, the next day, 8 a.m. I’m waiting for my Canadian friend to come and take me with the car and hang around this peninsula The one who host me is great! Actually at the beginning I was worried because I knock at the door and a guy opened I showed him the message of the one who would host me and asked him: “do you know him”, and he “yes, it’s my father, but I do not know anything about that” At that point I was very worried.. I showed him that there was written “go to the purple room” and he let me go there I was worried thinking that maybe he was crazy, also because on Couchsurfing he had no references I thought:” Iceland has a killing rate around 1 pro year. What if that one is due to him?” Also because on the pic it wasn’t clear how he was. But then I met him and he was really a great man I should have done a vlog yesterday because… we defrosted pizzas (facial expression of an Italian thinking about defrosted pizzas) In the next episode: Reykjanesbaer peninsula, the lighthouse, icelandic horses and the famous hot dogs. Follow me on Youtube and on Instagram (@VetVoyage)

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