Izzy Hamilton

So I started to learn at Roadford Lake. Which is a beautiful place to learn and perfect for windsurfing. Quite often really beautiful light winds and nice sunny days. I learn’t on a 1.8 sail and you can see this is an 8.5 meter sail so I was really small when I learnt how to do it but loved it from the start and carried on doing it till today. Clean water is absolutely crucial to windsurfing cause you’re travelling at such high speeds any small item in the water can be catastrophic for your speed and sometimes throw you over the front so it’s really key that the water is clear of any sort of rubbish. It’s also really important that there is not too much germs and bacteria that aren’t naturally in the water because you do a lot of swimming around and you end up swallowing quite a bit of water. So it’s really great that we have such clean water here in the South West. Which is really safe for windsurfing, sailing and surfing and swimming in. This is an 8.5 meter sail so when it’s windy we can go up until about 35 MPH. So I think the maximum speed we could probably go is like 22 knotts so yeah, almost as fast as a car going at 30 MPH. Which feels really fast when you’re close to the water. Definitely learning how to do it is terrifying but when you’re racing you’re just really in the atmosphere you don’t really think about fear You’re just concentrating on your performance. We normally have fleets of up to 80 people at our international competitions there is quite a lot of people here that do it in the UK but obviously then when everyone gets together from all around the world we have really fantastic competitions. I started sailing which is quite a common pathway to get into windsurfing but I decided that I enjoyed windsurfing much more than sailing. I have to a lot of fitness training so it gets quite boring if you do it all the time in the gym so I try and do road biking, mountain biking and a bit of kite surfing and surfing and anything really that is active and fun just to help make a bit of a variation while keeping fit. And definitely trying my hardest to compete in Tokyo and any subsequent Olympics after that.

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