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  1. My teacher introduced his class to you and we listened to bubble toes 24/7 and he said he knew you hope you can reply 😋

  2. sei que ninguem ira ler isso, porem, quero agradecer, faz muito tempo que minha vida não tinha sentido, faz tempo que procuro fugir da realidade e finalmente pude sentir uma felicidade real, sem precisar forçar nada, muito obrigado por me trazer tanta paz, voce é meu heroi !

  3. love this, everybody stop what you are doing, download this song and go to see infron to ocean, stay there admiring it and listen this, is the best meditation yet

  4. G Force music. I was telling my friend the other day. This is the music you listen to when you surpass all speed and time. And this is the only music that gets me stoked for gnarly waves and adventure.

    You may think it's slow and tiring, oh but such the contrary. It's so fast it's slow brotha.

  5. When she was sticking surf articles and pics to her wall I had such a flashback of my childhood with saltwater girl magazine and zigzag!!

  6. Never pee on a sting! It makes the pain worse. Use hot almost boiled water.
    The hot water will break the enzymes. Urine makes the pain worse ;)! just a tip

  7. on te suit via la france ! merci pour tes belles chansons ! >> https://wordpress.com/post/globestrottersdenormandie.wordpress.com/1245

  8. Thanks you jack for showing us the flatness of horizon – wonderful music&images peace keep if "flat" earth

  9. I like Jack Johnson because he is true. A million dollars means nothing in Hawaii. Zip, zero. He is an artist to the music and not the money.

  10. you pull me down, you pull me down, but i get back up, cause gravity's at my back, the waves they roll onward will we stroll down the curve and up with our nerve. oceans they be flowin cause the suns a glowin and we roll on through the sets its our wave of bets.

  11. as the waves crest it turns from a sum to a big fat one and down the wave we go ridding the roll before to long it turns into find a mist with gleam in your eye its now up in the sky. inspired words for a new song

  12. I use to react when people got mad at me, now i kinda toy with madness for humor. Next time some gets mad at you say now i'm mad too and stomp your foot. see if they laugh!

  13. what the fuck is wrong with 187 people who disliked this remarkable simplicity? I'm a little surprised.

  14. I have never surfed a day in my life. But this reminds me when I would sit on the beach (Santa Cruz, California) and watch the surfers for hours. Oh the 70's. Great song!

  15. That scene with a flock of birds flying is just amazing… What a beautiful video and song. Always love his musics 👍🏿

  16. Thankyou Mr Johnson

    Ive listened to your music since i was very small, covered your songs at talent quests and street busking, went to watch you in the flesh and still now feel better and at peace when your music surfs my brain waves. x

  17. Jack Johnson inspired me to go to surf and I've fallen in love with surfing <3
    Every times I surf out, I also surf back in, into my heart. Of course I love his music.

  18. I've loved and listened to this song for years… only just seeing the film clip for the first time and it's very tranquil and soothing.
    Keep on keeping on Jack Johnson!

  19. Wow this guy just stole the original song from Frankie valli and the four seasons you too good to be true can’t take my eyes off of you!!!!!! What a joke

  20. Tento aprender inglês com as músicas do Jack, Brasil é difícil a cultura ser valorizada e nos sermos valorizado

  21. Estou há 2 anos morando longe do mar, virei surfista de temporada, agora só surfo nos feriados e durante as férias. Assistir os clipes do Jack me ajudam a me sentir não tão longe da minha casa feita de agua e sal. Amo suas musicas, seus clipes e sua energia Jack, obrigada por me ajudar nesses momentos em que estou morrendo de saudade do meu oceano e do meu surf!

  22. 故郷の海が懐かしい。潮の匂い、風、そして両親の姿。自然と涙が出てきます。

  23. Music and the songs great but please dont pee on jellyfish sting it will make it worse use vinegar (lifeguards' have it)

  24. The Good Stuff, Physics Girl, The Science Asylum, Star Talk, PBS Spacetime, Fermilab, Answers with Joe and SmarterEveryDay.

  25. Does anyone know the song she was listening to on her headphones when she tried to distract from listening to her parents discussing divorce? It sounded a little like a cigarettes after sex song?

  26. Don’t actually pee on the sting tho…rub sand on it. There’s nothing more humiliating than your friend standing over you and peeing on your back. Just saying…

  27. I love that this captures the awkward, lonely, real side of surfing and the joy you get from the ocean simultaneously. I love you Jack <3

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