Japow – A brothers’ snowboarding trip

Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait This is the movie. I wish I had made Unfortunately, this isn’t really the movie I made So let’s rewind a little bit and take it from the beginning This is my brother Alexis, and this is me For better or worse we’ve been riding together for the past 12 years Getting more and more confident on our snowboards and venturing more and more into powder until one day we had a conversation that went a little bit like – Hey, should we got to Japan ?
– Sure ! That was it ! We were heading for the mythical islands of Japan to check out if the myth of endless powder was true We booked flights, packed and I decided to crack a couple of ribs 2 days before flying just for good measure WE WERE READY So we took a bunch of planes then a train and were met at Shibuya station by this guy Who was waiting for us with a couple of Shu-His just to get things started The guy in question is Donald, an American who has lived in Japan for the past few years and would serve as a guide and General awesome dude for the trip I Love it after dumping our luggage We ventured into the Tokyo nightlife with 30 hours of travel and 9 hours of jet lag under our belts Let’s just say it don’t really remember that night The next day we discovered the joy of hot coffee vending machines “A little hot coffee, in the street” And explored the city Tokyo is a wonderful place that neither words nor images can really describe. Its frenetic yet, peaceful Full of traditions yet, incredibly modern easy and safe for 2 French guys to navigate Yet weird at every turn It is amazing After those two days we were ready for some snow so we grabbed our bags and a bullet train towards Myoko where we met Donald From there we headed to Hakuba Hakuba is a village at the bottom of a valley surrounded by resorts This was a first taste of the Japan we had been dreaming of : tree runs and powder everywhere And by the way, this is Hiroe A friend of Donald who decided to tag along for most of the trip she rips ! Just remember that this is a nightclub We spent two days and two nights in Hakuba Then took a bus to Nagano so we could meet my girlfriend Julie and her friend Sarah We use the opportunity to visit the 7th century Zenko-Ji temple and try our hands at performing some of the rituals On that night We grabbed another couple of trains to land in a pension near Myoko where we’d spend the next three days This area hides a few treasure resorts that welcomed us with about a meter of snow in less than a day Despite the absolute lack of visibility most of the time we had good food, good friends Good snow and a beautiful landscape when it showed up. This was heaven Afterwards, the girl went on their way and we jumped on a plane to Hokaido Our first stop there was Rusutsu, the only resort we would ride two days straight The best way to describe Rusutsu is that It’s Disneyworld for powder The place is insane and the snow is the perfect amount of fluffiness Apparently there’s also volcano that’s like a kilometer away, but we really couldn’t tell And then the Sun dove under the horizon, and they turned on the lights Donald joined us again for our last stop in Sapporo Who drank some beer, enjoyed ourselves, got some fresh snow and got lost on the hill for our last two days in Japan Those two weeks in Japan did not go as expected I went there full of images and ideas About what I was gonna do, what I was gonna see, what I was gonna film. But this trip brought me back to what was essential Loving spending times in the mountains meeting new people Snowboarding and also loving spending time with my brother Hell, we even decided to get a permanent reminder of all of this for our last stop in Tokyo So even if this is not exactly the movie I wanted to make well, I think something pretty rad still happened

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  1. Des pistes de rêve encore plus incroyables la nuit, tellement de poudreuse que c'est indécent, on en oublie les moyens déployés pour filmer le tout.

  2. Awesome video, wish there was more of just people enjoying the mountain and not only epic cliff drops or pow slashes. What are you guys riding btw?

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