Jeff Carter’s 1000 NHL Game | Black & White

(electronic, bouncing music) – I think the 1,000 game
milestone is pretty incredible. That’s a lot of games. A lot of guys go through a lot of teams. When anyone can get to this level. (electronic, bouncing music) You really are just working
hard every day to achieve what you want to as a teammate,
but also as an individual. – [Announcer] He raised his
game in the biggest moments, becoming an all-star, an
Olympic gold medalist, and a Stanley Cup winner along the way. Today, all those achievements
culminate in one of the elite milestones one can reach in the NHL. It’s game number 1,000 for Jeff Carter. – [Carter] Here we go boys,
here we go men, come on! Have a night here, boys. (sticks clacking) – Well, I’d say the best
way to describe Jeff on the ice is just his presence out there. (rapid yelling) You know, he’s just a
player that can do it all. He’s big for a team, he’s a big leader on this team right now. You know, he’s good for
young guys to look up to. – [Carter] Skate, skate, skate! – He’s a leader by example,
not necessarily a guy that’s gonna be in the
locker room rah-rah. But he leads by example, he works hard, and he’s been a very consistent player. – [Carter] Keep going, go, go, go! – He just comes about
and does his business. Pretty simple, straightforward guy. I don’t know what else really to say. – [Carter] Go, go, go, go,
there you go, one, there you go. – I can actually say
Jeff was not a shy child. (upbeat piano music) He was rambunctious, never
really got into trouble, but the minute he decided he wanted to play hockey, that was it. – I think when I started out,
I’d always go with my dad to his men’s league game, and
as soon as they finished up, I’d be suited up and on
the ice and ready to go, skate around with them for a little bit. – When he was one, I bought
him skates for Christmas. And he skated on the carpet
with his little stick for the first year, and
then second year ice, and third year put him in a league. – Everything we basically did growing up centered around hockey. You know, I think when I
got drafted to the OHL, I was like you know, maybe
I got something, and then, you know, as those first
couple years progressed and you start hearing people
talking about the NHL Draft, and you’re like man alright,
maybe this really can work out. – Philadelphia Flyers select, from the Canadian Hockey League, Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds’ Jeff Carter. – The draft itself was, it was awesome. It was in Nashville, you
know, and the whole family came down, and a few buddies,
you know, lucky enough to go pretty quick and didn’t
have to sit there too long. And you’re still a kid, too, right, so it’s a little overwhelming. – [Carter] Where is it, where is it? – I knew when we traded for him that what we were getting was what we needed. I played against Carts
in junior, World Juniors, U.S. Canada, all that stuff,
so I knew what type of player he was just from playing
him when we were younger. – [Reporter] A huge move made yesterday. Dean Lombardi, the General
Manager of the Kings, he acquires Jeff Carter from
the Columbus Blue Jackets. – When Jeff first got here,
I knew what type of player he was, and most of us did,
and we needed a guy like that. We needed a guy to push us over the top. – [Game Announcer] Carter,
right wing, in the zone. A shot blocked, now he shoots
and scores, Jeff Carter! – On paper, you looked at
that team, and you’re like, this team should be a lot higher in the standings than where they are. You know, even from day one
we got on the ice, you’re like alright, you know, we can
put something together here. – [Game Announcer]
Hands it off for Penner, bouncing puck, Carter scores! Kopitar a shot, tip save,
score on the rebound! Jeff Carter, the hat trick
goal for Jeff Carter! – I think the boys were just excited. When we made that trade, I
think we all knew, you know, we got a good chance at
going for the Stanley Cup. – [Game Announcer] Jeff
Carter gets it back, brings it into the slot,
he shoots, and he scores! Jeff Carter wins the game in overtime! (light, bouncing music) – [Stoll] He was the perfect
fit for us, you know. He was a big reason why we
won those two Stanley Cups. – [Marchessault] Congrats buddy, yeah? – [Carter] Thank you, yeah, thank you. – It’s a huge accomplishment. It’s a tough, tough league to,
first of all, make, and then to, you know, to play and
become a regular in the NHL. – [Carter] There you go,
there you go, yup, yup, yup! – It’s a grind, and to
play that many games. I think anybody that’s ever
played or even the fans, you watch and you go, you take your hat off to anybody who’s
played 1,000 games. (bouncing instrumental music) – For the most part, it
was a pretty even game. As far as the goal, there
was nothing pretty about it. (muted cheering) For the most part, with
the guys that I play with, we’re trying to win a face-off
and get the puck to the net. – [Game Announcer] Roy
with a shot, he scores! (goal horn) Yeah, Jeff Carter got a piece! – Roy, he made a great shot
at just getting it there, and I was lucky enough
to get a stick on it. (excited cheering) So it was pretty
exciting, I think you look back at the video, I was pretty fired up. You know, it’s definitely something I’ll remember for a long time. (bouncing instrumental music) – Since joining the Kings
just over seven years ago, no one has scored more goals
for the Kings than Jeff. Ladies and gentleman, welcome
to center ice the newest member of the 1,000 games
played fraternity, Jeff Carter. (bouncing instrumental music) – It’s been really fun
to see the change in Jeff from when we first met, and
to see him change as a player, but also a husband and a
father and a family man. – You know, going from
breaking into the league as a 20-year old in Philly
and single, and you know, living downtown to now
being married with kids, and you know, I couldn’t
ask for anything more. I’m lucky to be where I am. It’s not a lot of guys that have done it, so it’s definitely an honor
to be part of that group. It’s a long time, and a lot of work. You know, I want those guys
just to remember me as a good guy in the room, and
you know, a good friend. Hockey is hockey, but
just wanna be a good guy.

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