Jei+Hyunyoung+Seulmi’s indoor surfing activity!! | Insta Famous Lives EP.02-2

– Hello.
– Hi. (She debuted in a girl group
called Fiestar in 2012) (After 6 years of performing as
a singer, she’s now an actor) We look cute. This angle is cute. (She was the main vocal
in Rainbow) (#Actor #Singer #Creator
This is her second prime time) (Seulmi) (She’s a beauty model,
an influencer) (and a rising actor) Where are we going now? We’re going to Yongin. Wow, why are we going to Yongin? To do indoor surfing. Indoor surfing? (It’s a hot place for insiders) (It’s a great place to take
activity photos) (Desirable Jess also did
a photo shoot here) – Have you done it before?
– No. I’m scared of the water. – You are?
– I freak out. I’m also scared of the water. This is my first time as well. (Are we going to be okay?) I feel like we need to buy clothes
when we’re here to surf. – This is a shopping mall.
– Yeah. (Yongin L Outlet) I really liked the jacket
that you were wearing – so I bought it in black.
– That’s why. I knew I’ve seen this jacket
before. I really liked it. I’ve matched my every day pants
with the jacket. – It looks really good.
– Right? It doesn’t look like
sportswear, right? You saw Seulmi wearing it
and bought it. – Hehe.
– Ha ha ha. How do I look? You look really cute.
I’ve meaning to ask you about it. You look so cute. (Second oldest girl here
acting pretty) (I am the human athleisure) (Coming into
the indoor surfing place) Wow, what is this place? I’m scared. (First, let’s watch
the flow of water) (Powerful) (It’s really scary)
(Oh my gosh…) (Super worried) (#Can’t turn back now
He’ll show us a demonstration) (Wow/Amazing) (‘P’ Indoor Surfing
Indoor surfing in the city) (Moving freely on water) (Amazing skills) (This is what you’ll be doing) (Ending the demonstration
in a cool manner) (Great demonstration
Applauding) Let’s get started. (Let’s start surfing) Step forward. (Very worried) Try to relax. Relax. One, two, three. Slowly. (Watch his foot) – Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.
– Pull. Lean back. (Jei is dying, but they’re
bursting into laughter) Pull on the rope. (Her hand looks sad) Yes, that’s it. Pull on the rope. – One, two, three. Keep pulling.
– Yes. (He takes his toes off the board) That’s it. Slowly. That’s good. That’s it. (As expected, she fell) Mommy! (Jei has logged out) One, two, three. (Almost crying) Ah! (She fell as soon as
she got on the board) (Seulmi has logged out) (It’s not easy) (Last up is Hyunyoung) (Slowly sliding the board
on the water) (Concentrating) (Hyunyoung is) (the goddess of activities
who enjoys working out) (Will she be able to stand
on water?) (She seems relaxed) (But the end is…
(We won’t say more)) (Bye, Hyunyoung) (We take back calling you
the goddess of activities) Let’s do a competition. Like what? (Don’t know why she’s
so confident, but let’s do it) Who can stay on the longest. The rest will make silly faces
while the winner looks pretty. (Yes, insiders live to take photos
(and videos)) (The one who wins
gets to look pretty in the photo) (First up is model Seulmi) (Getting ready to film her) (Desire to take a good photo is
making her forget about her fear) (#[email protected]#$%^&!!!) What did she say? That she can’t pose. (But she poses right away
(She lasted 4 seconds)) (Hyunyoung is filming) (I do what I have to do) (How will competitive Jei do?) (One, two, three) (Hang on a bit longer) (Hyunyoung is filming) (Awkward.mp4) (She will be haunted
by this clip forever) (Sliding down) (Last up is Hyunyoung) (One, two, three, four, five) (Being cute) (You’re pretty good) (The goddess of activities
is back) (Performing an advanced skill
with ease) (Wow/Wow) (Oh/Oh) (She amazingly lasted
over 10 seconds) (Being sexy) (Seulmi is filming) (Showing off her charm.mp4) (It’s time to make silly faces) How much of our legs are showing
in the photo? – Your whole body is in the photo.
– Is that better? Can you place our feet
at the bottom of the screen? It doesn’t look pretty if there’s
too much space below our feet. Shouldn’t we take
a vertical photo? Can you take a vertical photo? Make sure our feet are
at the bottom of the screen. To make our legs look longer. You have to place our feet
at the bottom of the screen. – Ready.
– Are we doing silly faces? Are we doing silly faces? – You have to make silly faces.
– Okay. (She didn’t make a silly face) (Making an even prettier face) (She saw her) (She got caught) She didn’t make a silly face,
right? (Quickly checking the truth) – Come on.
– Do you want to die? I did make a silly face. – Come on.
– Are you kidding me? – Look at her face.
– Let’s do it again. This is how a fight begins. This is a very sensitive issue. You better do it right. Two, three. (Don’t fight. Everyone can
look pretty for the photos now) This one is good. – Yay.
– This one is the best. Yeah, I like it. (#Activity Shot
#Full Shot Version) (Jei+Hyunyoung+Seulmi’s photo tip:
Be in the center) (Take a vertical picture
so that the legs look longer) (Bend the knees
and point the toes) (Best full-shot ever!) (Are you watching this, Sookyung?) (Next: out-of-this-world
level of energy special!) (Featuring super cars
full of swag) (Crazy fast) (Car racing is
a near death experience) (Eye cleansing sight
of a male actor) (On Joowan is always perfect,
but…) (He’s pretty old) (Spiteful remark from Soonchul
(Don’t say that about my actor)) What are you talking about? Diligence. Dedication. Passionate and… Where are you going? (A new desirable woman is
coming on the show?) I’ll give you 10 minutes. Do you love her or not? Get ready to fall in love with my lifestyle.

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