Jinx Challenge with Chris Hemsworth

-♪♪ J-J-J-Jinx ♪♪ ♪♪ J-J-J-Jinx Challenge ♪♪ -Now, here’s how it works. We read a category
from the card. Then I’m going to count
to three, and we both say something in that category
at the same time. When we say the same thing,
it’s a jinx, and that’s a good thing. -It’s a good thing.
-Yeah. We want as many jinx as we can. First,
let’s put on the jinx glove, which will help link our —
-[ Exhales forcefully ] [ Laughter ] -Help link
our hands and our minds. -Ah.
-It will help link — [ Laughs ] -Always. I’ve always, always wanted —
-Oh, this is fantastic. -…wanted to share
a glove with you. -This is — Already, it feels
like we won, doesn’t it? [ Cheers and applause ] All right. Ready?
You ready for this? Let’s see what the first
category is. -It’s like marriage.
-Yeah, it is. And when — when we jinx,
I don’t know what we do. We — We do that, maybe.
-Yeah. -Yeah, if we jinx,
but if we don’t, then — -We kiss through the glove. -Yes, exactly.
That’s what I’m doing. -He’s not into that. -Let’s see — Sure.
I’ll do that. Yeah, yeah. -You don’t have to.
It’s just a suggestion. -Yeah, I mean — I don’t need the glove at all. We can get rid of the glove
and just get right to the end of the game
right now. -You put the glove on. -[ Laughs ]
-I never wear gloves. -That’s true.
All right. Here we go. First category is…cocktails. One, two, three. Martini.
-Drinks. [ Laughter ] It’s my first time.
It’s my first time. -Oh, yeah, it’s your first time.
It happens to everybody. Don’t worry about it.
-[ Laughs ] I’m just nervous.
-Three, two, one. Gin and tonic.
-M– Tonic. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Sad trombone notes play ] -I couldn’t think
of one cocktail. -Of one cocktail.
All right. Come on. Let’s feel the connection, man.
Seriously. -The glove is —
-Enough playing the game in front of the audience.
-Ha! -Let’s have our real — Let’s have
our real hearts speak out. Ready? -I’m not even gonna look
at you now. Here we go. Dog breeds. -Air–
-One, two, three. -[ Laughs ] Labrador. -Golden retriever. -I said air.
-Yeah, air. -I thought you said
“dog breathes.” Air. -[ Laughs ] Yeah. Dog
breathes air. That is correct. -It’s your accent.
It’s your accent. -Does a dog breathe air, judges? [ Bell dings ]
Thank you. -Thank you. Thank you. -Disney princesses.
One, two, three. -Fr– Aah.
-Elena. [ Laughter ] -Aah! -Oh, I got one, I got one.
-Wait, wait, wait. One, two, three. Moana!
-Mickey. -Oh, there you go.
-Minnie. -One, two, three.
Elsa! -Elsa!
-All right, there you go. Does it count? [ Bell dings ] We got Elsa.
-That was good. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughter ] All right.
Dangerous sports. -Oh. Okay. -One, two, three. -Football.
-Rugby. Wait! I think it’s the same
thing in Australia. -Depending where you’re from. It works! That’s a jinx!
[ Bell dings ] ♪♪♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] [ Both laugh ] -More kisses. More kisses.
-Tools. One, two, three. -Shank saw.
-Jimmy Fallon. There you go, yeah.
There you go. I thought
you were going to say — I thought we were going to get
a jinx on that one. Here we go.
-Oh, never, never. Nicknames you call your spouse. One, two, three. Honey.
-Love. [ Laughter ] -One, two, three. -Mi amor.
-Cutie. [ Laughter ] -Is your wife Spanish? -Yes.
[ Laughs ] -Te quiero.
Okay, one more time. -One, two, three.
-Darling. -Despacito.
-Despacito. [ Laughter ]
[ Sad trombone notes play ] All right, we got a —
Here we go. Last jinx right here. Ready?
-Warrior. Okay. -Countries that start with “A.” One, two, three. -Australia!
-Australia! -Yes! -Chris Hemsworth, everybody!

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  1. Everytime Chris kissed his hand …I wished my cheeks in place of those gloves….
    Ohhhhhh my godddd…Chris is so dammn sexy

  2. I'd like to see Chris do this game with Tom Hiddleston Thor and Loki would have better synergy Jimmy should do it with Justin Timberlake!

  3. Tools jimmy falcon no these can be funny also thors hammer from the avengers or disney princess elsa can wait fb love the show

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