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how long have you been working here a year a year what’s your favourite thing about this place all of its our favorite part maybe the business t-shirt yeah yeah because there’s a lot of people just everything about this place please the basis part [Music] so we’re heading to Kahuna hotel in San Juan Philippines it’s known as surf city alright so we just got the Kahuna before check-in we went to this beautiful tropical jungle a comfortable welcome to our steak chicken was easy breezy the reception was very friendly no language or communications problems at all we asked if we could upgrade to a poolside Villa and luckily it was available we had to pay a little extra but it was worth it totally recommended like it [Music] one of my favorite parts about the bathroom is just window to make bathroom looks so much bigger but pretty good I think it’s a great touch great touch great thank you hey guys so we just checked in we’re right in front of the pool the restaurant the bar is just right there it’s like 10 meters away and it’s all the same price whatever your pants a restaurant it’s the same price as you pay for the room service are you guys excited because I am and check this not me wrap my beer with a little napkin how professionals know it one thing that I found it strange was like Filipino beers the boil don’t seem very clean so I think obviously they recycle the runs are dirty so maybe this is why they have the tissues in the bottle for that even like wipe it but I’m not sure if you guys know leave a comment my comment section below and just kind of let me know why they do that anyways pretty awesome I like I think for the night video not only is the price of room service awesome but the restaurant food is actually super good I had this burger literally every day while I was here place is super chill it’s right outside of San Fernando this place doesn’t even feel like a Philippines right now it’s like a very international vibe just feels like a whole Beach Resort which is pretty freakin awesome the pool overlooks the ocean has a basketball hoop and it’s perfect for watching the Sun go down [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] always a plus at a hotel is when to the bar by this wrinkles makes cooling off so relaxing [Music] like Oh what do you think this is a beautiful I love it I’m going to 6:30 in the morning ready to begin the day Michael still sleeping right there dying to get some coffee either gonna wake up like oh go get coffee I’m just going to go and get coffee what should I do Mike are you ready to go maybe I’m just going to get coffee by myself so the plan is for today we are going to go surfing we are going to go flat and drones then have cool lunch aren’t you going to check out this place hey there’s Micah she’s up now alright press it time to order some coffee nice a complimentary breakfast this game with yourself eggs benedict my I have about it am I going to do [Music] one thing that’s really important when I first check into the hotel is to set up all of my gadgets at i.t I don’t feel like I’m home until all of it is set up this place is pretty cool it has an outlet in the closet so I turn this closet into my own charging station let me show you it looks kinda messy with all my devices charging but it gets the job done oh and Michael apparently doesn’t care another thing I like to do when I get to a hotel is I always bring an HDMI cable for my PC so I can connect it to their flat screen and I can have dual monitors yeah your PC they’re tested okay well cables behind and there you go this allowed me to turn any hotel into my home office I usually give my co the desk seat because she does a lot of work as well but what I do I also bring a digital thermometer why because I like to know how hot it is outside versus how cold it is inside right now almost 30 degrees outside where we’re at a comfortable 26 degrees in here another thing that’s pretty cool about each of these rooms is that it has its own personal Wi-Fi access point which is live one people like in peace is not available the upload speeds you can’t expect too much from it if you’re just doing regular work you should be fine downloading attachments fine uploading attachments may be a little bit painful then we checked out the beach unfortunately we didn’t get served because there were no waves during our stay till another beautiful day so one thing you’ll find is there are a lot of surf shops and surf school any of these Hut’s behind me you can rent the board for 200 pesos per hour or you could have a surf lesson for 400 pesos analogy which is a pretty good deal I’m looking at the board a lot of them are B Z board and other terms foam board but there are some long boards I will see a lot of short boards so if you are a short board or probably bring you on board if you want something good quality but with a lot of boards I don’t think you have to worry about a board all right guys that concludes our trip if you guys like this video hit that like button if you have any questions about how to get here any questions about this place in general about the food about say they have a common in the comment section below and if you want to subscribe hit that subscribe button we’re moving on to Boracay so hope to see you guys in the next video [Music]

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  1. Solid videos always coming from your channel! Love that you are featuring the Philippines. Is such a great place to have great cameras and a drone. Beautiful!

    – Neil

  2. The humidity and heat sometimes causes bottle caps to rust at the edges and leave rust marks on the bottles. Thats why they put napkins on

  3. Aaaaaahhhhh it sounds like your a lost Filipino American (lost your heritage and lost your culture) Also, some statements you made about what Philippines should be is "twisted" obviously you have been away too long……Philippines has been like that for a long time now but was just not available for you due to your "financial capacity" until you made your way into the U.S. and now you can "afford" what you were not able to afford when you were living in the Philippines…..and not the what was not affordable to you then….is now affordable for you now as a U.S. Citizen…..but as I said….those things were available way back then….but your financially could not afford it then….thus you only know "the poor" side of Philippines but never the "rich side and rich life that was always available" for the Foreigners that can afford the "financial means"……..Try not to make statements that are ignorant of your own kind and stop being a "foreigner" because even if you are a U.S. Citizen by document….you are still Filipino by blood…..so minimize the "ignorance" of your own people and your own culture where you "came from" assuming that you are Filipino American or you grew up in the U.K. but your English pronunciation to me sounds more like your from the United States……so I am going to assume that you are Filipino American……

  4. Oooooohhh the napkin around the beer is just to keep it clean to not get any debris into your drink. Makes more sense also so you do not need to use a "beer bottle opener" kills two birds in one stone……clean and open at your convenience…..so you can drink it right away. Also, goes with the warm and kind Filipino hospitality and professionalism……..

  5. Paolo to answer your question about the napkin on the beer bottle… often times softdrinks or beer bottles are left out in the open where it get rain out and exposed under the sun in the process the bottle caps which is made of thin metal get rusted overtime. Maybe that's the reason why they provide you a napkin to wipe just in case there's a rust stain around the bottle mouth.

  6. excuse me its SAN JUAN "La Union" aka eLyu.. if you call it san juan, it doesn't have any meaning (just like eating a bland food) at all bcoz all over the philippines who are familiar of surfing capital of the north called it "eLyu" for SAN JUAN , LA UNION… :-p

  7. I admired 🇯🇵 . and all it's advanced development and all its cultures and discipline… Let's be not be known for P__n .. PH is a 🇯🇵 friends ..positive note 👍

  8. Nice try with the thumbnail;) But I don’t think you have that kind of audience. But thanks for thinking of them😂

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