Kayak Scuba Diving : Kayak Scuba Diving Water Gear Up

Alright, so the next step we do is we’re getting
our gear on, just kind of go in a little bit closer to demonstrate how this is. Once the
BC is in the water and you have it on your shoulders, you then do everything in terms
of assembling it while you float with it in the water. So you first buckle your waist
strap down here, got that, chest strap, make sure it’s all secure and tight, and gauges
go into a clip or attach it to whatever you might have. I got this to kind of keep it
secure so it doesn’t get damaged in the reef or broken in some way. And then I’ll get the
weight pockets which are in the front of the boat, and slide them in. Again, my hands will
be underwater right now at this point, floating in the water next to the kayak, so it’s really
important to know all your gear, how it works and be familiar with it, so you know every
little part of it, you can do it without having to look at it, just do it instinctively. And
once you’ve got all these things clipped on, and once we’re ready to go, have a quick look,
and make sure it’s all good, got enough air, and you can start your dive.

5 thoughts on “Kayak Scuba Diving : Kayak Scuba Diving Water Gear Up”

  1. @scareface999 I use a car battery attached to rope. you can also use a brick or a large stone. some divers shoot an arrow into the sand with a bow and attach it with strong fishing line.

  2. I have been thinking about getting a kayak for cave diivng. Some of the cave are a bit off the beaten path but i think the twin steel sylenders might be a bit heavy?

  3. I use a 5 pound folding anchor to keep the kayak in place, then sometimes take it (and the kayak) with me during the dive (clips to my weight belt).  I also have a Tarpon Kayak (as in this clip) but use a NZ kayak for diving – much more stable, but a bit slower paddling. Also steers less well with too much weight. I use a steel (also from my cave-diving days) but I think 2 steels on a kayak in fresh water would be top heavy – only one way to find out though….

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