Kayak Scuba Diving : Picking a Scuba Kayak

Alright when you’re picking a kayak to dive
on it’s very important to have a few considerations in mind. The first thing is that you pick
a sit on top boat which is where, not the usual style of kayak where you think you’re
sitting inside of it like in a white water rafting trip or something. One good piece
you should have behind you that’s really important is to have a tank well which is the place
where you can set your BC unit, your tank and everything all assembled and ready to
go with this elastic webbing to kind of hold it in place which kind of goes like that.
So with that in place that BC unit is not going to go anywhere. If you tip, if it spills
it’ll be locked in place and it won’t go anywhere and you won’t lose it. On the surface you
could easily do so. At the front end of the boat you have a compartment here in the bow
which is where I’d store the bag of fins, masks, gloves all that, maybe water, snacks,
maybe a spear, maybe flags, whatever you can put in there, but the important thing is that
when it’s sealed up, when this thing is locked in like that that it’s also secure and is
not going to go any place when you spill in the surf. A few of the little things that
you’ve got in here is like some cleats to add lines to, to wrap lines around, and also
some little elastic bands around the handles to hold your paddle in place or a spear or
spear gun. There is also a little compartment here if you want to have glass, sunglasses
whatever to put in there. It’s a little dry pouch. So that’s a really good place to store
stuff when you’re going back into the surf line. This seat here is kind of unusual. It’s
a built in seat which is the one flaw of this kayak. The first time I ever used it the thing
broke in the surf. Most other kayaks will have a seat that kind of straps in place made
out of kind of fabric. It’s much more comfortable. They also have a pocket in the back too to
add some more space to hold supplies and gear.

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