Keep Up with the 77-Year-Old Kitesurfer

(serene music) (waves rolling gently) – Now, I live in paradise here. Don’t tell too many people about it. Show me somewhere better,
it’s not possible. Nothing. (waves rumbling) I kitesurf, which I like and I’ve been doing kitesurfing now for about seven or eight years. Before that I, and I still do, windsurf for the last 40 years. And it’s lovely. You set a course and it’s like, just like flying on a cloud. (serene music) If heaven’s like this
I’ll be very happy to go. (water splashing) You’re out there and you’re just oblivious to the problems in life, and you go as far or as little distance as you like. It’s just beautiful. It’s a different world, and any little problems, any hiccups, they just bypass you. It’s just lovely, you know? It’s poetry in motion
when you’re out there. And when I die, and I’m gettin’ near the end of my life, I’m hoping that there’s kites up there. (serene music)
(waves rumbling) Suddenly my wife died 16 1/2 years ago, and very quick, only in two days, of breast cancer. And she had one chemo and on the Saturday at lunch time we were going to go out and she wasn’t very well, and within two days she died. And when I saw that I thought, I will change my life. And I started living life all the time. I spent the first three or four years away nine months a year. I was windsurfing, kiting,
skiing, snowboarding. I went all around the
world doing these things. And then after about three or four years, the pain is going so you come back and join what one would
term a natural life. After I’d seen how my wife left this world I changed my way of thinking. It could be tomorrow I’ll be gone so I live each day to the full. You’ll never know when you’re gonna go. Although I think I’m healthy,
I could be dead tomorrow. Hence why I do all the things I do. (wind rumbling) (water splashes) I was in the Italian Lakes
about three or four years ago and there was no wind, and I saw, to my belief, a man on
a windsurfer sculling. And I thought, what a marvelous idea. There’s no wind so you can
still get out and do something, and hopefully this is the first time I’ve tried it and it may work. I’m looking forward to it ’cause today there’s no wind and it’s ideal for what I want to do. And I can go out on the water
where I love and away I go. Being my age, I’m not
bothered what people think. I just do what I want to do, and I know very well if they had the guts or the ingenuity they would also like to be with me. But sadly, a lot of
people won’t do what I do. God knows why, but there you are. I was on the water a few months ago and I didn’t want to stop at all then, and I thought, I just love it. I thought then, I’m gonna
live another 10 years. And when I tell my friends
they don’t like that, they think, can’t you
go before then, Dave? This last, I suppose, 10, 15 years I’ve slowed down. I don’t run like I used to. I can’t jump about. I haven’t changed my ideas, my principles in how I think about life. Learned a few lessons over the way. But I’m still basically the same person. I’m an old man but with young thoughts. And that not gonna change, and the day it does change I will die. (upbeat music)

11 thoughts on “Keep Up with the 77-Year-Old Kitesurfer”

  1. This is the kind of life i would love to live. To remain young at heart and never stop doing the things that you love most. Good on you, David Cummings.

  2. Guy like that on our beach, used to call him old Danny when he windsurfed (over 20 years ago) now he's old Danny that kitesurfs, he's possibly in his late seventy's or even eighty's! Legends!

  3. good on you. i'm 36 and would love to kitesurf,only trouble is i'm prone to accidents,so i can imagine i'd get lifted in to the air and never return!!

  4. "I'm an old man, but with young thoughts." That's what life needs to be about for ALL of us 💛💛💛

  5. Good for you. I'm 61 and started kiting about 1 year ago. I wakeboard regularly too. As I now live in Scotland, I'm considering snowboarding this winter.

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