40 thoughts on “Kelly Slater Surfing Trigg Point”

  1. um y…… y waste your time ……………. wa has the best surf in the world… trigg guys surf that for 10 plus years and move on to some big waves

  2. Trig is soft , fat and crowded, like all surf around Perth. Head North or South. Kelly must have been really bored that day. Having said that , that is as good as I have seen it. I lived at 1 Pearl Parade for 3 months in 86 and did not surf there once .

  3. Obviously the guy filming thought the bad guy (also showed on the beach) was Kelly. Sorry dude, Big bald head does not equal Kelly Slater. That feature is found world wide.

  4. Ah perth surf….. this is actually really good for Trigg beach, I once got a wave from the point to the start of second carpark it can be epic about 10 times a year if your lucky

  5. Triggs is normally crap i use to travel north or south. On one freak wave i rode from the piont to the start of second carpark that was a rare epic day. Also kelly is the bald guy getting the long ride isnt it?

  6. Pretty sure it's not Kelly but Damon Hayes. Contact him at his website Damon Hayes surf academy for quality surf lessons

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