– [Josh] You’re doing good, buddy! Say, “I’m skating!” – I’m skating! – [Josh] My first time roller blading! Look at the camera. Whoa, whoa. ♫ I loved you then ♫ I love you now ♫ I loved you when my
world was upside down ♫ Upside down ♫ Upside down – What’s up Dyches Fams? Can you guys say hello? – Hey, guys.
– Hello, guys. – Had a little bit of a catastrophe today, because the kids’ school
was going skating, right? Or rollerblading or whatever, at the Classic Fun Center, and we were just on our way there. Mom is not with us right now, because she was at work, and she was going to meet us there. However, Mommy ran something over and, one of the tires is damaged. We’ve got to go take a look at that now, and I don’t know if we’re
going to go skating. Nikoi has gymnastics right after, so I don’t know with timing if we’re going to be
able to do the skating, but we’re going to try guys, okay? Okay, have faith. Christina said that there was an accident and there was a whole bunch
of debris on the road. Apparently she drove over the debris, and something stuck in the tire, so yeah, let’s go check it out and see what the damage is. (children talking) There’s the accident where it happened. Whoa, look at that van. It totally knocked over
that pole right there. Holy… And here’s my wife up here. Hi. – You guys need to pray that I can have better luck than this, because there’s an accident
and there’s debris in the road. All these other cars are fine, but when I drive by the accident, the debris stabs into my car tire! – [Josh] Where’s it at? – And now I can’t even drive anymore. – [Josh] Hey yeah, let’s
get off this dangerous road. – It’s right there. – [Josh] Oh! Yeah. Yeah, well fortunately
the tire’s not leaking. – [Christina] Okay, but they
said they’re open until 7:00. No, I wiggled it around and
it started leaking then. – [Josh] So we hope that the
tire’s still under warranty. – It is. – [Josh] Let’s go find out. – I called Costco. That’s why you should
buy everything at Costco! They’re going to fix it for me. Hopefully once Josh pulls
it out I can make it there, because I can’t drive with it in. – [Josh] No, you’re not driving it. – Oh, Josh is going to drive it, yay! – [Josh] Yeah. I’m sorry that you had to go through this. – I’m just lucky that you were here today. – This is a little nerve-wracking, but I’m able to go about
20-25 miles per hour. Fortunately Costco is super close, like about a mile, mile and a half away. We just have to zig zag a little bit, and hopefully that debris
that’s sticking in the tire… It’s plastic, so it’s making
a noise as I’m driving. Hi, Nikoi. – Hi. – [Josh] Do you want to see
what the tire looks like? – Yeah. Oh my gosh. – Let me see too. Oh. – Where’s the… – [Josh] That’s the thing
that’s sticking in the tire. Crazy, huh? – Dude, that is just, that’s big. Dude, it looks like a dart. Oh, a pop their tire dart. – Hey, if you’ve ever
seen one of our videos, we spelled the A-word, an-est-ist. (laughing) It’s so funny!
– Yeah! – [Josh] So what’s the verdict? – Um, luckily, because we
bought our tires at Costco, it is covered under our
warranty for it to get fixed, and he said that it’s the perfect size that they can actually repair it. We don’t have to have a new tire, so we got really lucky on that one. – [Josh] So they’re just going to plug it. – And it’s free! Woo! I got so lucky, because any
other day when I left work, I would have been all alone. Josh just happened to be meeting me right when I got off work, so I got lucky that he
could be here to help me. – [Josh] Yeah, you know
who was luckier though? All the other cars who missed the debris. (laughing) – They drove through the
same debris I drove through, and they were fine. – [Josh] But you’re the only
one who got a flat tire. – Gosh. – [Josh] How lucky are you? No, but we’re very fortunate that it didn’t blow the tire out and that we could just drive
a mile and a half to Costco. Fortunately, we were that close. – Yay! We made it! Now, we’re going to go skating. (upbeat music) – [Christina] Good job Koi. Go as fast as you can. (laughing) Here, instead of the old
people having walkers, the little kids have walkers
so that they can skate. I think she’s doing a great
job for her first time. Tayden, you ready? – Ready, yeah. – [Christina] What do you
do when he says “wipeout”? – Fall down. – Guys, when I was a kid this age, we had a roller skating
rink where I lived. We used to go every Saturday night. It was so fun. Woohoo! – I haven’t done this in like 15 years. – This should be an interesting night. – [Josh] Did you have fun? – Uh huh. – [Josh] Okay, it’s time
to go to gymnastics. Give me five. – Daddy’s doing that. – [Josh] I need this little walker. I seriously need this. ♫ We will, we will rock you ♫ We will, we will rock you – [Josh] You’re doing good, buddy! Look at me. Cheese! Say, “I’m skating!” – I’m skating! – [Josh] It’s my first
time roller blading! ♫ I feel it in my soul – [Josh] Good job, Tay buddy. Give me thumbs up! Hey, stop right there. Look at the camera. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Superheroes showed up. I can’t stop. Holy cow guys, I’m hurting. This is killing my feet. The superheroes showed up, so we’re trying to get a picture. William, come here. (upbeat music) Woohoo! Doing so good buddy! Go Tayden! (intense music) Was that awesome? – Yeah! – [Josh] Yeah! Oh my gosh. That was awesome. So I just saw these guys over there doing some amazing roller skating moves, so I had to go meet them. I went and got their contact information, because I want to be able
to showcase talent like that in the YouTubers community. Yeah, Nikoi’s back! Hey, welcome little lady. How was gymnastics? – Good. – [Christina] Good job. – [Josh] Woohoo! Now get out there and have some fun. (upbeat music) Okay, who had fun tonight? – Meeeeeee! (screaming) – [Josh] Who wants to come back? – I do.
– I was so excited that I had gymnastics, and I thought I wouldn’t get to go, but I actually got to go. (screaming) – Dad, I’m just a beginner, but today I did really awesome. I was going really fast. Like in 15-20 seconds or even just one minute I would get around the rink. – [Josh] There she is. Okay, so they plugged the tire. What else do you need to know? – It’s all fixed. All that drama, they fixed it. – All fixed! Well tonight was a cool
night, don’t you think? – Yeah, besides running over that thing that popped the tire. – Yeah. (laughing) Well, we met a cool guy
at the Classic Skating, whatever they call that, Fun Center, and I’m excited about that. – Josh is going to learn some moves. – Untapped talent here in Utah. – He did a back handspring really fast on roller skates and he landed. – Yeah, it was that awesome. – And he also did a backflip and landed on his roller skates. – That’s right, skating goals. Skating goals, roller skating goals. – My goal is to go home and
get in bed and go to sleep. – Yes. So guys, that’s going to be it
from the Dyches Fam tonight. Thanks for watching. Hey, do us a favor and share our videos on Twitter with your friends. – But only if you like us. – But only if you like our videos, but yeah go ahead and
share those on Twitter and tag us in them, please. We would appreciate that. – Okay, guys. See you tomorrow! – [Josh] Okay, guys. Peace out from the roller skating squad. – Hasta la hasta la no no no. (laughing) – [Josh] Okay, say goodnight Dyches Fam. – [In Unison] Goodnight! – [Josh] Okay, William
do a peace out dude. – And guys you should also check out and go to the Classic Fun Center. – [Josh] Yeah, okay, peace out. – [Nikoi] Hasta la hasta la no no no. – [Josh] No, you got to get it better. ♫ I loved you then ♫ I love you now ♫ I loved you when my
world was upside down ♫ Upside down ♫ Upside down

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