Kitesurfing lesson: how to water start

Hi from Video on kitesurfing water start Check warning below. Kitesurfing should not be attempted without proper lessons right we’ll start with a quick look at
the basic water start technique place board down wind keep kite at 12 straighten your leading foot in order to point the board slightly down
wind while you dive your kite into the higher power zone a lot of people get stuck with kitesurfing waterstarts If your kite control is good, then body/board position and keeping your kite in power are the most common issues. to get your board position correct you need a good idea which direction is down wind and which directions are cross wind and upwind. HOPEFULLY, it is no surprise down wind is the direction the wind is blowing. upwind is opposite to that and cross wind is at 90 degrees left and right At first you will gain board speed by pointing your board between downwind and crosswind aim directly across wind or upwind AND you are unlikely to gain board speed When you’re first learning water starts you will be out in lighter winds a lot of people find their kite loses power and are not sure why. if you’re waterstarting a bit but then sinking this is probably happening the low kite power zone (green) medium kite power zone (orange) and high kite power zone (red) to reach higher power zone you need steer your kite faster. You kite will always flying forwards (unless you crash or stall) this means it often leaves the high and medium power zones. you can keep the kite in higher power by continuing to steer the kite. until your board speed is reasonably quick let’s look at some water starts with classic mistakes Here the board is pointing in a crosswind direction This prevents the rider from gaining speed as the board digs in heavily next scenario kite power zones are marked AND you can see how the kite returns to low power and the rider halts NEXT TIME he steers faster and keeps steering to maintain more kite power. he also points his board in the correct direction to gain boards speed (between cross wind and down wind) Hopefully that will help with your kitesurf lessons if you have any questions about kitesurfing post below make sure you receive proper training as power kites can be very dangerous in untrained hands. for certified IKO kitesurfing lessons visit

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  1. Happy to help. When does this usually happen? You should make sure the footstraps are set tothe right size. Your feet should be able to go all the way in easily. Then when you put your board on in the water – wiggle your feet and push them up, while pushing down on the handle.

  2. been through loads, wished I had seen this before trying to launch crosswind today on my first water start. Downwind next and all should be good hah!

  3. Good video. I would have seen this before I start the water start. keeping pressure in the lines helped me lot to water start.Thank you

  4. Thank you. I've been struggling as a beginner and I am pretty sure that you just cleared up my issue (board position – not pointed downwind enough). Well done video. Thanks for the work.

  5. Hey matre. I agree that was a good video! 🙂 Ive been having trouble getting on the board and snooting water lol. The wind direction and boarding position was great. Lets go and try that today.

  6. i was trying this earlier for the first time, no training or little helpers, but i couldn't get my kite up in the air without it pulling me through the water so i just put my wakeskate on my feet before launching off the water and got a solid 10 second ride wooo hope to get my max ride time up to 20 seconds for tomorrow

  7. This is a fantastic breakdown of the steps for a water start clearly identified, they are a tremendous help. Thank you for taking the time to make this video!

  8. Very efficient video for beginners like me
    Sure that it will help me a lot during my next session.
    Keep on publishing guys!!
    Thanks a lot

  9. Really appreciate this and like others have said prob the best explanation on YouTube! I think that this was filmed at Weymouth and I would be interested in lessons from Alex as its my neck of the woods

  10. Hey there! Hope you're not just watching videos, but also want to kitesurf) I'm a certified kitesurf instructor and I give individual and group lessons. In Seattle and in California. And I know zillions of awesome instructors all over the world. If you want to start kitesurfing or want to open new horizons just contact me. Carpe Diem!

  11. Thanks for the tip of pointing the Board Down Wind , It will be very useful for my next lesson tomorrow . Thanks

  12. Hello, I got one question, how do I mantain the Kite in the powerzone? I am just riding like 1 or 2 meters because it gets back to 12 o clock

  13. Very good videos.

    Could you make a video how to get upwind? Also explain the power position of the bar? I mean, to stay upwind, should i let the bar in the middle power? When do i need to pull the bar all the way in?

    Thank you!

  14. Hi Alex, I can't get passed the shore break! The waves keep coming, fairly quickly and with enough force to take me off balance when I try to board drag out to sea to try my water start. A lot of times, this is worsened by the kite flying to one side persistently instead of staying where I park it. When this happens I have to keep pulling the bar to the opposite side constantly just to keep the kite in the neutral position. I have checked the length of my lines, and they are all exactly the same. I would like to try a quick water start/jump start, starting from a standing position instead of sitting in the water. Any tips? Thanks, Claudio R.

  15. "How to water start"? Don't you ALWAYS waterstart in kitesurfing? I mean, you can't climb up your kiteboard first and then pull you kite out of the water, can you? So shouldn't the title just be "How to start"?

  16. Hi Alex, great video! I'm new to kiting and live in a place with light wind. I want to master my kite skills on land and practice when there's not enough wind to be in the water. 10-13 kts here. what size kite would you recommend? Thanks!

  17. Hi video is very helpful , I have been taking lessons and I have reasonable control of the kite , I have been struggling a bit with water starts…
    My one question in places where wind is onshore which way is downwind?

  18. Hello, I find it interesting that you’re emphasizing on pointing the board downwind when initiating the waterstart. This is something that I’ve been consciously trying do but for which I’m unable to keep my body parallel with the board during the sitting position at times unless I keep the kite directly at apex. What I’m doing now is keeping the kite between crosswind and downwind which results in my legs and board sort twisting away from my upperbody. I initially thought that trying to keep the kite between crosswind and downwind would help point the board downwind. Can somebody tell me what I’m missing here? I feel that this is holding me back a bit from truly progressing.

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