Kitesurfing Race in Italy – Red Bull Kite-O 2012

Bora has existed forever. Many years ago it was stronger than now. Today there is Scirocco, now the sea has to go down because there is high-tide. Are you going to do the race tomorrow? Tomorrow there is Bora! Red Bull Kite-O is a kitesurf extreme performance, in an even more extreme situation like the Marano and Grado lagoons. Grado is an isle in the high Adriatic sea, immersed in a landscape, in a special natural contest, that gives scenarios in nature and a fauna that leave you breathless. Among the difficulties that our riders are going to face, there is the mixed course, where above the long rides in the water they are going to face marshy zones or natural obstacles like logs and cane thicket. They absolutely need to orient themselves in this marsh land and this is surely the most difficult part of the race. 40 km is the distance to cover. The path is hindered by some difficulties. It will definitely be a challenge. The conditions of this race, as you can see behind my shoulders, won’t be easy. Temperatures are getting lower, so it will be very cold, the wind will be very cold as well and bora will blow from 30 to 40 knots. The lagoon will definitely be a hard path, I have already been there paddle surfing. The water is really low, fortunately it’s flat but the ground is very hazardous. I think I have the same chance as the others, because this is a race where you have to kite well but you also have to orient yourself, knowing the venue and exactly where you have to pass, so I think that we have the same chances to win. It won’t be easy to orient through the lagoon because I don’t know the venue, I have no idea. I have a compass and I hope it will be useful. The winner of this race will be someone who will be able to orient himself very well, that will go fast and will risk going inside the lagoon and in the open sea. It was all leg work, the board vibrated very much, but the speed was incredible. When we woke up on Sunday morning we didn’t expect to find weather conditions so extreme. The forecast foresaw dark Bora, very strong, but the sea conditions were really adverse. At 100 meters from the half way point one of the valves of my kite opened. It was such a pity. I was really having a great time! The winner was Jacopo, a very young athlete and I think we can expect very much from him. I started badly because I couldn’t realize the path. Then when I started to orient myself… little by little I caught up because I started as almost the last one. At the end we were really happy, we managed to bring home everyone safe and sound but the really big result was seeing the athletes satisfied… of the race in the lagoon, in really tough conditions and see they happy to participate to this epic race!

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