What’s up everyone ? I hope you are doing amazing ! I am so excited ! Today, one of my biggest dreams is coming true ! This video will be in 2 parts because as you can see it’s the evening The first part is gonna be filmed here and the second part… you read the title, it’s gonna happen on the water and it’s here that we’re gonna build the first water scooter ever ! it’s never been done and today my dream is coming true in this garage with someone that you already know if you watched my video from a few weeks ago his name is Steve Rinsoz, he was the drift pilot if you haven’t watched the video, go watch it ! There he is ! Steve Rinsoz ! It’s so awesome ! Here’s Marcus over there !
– “Sup bro ?” so today we’re gonna build a scooter on a wake surf board and I’m gonna try to ride it behind a boat ! I’ve been dreaming about this project for so long and today, this dream is becoming a reality We’re ready ! I’m going to film the whole building process and talk about it a bit because there is a super technical design behind this project have a look by yourself Okay not that complicated… but it’s gonna work, we’ll put this scooter my old district deck on this board Are we ready ?
“Yes we are !” Let’s build this but before building it, I’m counting on you to smash the like button to subscribe if it’s not done yet it’s only with all your support that I can make these kind of projects a reality so if you want to see more projects, write them in the comments and hit the like button now let’s get back into it if we cut there and drill here and here we just gotta be careful that it doesn’t tear the board appart that’s the risk if we cut too short, it might break the board once fixed let’s be careful good bye district deck you were quite useful during all these years or these few months actually I took this deck because it was cracked it wasn’t really ridable anymore so I’m giving it a second life What do you want to do ? “I’m gonna instal the brake aswell so you can slow down in the water” of course let’s do it as it’s our biggest priority right now ! “We could also instal some leds” imagine neons under it like Need For Speed Underground we cut the fork to make whips possible my hopes might be a little high, saying that whips are possible I mean, it’s never been done, I don’t know if it’s gonna work at all I’ve just wakesurfed once in my life before so we’re gonna see what’s possible and what’s not the other weird thing is that I am goofy on a scooter but I am regular on a skate or wakesurf it’s gonna funny to see which position is going to be the best for me we’re gonna have to put a plate of metal on it because it’s super weak if we don’t put this plate, it’s gonna break straight away it’s starting to look like something as you can see, it’s looks a bit sketchy but it’s going to work I thought about a lot of ways to make it work and I think this is pretty much the only way that could work but Steve has more ideas, so if we have time, we’ll make more prototypes but let’s focus on this one first and if it works, why not try some whips ! let’s go crazy because barspins are too easy Rewind ! Scooterflip whip on a wake scooter ! Ok let’s calm down First we need to tape this because if I get this in my toes, they are done if my foot moves forward good bye toes… Just like every work, it needs a signature a little patch on the board should do it you’re doing amazing until now Steve, thank you so much for this amazing work ! I pimped your board I think we are ready to test it ! it’s 10:39 PM so we’re not gonna test it now, but I’m coming back in 2 days to test this board, as Steve has an amazing boat it’s gonna be hard to sleep during these next 2 days try to sleep, you’re gonna need it I believe you I’m so looking forward you got no idea how long I waited for this moment so many people wrote me to tell me that they’d love to see a water scooter and I was like “I know I know, it’s coming ! I’m working on it !” I’ll see you in 2 days, but for you it’s just gonna be a second to test it I can’t wait see you in a bit Hi everyone ! I know that for you it was a second but for me it’s been 2 days it’s the D day you have no idea how excited I am, I bearly slept for 2 days ! Good morning !
“How are you ?” great and you man ? “Great as well”
How did you sleep ? you ready ? it’s here ready to be tested hello Fly ! he sees the microphone Look how cute he is with his little red shoes ! How are you ?
“Great and you ?”
I’m doing amazing you’re the captain today are you ready ? you have no idea how ready I am I didn’t sleep the hardest part will be not to get hurt we’re currently on the boat, ready to test this amazing invention I don’t know what to expect because it’s never been done I’m scared to get the bar in the leg it might happen once or twice especially with the speed, let’s hope it doesn’t break my leg it’s what we can call a worldfirst write me in the comments what name we could give this scooter I’ll keep the best name ! for example the water… …the water scooter ? no that sucks, you’ll find a better name that this one Meanwhile, I’m gonna warm up and do some wakesurf runs That’s the board I’m gonna train with I’m gonna surf once or twice before testing the scooter Is that how you wear it ? there you go ! Super class I’m ready ! Always wear a life vest How do the surfers do to get into the water ? they do it with style right ? Like that ? first the board I dove again… first run was fun, now the next one will go now let’s get serious, I’m gonna instal all the cameras on the board and the boat I wonder if it’s gonna be hard to stand up, especially with a bar on the board we’ll see let me show you what I’m gonna be filming with the insta 360 will go at the back of the board like that we’re gonna be able to see everything, me the boat, etc with a little floater but that would suck to loose it in the lake this go pro will go on my helmet I took some shoes as well to void breaking my toes on the deck if… …if I break my toes on the deck there will be anoter go pro, close to the water so you’ll be able to have a wonderful angle of my first crashes and Steve is going to film with this camera I’m stressing a bit 2 minutes later we randomly ended up here, look ! it’s a boat party ! it’s amazing ! Let’s have a bit of fun before testing this ! let’s party ! What’s up man ? If you’re happy move your nose ! Ok… I’m able to install a whole camera system but I’m unable to close a zipper Oh my god ! I just gotta put my second hand on the bar but it’s hard with my shoulders sideways try to spin the shoulders it’s already good for a first try ! first, find your position and once your stable, grab the bar after I’ll try goofy to see how it feels I’m such a happy dumbass right now ! It’s amazing !!! it’s unbelievable ! so amazing ! Truly amazing ! I didn’t think it would be that easy if you’ve wakesurfed before, you’re going to find this super easy the board is even more stable with the bar because it’s easier to balance your body forward and backward He is so damn good ! he can pump and he managed to do a run first try I can’t believe how cool that is What do you think ? it’s amazing ! it’s funny because it doesn’t feel like wakesurfing That was insane so cool ! I really have the feeling that I’m discovering a new sport doing another sport exactly ! you got the wakesurf feeling but with the bar, you got more control yes you got more control and balance it’s hard to explain, you gotta test it say hi to youtube ! hi youtube ! How would you describe today in one word ? Great tool ! (With a portugese accent) Great tool ! Where did you get that accent from ? there is the greatest tool I’m gonna miss you I’m really gonna miss you You gotta chill man ! we saw each other the whole day ! You know me ! It is time for this video to end I have stars in my eyes Thank you to these people, they made my dream come true it was a very expected project thank you all for making my dream come true I’m convinced one day we can do tricks with it Steve still got more ideas to improve the prototype we’re going to do more episodes and keep you updated I’m beyond happy to have been the first with you guys to surf a wave on a scooter it worked really well ! Stay tuned for more ! Thank you so much for watching this video, I wish you a very nice day don’t forget to smash the like button to subscribe if you haven’t done it already I’ll see you next week for new adventures ! Take care ! Bye bye !


  1. Ce serais pas possible de faire un wavescoot avec ma même principe que le snowscoot pour pouvoir ce diriger

  2. Voici le nom de cette engin water scout et puis sa fait la 5ème fois que je regarde cette vidéo elle est juste génial comme vidéo

  3. Je dénigre un peu mais c’est un wakeboard avec un manche. Le guidon n’etant pas directionnel, apporte t’il réellement quelque chose ?

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