– So, scooter tour today we hope that Yoen will not injure himself DAMN BRO !? – How long have we been driving ? over 5 hours ? … We left the hotel at 5:00am on our way to Turtle Beach It is full of awesome landscapes We hope that we will make it within the next 3 hours – We have made 10Km in 1 hour – I think that this is not so bad (Joke) – Those Indonesian taxi drivers who are dealing drugs while they are on tour with tourists… Is this country’s curse good or not for the local economy ? Our documentary will try to answer … (Joke) – Hey guys ! – How was this first surf session ? – I’m so happy We get some nice waves Tomorrow is even bigger, it looks pretty good ! – I have a new friend ! – Tomorrow morning the tide will be high ? because the tide is low right now – So we just discover an awesome place a beautiful beach with an epic sunset We are about to take some good shoots and show you the result – Ok, second day in Turtle Beach We can see some good waves but we are going to the lagoon with the boys this morning – The house’s Mama cooked us some banana pancakes we already have our coffee Oscar did you sleep well ? – Yes But when you sleep next to Julien, he tightens against you – I had a great night I love to wake up in front of the surf spot – Are you happy this morning ? I really am – Enjoy your meal guys ! Why are you brighting ? – Because I have a lot of mosquito repellent – We are trying to shoot some good waves – So dudes !… It is around 10am We are enjoying the lasts waves and the landscape before we leave We are about to rent motorbikes and go for a tour – So we are all right ! – We hesitate between going back by the beach or try a little road to rejoin the road – So… We are lost – Earlier in the day we get some cool drone shoots on the beach with the motorbikes and we crashed it full speed in a tree so we are trying to repair it and remove all the sand from the seam maybe we could remove a lot of sand and make it fly again – I did not tie my belt – you did not tie your belt on a motor bike ? (Singing)

12 thoughts on “LE MONDE DE JAVA – SURF (VLOG) // INDONESIE”

  1. Vous vous gavez les gars! Le petit Jehro passe crème! Le rap US fait sourire comme dans Django (complètement décalé)! Et les plans avec le drone avec les scoots sont tous simplement magiques! Stylé 😉

  2. Je viens de découvrir la chaîne est franchement c’est grv lourd vous méritez plus de visibilité force 🔥💪🏼

  3. 😂 à chaque fois que j'entends "louer des scoots" j'vous vois en train de louer des enfants "scouts" c'est glauque 😂
    En tout très bonne vidéo, je m'abonne avec plaisir 👌

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