Learn How to Surf : Basic Beginning Surfing Tips

Hey everyone! I”m Howard Lefstein and I’m
with expertvillage.com, and I’m going to teach you all how to surf today. Surfing is a great
magical sport. It started way back in the 1600’s with the Polynesians introducing the
sport to us Americans back in the 1700’s in the island chain of Hawaii. Since then it’s
been brought to America. I’m only 32, so I’ve only been surfing for 20 years. I wish I could
say I’m not old and been able to surf since the 1700’s, but unfortunately. I’m going to
teach you guys a trick or two on how to surf today. Today we’re in beautiful Malibu, California.
This is perfect excellent beach as you can see. There’s no rocks, hazards, or anything
in the way. Just the occasional crowd, but that’s not my fault. This is the best beginning
beach to learn at. This is a great beginning beach to learn at because there is no hazards,
no pro suffers tearing it up, no nothing. No one where you’re going to get in the way,
hurt someone. If you hurt someone, you might have to pay for the board, medical bills amongst
other things. The best bet to do is ask someone where the best beginners surfing beach is
and go there. Remember, stick to the beginners beach until you know a trick or two.

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