Learn How to Surf : Watch a Surfing Demonstration by an Expert

Here we are back at beautiful county line
in Malibu. We’re going to go out there and catch a couple long board waves before the
high tide comes up. As you can see, we have 2-3 foot condition, slight crowd on the beach;
nothing to worry about. Yeah, water is a little chilly this morning because of the poor cloud
cover we’re having and lack of sunshine. It’s just another typical L.A. day, so enjoy the
surfing. Thanks for tuning in to expertvillage.com. As you can see I got my leash around my leg
around my knee. I’m not starting to walk out towards the beach. The surf is kind of taking
a turn for the worst, the tide is high. Surf has kind of taken a turn for the worst. The
tide is high. Surf is now maybe 1-3 feet semi inconsistent. That means the surf is dying.
I’m going to try catch a couple of waves. Here I am, I’m on my knees paddling and there’s
a wave on the horizon so I will drop off my knees and get on my stomach and paddle. Then
I would turtle dive by holding all sides of the boards turning over and letting the wave
paddle over me. I do that and I turn over and I flip back up onto my stomach and paddle
back out to the outside. I caught a wave off the horizon. I see which direction it’s going
to head and then I decide then I’m going to go for a lap. As I’m paddling, I’m watching,
watching, paddling harder. I can feel the momentum of the wave pushing me, so as that
happens; I know to stand on my feet. As you can see, I’m on my feet and riding. You can
see the wave is very tiny. It didn’t take me anywhere, so there’s nothing I can do but
fall off and catch the next wave.

23 thoughts on “Learn How to Surf : Watch a Surfing Demonstration by an Expert”

  1. The waves are small, what do you expect? You can't really surf small waves. He is an expert, look his name up and see him surfing big waves.

  2. are you kidding me your an idiot if you think that if a big wave hits you, then say bye to your board

  3. Not wearing a leash is ok during a competition, the leash wont get in your way and when you fall your board wont hit nobody anyway, but the really good guys always wear a leash when sharing the waves with others

  4. @rjkahlon Actually noooo wearing a leash isn't always needed and some people prefer how the board handles without one.

    If you've never tried surfing without one, you'll never understand why. And yes, it is easy to lose the board, but think of this.. Surfing came out way before leashes did, and those people surfed some pretty heavy spots that are still around today. Pipe is one of those that I'm certain even a history ignorant person like you should know about.

  5. @rjkahlon How is it putting the safety of others at risk? I hardly fall off board and in big waves there is almost no point of a leash from threat of board dragging you along under water for a few min etc.

    I'm sorry, but in a crowded spot, people like you cause more trouble than those not wearing a leash. People wearing usually just jump off their boards without regard to where their board flies after, whilst those without a leash either catch the board or just ride off the wave smoothly.

  6. @rjkahlon Also the fact remains, the leash is put there to help you get control of the board if you FALL and not have to swim back, that was the primary reason.

    Except now, idiots like you who proclaim it's safety are unaware the fact it can also cause problems, and even though it has benefits, it also had disadvantages. Look I also wear leashes sometimes as well, wont lie about that. But it has nothing to do with others safety, I can control my board, unlike most people using a leash.

  7. @rjkahlon "But the rule require you to wear a leash. "

    What rules? Honestly… I know all the etiquettes etc considering the line-up rules and where everyone on the beach should stand.

    Or do you think your one of those guys who tries to make up rules because they can't do things.. boo hoo..

    Come down to Dungeons here in CT… Catch the crowd here and try say to us what your saying fool

  8. @rjkahlon We're not required to here, and hell we even jump over fences into navy base in order to get some reefs, illegal sure, but is a great reef so quite a few of us do it.

    We abide by surfing rules that were made by surfers, not by the government who don't even surf or know anything about the sport.

    Sorry I've come off as an ass but that's just how I am. Sounds like two different worlds your surf spots and mine and I wish you could experience how nice it is here without the idiots there.

  9. @ARMYSTRENGTHxbl hmm sounds interesting, what beaches exactly, though i also ive heard that Rincon, Puerto Rico has some pretty damn good and consistent waves

  10. this video is useful – only cause the real experienced surfers
    will counterattack the things Mr expert said :p

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