Learn Spanish from Barcelona – Language Surfing testimony

I am in Barcelona because I decided to
pick up and move here for my life learn a new language
discover new culture I was here for three days in 2012 and was like this is
it I have to be here and in language surfing you’ll have some time in the
classroom but then you go out walk around the neighborhoods and you have to
listen a lot harder and speak a lot more than if you were safely nestled in a
classroom and not only are you listening to your instructor and not only are you
trying to speak with your instructor you have all the extra sounds of the streets
and of the people walking around you and you have to talk to people around you
just even everyday life comes at you in two languages and you have to navigate
that and I think it’s crucial actually I love everyone who is in charge of this
school who’s involved with this school the women who are running the school are
badass and they’re working really hard and they really care about if you
succeed or not and I think that that is the most important part about this
school it’s not that you learn language because that happens but it’s because
you want to talk about like this was my day to day and suryya and I will talk
about anything from like what I’m working on – boys – what I did yesterday
and it’s all in Spanish and I’m not even thinking about it’s such a community and
I think that that makes it a cut above so many other schools here

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