Learn To Snowboard & Get In Your Flow Zone Like Basketball & Baseball

This snowboard video will help you get more dynamic in your snowboarding What that means is I want to move a little bit more the whole time I’m riding. I have some drills where I talk about rhythm. Adding to dynamic riding by turning with rhythm I want to build on that. The whole time I’m riding I’ll have a bit of a beat. Moving a bit having my knees, hips and ankles soft That way when I’m out on the snow I can absorb any little variable that comes at you. Sometimes when you’re in a powder field there is a ice chunk or a rock or something else. Something that throws you off balance. If you’re able to absorb that If you can bounce and be nice and soft in your body you’re able to absorb. We’re going to go out and just move. A good thing to do is to get some type of music I really love riding to music I love doing a lot of things to music. It helps you just flow. That’s what Flowing Freeride is about is rhythm and being in that state of flow I know a lot of people talk about this in psychology Time slows down, where athletes talk about being in the zone. That guy’s on fire Basketball for example. These basketball players when they’re in the zone it’s like Stef Curry he shoots a 3 from almost half court because he’s on fire it just goes in. Swish nothing but net That’s what I’m talking about. When we’re out here snowboarding I want you to feel that flow and feel that rhythm. I want you brain to almost turn off You’ve done it so much that you’re in that zone in that state of flow. We’re going out and bouncing to a rhythm. We’re going to get our either speaker or head phone. We’re going to put that into our ear. Not both or a speaker Some people don’t like doing that. I prefer ear buds Riding to the beat the whole time that’s the drill. Ride to that rhythm and try to get into that state of flow. It’s just reaction You can do anything. You’re really in rhythm If you’re practicing at that state you get to be where a lot of these professional athletes are. Doing things so many times they’re in the zone. Baseball athletes are getting a baseball thrown to them at 100 mph and they’re able to hit that. It’s amazing! I’m talking about time kind of slowing down because they’re in that state of flow. This drill we’re going out listening to music as we’re riding bouncing to that beat and rhythm. So we’re in flow. Look at other videos on rhythm by clicking in the right corner When you’re out riding with music Make you sure you have one ear available. Take out one of your ear buds so you don’t have both in and can hear what’s going on around you. You don’t want to be deaf to the environment around here. There are going to be people that come up on you, 2 inches away from you. I don’t know why they do it but you want to be aware of that. When you are out riding with music take one out. To hear with one ear what’s going on around you. See you out on the slopes! You can signup for the full course to gain access to all of our snowboard lessons, study guides, textbooks, glossary, tests and direct feedback from your coach. Learn to snowboard online with
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