Learn To Snowboard Safe Backcountry Terrain

30º slopes that’s a slope that’s less likely to slide in the backcountry, so a lot of times when you go out in the backcountry The Avalanche reports are saying to stay on slopes 30 degrees or less. Now a slope that’s 30 degrees or less doesn’t mean it’s not going to slide, but it’s a lot less likely to slide so if you are in the backcountry do take a look at the slopes and if you can calculate what the angle of the slope is then you know that that’s less likely to actually slide. I’m not going to be out there measuring everything I can just eye it and If I’ve been out in the backcountry I I know what what the degree of slopes are or if I haven’t maybe I’m out there with a guide That’s a good idea is to go out with someone that’s experience. So they know what degree of Slope these these hills are so that you’re not out there putting yourself in danger. This is just one of the many tutorials that we have sign up for the full course at flowingfreeride.com

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