LEGO Creator Sunshine Surfer Van 3-in-1 review 🏖️ 31079

hello this is the Lego creator sunshine
surfer van it’s another three in one set meaning there are three possible
official builds for which they include instructions in the set you can only
build one at a time and I’m going to show you all three in this one video I’m
going to start with this kind of beach buggy here which is clearly inspired by
a VW Beetle but to me it looks like someone tried to reimagine la vida the
classic VW Beetle in 1990 as a concept car of a a grand sport tourer for the
adventurous crowd mm-hmm what do you think anything I don’t or you just see
it as as a VW Beetle you know a little bit lengthened chassis whatever you want
to see it as I think it’s a pretty cool looking thing at first I saw a lot of
colors when I just initially looked at this I was like wait a minute what’s
going on in and I looked at it for a little bit longer and my my eyes and my
mind kind of came to rest at peace I’m at peace with this I think I think I
like it I think I like it quite a bit as an alternate model especially who liked
what they did with the the windshield there to get it to angle back just a
little bit more than it normally naturally does also the headlights are
done pretty nicely with the relatively recent pieces there hey you’ve got two
figures sitting side by side comfortably that’s good a little bit of a roll bar
on the back here who got a clip for a surfboard back there it’s obviously
still a rear or potentially in this reimagining a mid-engined car just to
have possibility I know the VW Beetle was a rear-engine car I’m just saying
this could represent a mid-engine car if you want it to kind of looks like it
does but yeah just a nice little build and especially a spacious cockpit space
there I appreciate the inclusion of two dials
there in the center console again something that just kind of says 90s to
me in 90s concept car but yeah just a generous area here for your folks you
might even be able to figure out a way to get a third figure to sit
in that center section this is a nice little scene to get from the parts of a
vehicle yeah gives you a pretty generous lifeguard tower one of the larger ones I
think that Lego has made in recent memory complete with a balcony there and
kind of a stair plank to get up to it which seems completely appropriate a
very Beach like thing I’ll show you the quad ATV in just a second and then they
actually give you some beach surface and some water for the shore a little lounge
area out here you got a spot to put a surfboard up they do transition from tan
to yellow to represent the sand just cuz there wasn’t enough you know just tan
plate and you know tile material from which to work in this set it doesn’t
look that awkward to me for some reason I guess when I look at it just from here
and I realize that hey that’s supposed to be sand it’s supposed to be tan and
it bugs me but from here it doesn’t the transition is is subtle enough to me and
also putting the chair right there near the interface between the two colors I
think really helps to soften that up of course the the color tan was originally
called by LEGO brick yellow so yes there’s there’s some connection there
and yeah just finishing up the the lifeguard tower you could actually put
somebody up on top it’s got the flag up there yeah this is just it’s just set up
pretty nicely I like what I see here obviously that windscreen piece is
upside down there you can see how they actually connected it that’s a new way
to pull that off using the relatively recent 1 by 2 panel pieces there to hold
some of the studs and then also using the modified tiles with the bar the
hollow bar with the mini peg hole on it so you can put a figure back here as
well you could use this as a fire extinguisher or something like that and
they’ve got the the monitor inside of there it could represent a TV or it
could be something a little bit more serious hooked up to a computer giving
you some some weather updates or whatnot and then this little thing the wheels
are on it correctly every time I put wheels on this way as indicated
there’s always a lot of people who say they’re on backwards but no this is how
they’re intended to go they can go either way but this is a Lego suggested
that you put them on for this particular build I mean this thing is is
weird-looking but there’s a certain amount of realism with the wheels and
tires with the modern-day you know general move towards lower profile tires
on quads and larger wheels but it still looks kind of funky to me but I don’t
mind it I know most kids won’t mind it put a figure on there you could also put
a figure on the back as well to represent hey a rescue actually going on
and it’s fun to just drive around especially with tires that are that
large you know the the larger the tires are on a toy the easier it is to to
drive over rough terrain it just makes it simpler and it just feels less like
you’re forcing it to do something that it doesn’t want to do so yeah that’s
that’s all good now let’s take a look at the main build for the whole set here we
go now this does use all of the official pieces in the set giving us an eight
stud wide Volkswagen inspired camper van with a lot of stuff inside of it and
even a lot of stuff on the outside before I start tearing things apart just
want to let you see what the whole thing looks like all around it does have some
interesting uses of pieces I mean they very clearly suggested the VW logo on
the front there with the half rounded tile piece relatively smooth on the side
here lots of stuff to be taken off from the roof rack and around the back they
have access to get up to the roof which is pretty important to you know be able
to get up the ladder even that that umbrella back there that is a new print
I believe for 2018 I personally don’t remember seeing it be before there are a
number of things that you can do to get into this first of all obviously there
is a removable roof that’s kind of a just a minimum you know
that has to be done if I use the large tan plate that was used as the base of
the the car build and then from here go ahead and start taking some of this
stuff off a lot of stuff can be folded so got a grill there that can be folded
up obviously you’ve got the surfboard got a couple of chairs that can be
opened there folding chairs that actually fold in lego scale this one has
a little table off to the side so you put a drink on it
here’s a something that can be used as an actual table if you want or you could
you actually just take this apart and use this as a platter and a wine glass
or just a glass in general and then this can come off but this can come off and
then you do this nice that’s that’s smart that’s just smart design there and
then from this side I mean obviously both sides have the small door that can
be opened it doesn’t really do that much but you can’t open it but then you have
all this that can be opened up and then this can also come down you can use that
as a folding table which still works when everything is closed let me show
you that so the table just goes across part of the floor space there but you
can still put a figure inside of this who’s standing on the floor in this area
and when you open this up it just gives you even more room to get access in
there you’ve got kind of a kitchenette over here which is nicely appointed
you’ve got a full sink and combination I mean you can see this as an oven and
stove or you see that as a small refrigerator down below you got your TV
up here so you can be watching TV actually was supposed to be up just set
that there and it’s very easy to pop it up and they suggest putting it out here
this is a new piece for 2018 the new design for a flower that has
bar sized and where it actually sticks into things but that’s just a nice
design for how to make something stick less than a single stud but it’s still
very secure but just just a nice interior space plus you also fold this
up there’s some storage space beneath there if you want to use that this is
just this is just really good for its size got a small lamp up there it’s
really good for its size I mean it is big and say it’s done wide but still I
feel like it’s that’s a good efficient use of this space and then for the
driving compartment of course you can get two people in there I mean it’s
eight studs wide you have to be able to get two people in there no sweat
and there’s your your manual transmission shift lever just a little
bit of detail for a console not too much but it all it all works out it works out
nicely finally here are your two figures up close nothing really too special to
look at the color for the legs for the women on the right is medium blue and
you get one alternate face hurt as well not the next row for this guy useful
faces generic enough to fit into all kinds of different scenes they don’t
have to be in a summary scene they don’t have to be particularly on the coast I
like him that’s it for the sunshine surfer van set I have to admit the price
to me at least in the US does feel a little bit high for the size of the van
itself just just looking at it in front of me I’m just putting the the roof back
on it fine but just you know for what I’m looking at in front of me here
relative to the size of a figure and everything it just doesn’t seem like a
lot however that said my frame of reference is generally from the
perspective of things that are not anywhere near this well detailed on the
inside so that definitely skews things and the pressed part ratio really bears
that half the price part ratio at least in the US is
actually very good you know definitely can’t complain doesn’t have too many 1×1
tiny pieces but there are quite a number of them but most of them are used to
good effect you know they’re they’re actually doing something they’re they’re
necessary they’re there to add more detail they’re there to enable
interesting building techniques they’re there to enable detail to exists without
taking up too much space so a lot of compromises were certainly made in
designing this but I think that all three builds are good obviously the main
one it’s going to be be the best but this is definitely a case where I don’t
feel like any one of the suggested official builds is kind of a throwaway
thing or just kind of tossed together from a handful of the pieces each of
these feels well thought-out I mean even that that the lifeguard tower they’re
like say a sister probably one of the better ones that Lego has ever done and
just to have that as a as a side bill this is nice this is really cool this
makes me think a lot it’s very different in how its built from I would have
expected but it’s it’s interesting to look at I appreciate the fact that it’s
it’s not just trying to be a be tool you know it goes a little bit beyond and
brings in something new anyway hopefully I have done my job here and showing you
everything you wanted to see about this set now it’s time for me to move on to
another job doing another video so thank you for watching and I’ll catch you
later you

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  1. I am aware that in Germany Volkswagen is pronounced almost like "folks-vaw-ghen" (an approximation and others may prefer substituting one or another letter and that is fine and immaterial). I am not German and did not grow up steeped in German culture. I pronounce Volkswagen the way nearly everyone in my country pronounces Volkswagen, including my country's official Volkswagen corporate division, Volkswagen USA (see the official Volkswagen USA company YouTube channel for countless examples of the pronunciation I use). I salute anyone who pronounces it any other way, including any version of proper German pronunciation that does not match the exact spelling I used in my phonetic example. It is all wonderful and good. The world is a big place. I hope viewers can look past this and see the content of the video and the LEGO toy regardless.

  2. The van is probably my favorite non-exclusive set of 2018 so far. I really love the look of it. However I'm hugely disappointed that it has a $5 tax, should really be $30. It doesn't seem like too long ago when Creator sets had a minifigure yet you still got 500+ pieces in a $40 set.

  3. This is a fatastic 3-in-1! It more than makes up for the atrocious 31075 Outback Adventures set JANG reviewed: ""

  4. Wow, I think this just might be the best Lego Creator set for all of 2018. All the builds are amazing. And the Price per Part ratio is great too. Plus I've always loved the Volkswagen Beetle and Micro Bus.😊

  5. This is a really nice-looking set. It looks to have been made in the spirit of the Lego Creator Vacation Getaways set, just with a different theme and less parts. I'm relieved that Lego isn't making all their Creator sets modular. As much as I love my Family Villa set, it is a bit of a pain to move from place to place. I will definitely be buying this as soon as it's more widely available.

  6. Nice review Jang. You are very talented when it comes to reviewing just about anything. I value your down-to-earth opinion. We really miss you in the RC world. Are you ever going to go back to RC’s. Thank you for awesome videos.

  7. For the first ever a six stud wide build two figures can sit side by side WOW LEGO! For three in one, a lot exterior and interior, the first time I ever saw that [ I think so ] and once again WOW LEGO! I'm also making my own pick-up truck [ dually ] [it's mostly eight studs wide ]!

  8. 8:26 They could’ve mounted the faucet using by using a 1×1 brick with a jumper and placing the handle on there rather then using a 1×1 and just placing the handle on the stove.

  9. This one reminds me a lot of the Vacation Getaways camper. This one seems pretty cool, and I'd probably get it if I didn't already have the VG camper.

  10. For some reason that VW concept one reminds me of a VW Thing (Thing being the name of one type of VW) That I've seen converted into a dune buggy.

  11. I really feel that this set is a fantastic example of all three different three in one builds! They all have their own unique features, look, and design. And I think every individual piece was executed in each build very well!

  12. I am a 66 year-old grand-father who just discovered Lego 6 months ago when I got fed-up clearing up after the grandsons leaving their creations all around the house. Since then I have made 9 Modulars and about 20 vehicles and I came across the "remains" for this Surfer Van – no instructions, no details, but I came across an advert for a Chinese knock-off in an awful Pink/Blue – so I bought it for the plans – the quality all around was really awful, really poor clutching – I was just about to bin when I saw this video – now I know what it was supposed to be, I may have another go at putting it together!

  13. Thanks Jang. Although this would go nicely alongside the beach hut and lighthouse I have, I'm not sure I can justify the purchase considering my wife has the actual Volkswagon combi still to build… The beach watch build is okay but I never like buildings that don't have back walls. I kind of wish I didn't build the creator seaplane and instead chose the 'hut made out of seaplane' option. That would have also gone nicely.

  14. Lego should really start developing a new car door. It's been a while, also, real windshields. 1-stud wide bottom, please. The wraparound windshield was 60 years ago …

  15. I bought this thinking I would build and leave the van, but I never got that far. I liked the Life Guard stand so much I plopped it down on my beach.

  16. I love what LEGO has been doing lately with all the camping style vehicles with interior such as the city campers, camper vans, creator RV and the cruise boat, I've always loved those kinds of sets! But I wish the colors on this set were different, white and green would've been perfect. Other than that it's great.

  17. It could be a great set to mod for zombie apocalypse. You can live in it, it has a spot for a turret on top and there's space under the bed for guns!

  18. nice set, however I personally don't like the second build, because of the inclusion of bringing brick-built water into the scene, as well as the vehicle. Would consider buying it though.

  19. My grandma is ordering me this for Christmas, it looks cool.

    Edit: Okay, My grandma was going to give this to me for Christmas, but it came yesterday, and my birthday is on monday, so my grandma gave it to me today as an early birthday gift.

  20. 7:57 Small tip:If you want the side to open with the roof on,just replace that 1 by 4 with 2 studs with the flat 1 by 4 opposite of it

  21. The van is far too large, six studs wide is more than enough for any civilian vehicles, especially an old camper van. Plus the style is rather similar to the parody car in GTA, the "BF Surfer" which is an imitation VW splitty bus.

  22. this set was calling my name! i was living van life out here i SoCal for about 8 months so it was a must get. but i want to get a second set and build the guard tower and ATV 😀

    i even found a beautiful (floor/bath) tile that has a very colorful sunset and palm trees painted on it, which i have arranged as a little back drop for my beach scene lol

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