Let’s build up our bodies for surfing! [Battle Trip / 2017.06.23]

– Let’s go. / – Go. I don’t think I’ve been to that side of Bali. How long is the flight? – It was amazing. / – It’s 7 hours. – That’s about right. / – 6.5 hours? – It takes 6.5 to 7 hours. / – Bali. We have finally landed. Yeah! Hey… – Is it night time here? / – It is. I landed in the afternoon last time. So we were able to take the good flight. – Night flights are better? / – Yes. The last flight is the best. – Our trip starts tomorrow. / – You know that? – We can rest tonight? / – Exactly. – Let’s go to our hotel first. / – You landed at night. You can start early the next day. But they have to pay for the extra night at the hotel. – We are here. / – Thank you. Here’s our room. I haven’t seen this for a while. They look like they are on a honeymoon. What is all this? I’ve been to Bali before. They always… – Make the towels into swans. / – They always do. I guess it always comes with the room. When you see the rose petals with your guy friends… – Are we newlyweds? / – It feels weird. It does. It does feel weird. (Breathing heavily) – You guys like working out. / – We are exercising. – We will take… / – Off our shirts. – What are they doing? / – Why do that before bed? – Because you’ll take your tops off tomorrow? / – Yes. That wasn’t the end of it. We went to the gym again after that. (Their first night in Bali passes by) Today is the first day! Let’s do our best. (Are they going to show their muscular abs?) (They gained 2 abs shirts) This is the result. My body looks similar to this. This is the first day I prepared. (Water Blow, surfing, traditional Indonesian food) These are the places I wanted to go and I had to go. I am going to go to the places I must visit. – How did you get around in Bali? / – To get around… We rented a car and hired the driver. Including the fee for the driver, it cost $40. – Including the fee for the driver? / – Yes. – It was $40 per day. / – Per day? It’s a bit dangerous to drive in Bali. It’s better to hire a driver. – Did you prepare something? / – Yes. There is this thing called Water Blow. The water… That’s right. This is really famous. Do you know Water Blow? Water Blow? (The driver says something else) Water Blow… Do you know what Water Blow is? Yes, I know what it is. Let’s go there. – I was so relieved he was with me. / – Let’s go. – He didn’t get it when I said it. / – Let’s go to the sea. I asked him if he knew what Water Blow is. (He tries to copy what Tim said) I sounded silly. (27 minutes from their resort to Water Blow) This is Bali. Take a look. I wonder how it feels to live there. We only visit once in a while… But to actually live there… – That’s right. / – Isn’t it pretty? There is a clear view of the sea, Tim and me. I can hold your hand and take this kind of photo. Taking that photo used to be a fad. – Why? / – Please don’t do that. This is the place. – Water Blow. / – That’s right. – Does it mean water will burst? / – That’s right. We went to the sea first. You can feel the vibe, right? (So far, the sea still looks serene) What was that? What was that? – What was that? / – What is the Water Blow? – What was that? / – Water… It’s not artificial or man-made. Take a look at the color of the water. – The color is amazing. / – Yes, the color. – Admission is free. / – That’s right. They did work on the rocks a bit to make the waves strike more. The rocks weren’t eroded naturally. They cut into the rocks a bit to help them form waves better. – It looks frothy like cream. / – Yes. – It’s like the foam that tops beer. / – You’re right. You know this attraction is called the Water Blow. Then shouldn’t it be like… It should shoot up. Did the water levels decline by any chance? – That’s huge. / – You have to plan the time right. It’s easier to see bigger waves in the morning. I want to go there to take pictures right in front of the waves. I guess you have to be lucky for a good sighting. However, this is not the end for us. I shall escort you to a more impressive place. – Let’s go. / – Are we off? We did wait a while but it remained reserved. It gets weaker as the day goes by. That’s right. Since we’re in Bali now, we have to learn something. The theme require us to learn something. So… Bali equates to surfing. – It’s finally coming out. / – Surfing. (July 2016, surfing in Gangwon-do) Was that An Yeongmi? Was that An Yeongmi? – That was Hwijae. / – Why… Why is the water color so different? Gosh. She’s a local. – Women surf so well too? / – Who’s that? Gosh, I thought that was Hyun Woo. Gosh, that’s a bit unfortunate. Others learn by throwing themselves into large waves. But here, you can learn slowly at your own pace. – I want to try. / – That’s a pool. – It was so fun. / – Bali is the place to learn. – First you learn there. / – I see. The pool is first. You get a grasp at the pool first and then head out. But honestly, I’m a little scared to surf. Will I be able to learn? You’ve learned how to surf formally, right? I’ve been to various beaches and learned how to stay standing on the board. If you can stand, doesn’t that mean you’re good? Let me tell you about my phobia. I went to Hawaii, and I kid you not, I saw a gigantic shark. Not too long ago, there was a headline. A shark attacked a person at a surfing competition. Because of such incidents… I’m kind of wary of what might be lurking beneath me. I’m scared. (There is something scarier than a shark) (That is…) Get up. – What? / – He said, “Get up.” – He’s very informal. / – I know. – Hold on. / – The surfing instructor… – Is a local, right? / – Yes, he is. – But he knows, “Get up?” / – He speaks Korean well. – Stand up. / – He’s not bad at Korean. – Stand up. / – Stand up. Stand up. He injects some Korean here and there. (Wobbling) I think I might hear his voice in a nightmare. That seems very difficult. Do it again. A lot of Koreans must learn there. – He’s livid. / – To do Eskimo roll, you have to… Using this one hand for the… I learned directly at the beach and it was scary. – This was much better. / – Learning at the pool… Seems a lot safer and secure. This is called the Eskimo roll. As you exit a wave, you can get washed out. It’s one way to evade a wave. It’s very difficult. It’s very hard. Did you not learn, Hwijae? I never learned. – It’s very difficult. / – You just flip up like that? Yes. – Show them what you got. / – Is this possible? You might end up drinking a lot of water. (Starts off with paddling) (At the right timing, do an Eskimo roll) Then the wave just washes over the board. The Eskimo roll is meant for the longboard. The duck dive is meant for shortboards. You can just ride under the wave. Gosh. Drinking water seems unavoidable. It’s a necessary technique to evade larger waves. That’s right. Gosh. That’s great footage. – Stuck. / – Tim, are you okay? You’re good as dead. It was extremely hard. It cannot be performed with strength alone. Don’t I seem like a sea otter? I think we should hand him a clam. I’ll end up drinking water. Gosh. – Tim’s first time, right? / – You’d be drained… Before hitting the ocean. – It was my very first time. / – That must’ve been tiring. But that first step is extremely important, right? – That’s right. / – The sea can be dangerous. – Let’s try again, Tim. / – Yeah. – Let’s do this. / – Let’s go. Hurry up. (Kuta Beach for beginners) (Balangan Beach for more experienced) We’re here. This is Kuta Beach. Most tourists head to Kuta Beach, right? The pool is right nearby Kuta Beach. – She’s very good. / – That’s impressive. – She’s so good. / – It looks like a game. He’s extremely talented. The waves here are great because of favorable tides. First, you practice learning how to stand here. – Because they live there. / – Look at all those surfers. It’s practice. It’s a lot of fun. Everyone just relaxes at the beach. You can watch people as they surf. You can go out to surf yourself, eat and rest. Well, you both look like very experienced surfers. They actually look like locals. That’s a great view. – This is perfect. / – This is what… We imagine when we think of Bali, the beach. – Surfing. / – Surfing. And also… Girls. Hurry up! – Hurry up. / – We’ll be there right away. Hurry up. (Making haste) – You’re not riding that. / – This isn’t it? It’s not. It’s not that one. So, beginners start with longboards. – Are shorter boards harder? / – Yes. It’s harder to stand on the shortboards. Longboards have more buoyancy so it’s easier. (Hurry to Bali Tour) (They enter the waters of Kuta Beach) But do you think I’ll be able to do this? You practiced earlier. That’s all there is to it. You just need the stamina and yours is great. Let’s just give it our all and try. – Sounds good. / – This is so picturesque. Gosh, the waves are too big. (Welcome, is it your first time facing Bali waves?) It’s exhausting after the first run. I wanted to give up. That wave is so high. (A move to evade waves and head out to the ocean) (When a big wave approaches) (You evade it like this) Hurry. Gosh. (When a big wave approaches) (You evade it like this) They did it. (Holding his breath) – He’s struggling. / – Oh, no. He got it. Are you sure we’re not too far out? We’re far out. Tim, your time is coming. – That’s not good. / – It’s here. You have to paddle far out to evade the continuous waves. You wait out there and when a wave approaches, you catch it and get on top. – Stand up. / – Stand up. Try again. – Okay. That’s good. / – Who is that? – Get up, Tim. / – That’s Tim. Stand up, Tim. Gosh. – He’s standing longer than Hwijae. / – He’s going to fall. If there are people, you have to evade them. I like this. I love feeling isolated in the sea, alone. (Hyun Woo seems to be busily looking about) There are too many attractive people everywhere. Just staying like that must be entertaining. That’s right. It’s a lot of fun. Right? (That’s enough appreciation, it’s time to get surfing) – The instructor pushes you. / – The wave is here. – Oh, no. / – Oh, no. He gives a nudge in the beginning. Yes, at first. It’s not that I was bad. To see the wave behind you, I heard it takes a year to get a feel for it. – Looking back? / – Yes. I was drained from paddling so I couldn’t stand up. – He did it. / – Who is that? – Oh, no. / – That’s dangerous. – Oh, no. / – He crashed into someone. Only one surfer can ride a wave at a time. It’s an etiquette to observe and hop off. If you go faster, you can cause injury. – Why is he taking off his shirt? / – Who is that? – I’m not sure. / – But he’s not even skilled. He’s trying to tan. I saw some of the skilled surfers surf without wearing the top so I copied them. (Taking off) He started to surf better after he took his shirt off. The wave is pushing me forward. – Don’t I look great? / – You look great. Hold your thumb. – You’re better without a shirt. / – Right. (Hyun Woo is waiting for a wave) – Go! Yes! / – Who is that? Hwijae, you should try it again. – Hwijae, go to Bali. / – Hwijae, what did you do? He can change directions as well. That’s Hyun Woo. You can avoid people if you get used to it. They’re checking you out. (He’s good) (A wave is coming for Tim) It’s coming. It looks fun. It must be so much fun… – To ride a wave. / – That’s amazing. It’s so different from Jeju-do. (March, 2017, at Jungmun Beach in Jeju-do) (It was different from Bali in many ways) – Hwijae, you should go to Bali. / – You should. (The waves and the wind are the gifts from Bali) (Tim and another surfer rode to the shore) I thought she was your friend. – Is she a stranger? / – Yes, she is. – That’s a western style. / – I see. Since we rode the wave together.

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  1. I've been living in Bali for almost all of my life and i never go surfing in Kuta or even go to that water blow. Sad lifeuuu.

  2. it's hard to hold back my laugh, the trainer sounds so funny everytime he is ordering / nagging to Tim and HyunWoo wkwkwk

    I watched korean drama and listen to kpop almost everyday but sadly my Korean isn't as good as him huhu

  3. peak season such as new years and ramadhan going to bali.. especially kuta beach is almost like suicide.. theres tons of people and trash .. used to live there.. after the new years party.. the beach and the sea is full of trash from those people who dont know garbage can exists

  4. Surfing is fun but surprisingly tiring !! I remember the first time I went surfing after carrying the board along the beach and then paddling out I was so tired ! Almost no energy left to actually stand up and ride the wave !

  5. kayanya orng bali skrng bahasa wajibnya bukan hnya indonesia tp inggris juga hahaha bagian indonesia berasa luar negeri ya bali

  6. The MC criticizing the trainer's Korean words.. The other side, Indonesian viewers listen to "Anda tahu Water Blow.. Ayo Ayo!" will be like the same as well. The point is, it's ok to make a little mistake when you talk in language that is not your mother tongue. Don't criticized people, MC nim..

  7. Indonesia itu surganya dunia broo , liat aja wonderful Indonesia pasti dijamin anda menangis liat indahnya Indonesia 😘😘😘😘

  8. There is more than 13000 island in Indonesia, Raja Apat, Bunaken, Lombok, that place will be good too for surfing.

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