Hi, Everybody Welcome back to my YouTube channel today I’m going to show you how to fake a sickie to get the day off school I would never do this myself and I bet you wouldn’t either This is just for the naughty kids unlike you and me, who never do this. So let’s begin Slap your Cheeks to give you a red appearance When you set the table appear disorientation and clumsy, this will make you look sick Your parents are far more likely to believe a stick if you sacrifice eating your favorite dinner during dinner Suddenly runs the bathroom door watching your hive a show with your [other] [online] I I think this is the end I just continue. I love you Yes, am I [doing] that Daiki, please hurry up hold up. That’s too fake you can’t give yourself away I’m fine and brown just a defeated. Oh man It is important to stash a small amount of food in your veggies in case you are hungry due to not eating dinner whole Set your alarm for a to. I my [heart] once away makes hot items with the purpose to wake up your parents the best morning combined purple eye makeup with water and you up underneath eyes to give the appearance of death next mix one part Vaseline with one part pink lipstick placed an ad aligning of one eye to give an effective [peak] eye appearance Twist nose to make it red stick a tissue up one nostril refrain from brushing your hair Be sure not [haze] like this Once you pass the sidekick home remember to protest their decision [I]? Think you are just too sick to go to school today. You know I’ll be [worn] was going to me Well, that’s [rap] if you liked this video make sure the [perform] gorgeous for Confetti Trouble Remember to put big thumbs up and if you really really liked it can you please subscribe to my channel? I’m really watching [the] GG thing now on [E5] see ya Hi, everybody

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