Life Jackets Worn…Nobody Mourns Campaign Resources

– [Narrator] Thousands of people mourn the loss of a loved
one to drowning every year. In lakes and river,
most that drown are men, who would have survived if
they had worn a life jacket. The Life Jackets Worn
Nobody Mourns campaign was created to help reduce fatalities on our nation’s waterways. A variety of resources are
available for you to use in helping save lives. Have some fun playing these mobile games that are available for free. Challenge your friends to beat your score. (upbeat music) You can also follow Please
Wear It on social media for direct access to great
information and giveaways. Videos are an effective way to share water safety
messages with others. Share the videos from the Please
Wear It social media pages and download them at Check out the other
great campaign materials available for you to use. (upbeat music) Life jackets save lives,
so help spread the word and thank you for always
wearing your life jacket.

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