Lifeguarding with Casey Neistat and Kevin Hart

( music playing ) Yeah!
What up, world? Kevin Hart here shooting
my show, “What the Fit.” And what is “What the Fit”?
I’ll tell you “What the Fit” is. “What the Fit” is the show
where I include myself
and my celebrity friends, and we do a bunch
of physical fit activities that they have no idea
that we gonna do. And today, today, I got my guy
Casey Niestat with me. – Casey, say hey.
– Hey. There you go.
Me and Casey, we’re gonna learn
how to be lifeguards today. We’ve both got
lifeguard history.
Granted, I got fired ’cause I let a kid drown.
That’s a long story.
He didn’t die. He did not die!
He was– it was–
it was like near death. The water p– like, you know
( grunting ) He’s okay.
He’s okay now. He’s good.
He’s like 20-something now. – We’ve spoke about it.
He got a little grudge.
– Grown man. So ( bleep ) you man,
it was a mistake. – Either way, we’re going for a
run first.
– Let’s go, let’s go. – Let’s go. Come on, Casey.
– All right. – ( bleep ) camera, man.
I told you.
– Let’s go. Here’s the thing about me. – I– I’m nearsighted, okay?
– I understand. He was in the far distance,
Casey. So when he technically
was drowning, I didn’t know. You know what, it sounds like
it was more his fault
than anything else. Whoo, come on, Kevin.
Come on! – Come on, you got it.
– Saying I do… I got little legs.
How are you, sir? Good.
How are you guys doing today? – I’m good, man.
Captain Smith.
– All right. Yes, sir. – What’s your name?
– How are you, man?
I’m Kevin Hart. – Nice to meet you, man.
– The. The Kevin Hart. – All right, nice to meet you.
– That’s who I am. – This is my guy, Casey Niestat.
– Casey Niestat, what’s up,
brother? – I’m just one of many.
It’s good to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. I’ve been a ocean lifeguard
for 29 years. – 29 years.
– Yep. – ( whistles )
– You guys up for the challenge? Oh, man, listen.
That’s why we’re here. – Reporting to save.
– Now I should tell you off the bat
that I have a history
in swimming, in general. – Okay.
– And actually, you know what?
Just if I’m– I think what he’s saying,
Captain, you might learn
something today from Kevin if you keep
an open mind. – If you keep an open mind.
– No, this isn’t learning. – I can learn from anybody.
– This is a participant trophy. All right.
Now is this in the pool?
Have you ever been in the ocean? You know what the ocean’s
all about? No, no, no.
Definitely never been there. That’s why I’m just showing you
this stuff. – Okay, all right.
– Oh, yeah, this was
breaststroke. 1995. This was when I got
the breaststroke champion award. – Nice. Here, check those out.
Yeah, those are pretty cool.
– Yeah. I’d like to get – a good look at these.
– Check that out. – This is for my handstands.
– Okay. Like, you know how you can do
a handstand in the water? – Yeah, yeah.
– Well, I did it for
seven minutes. – Yeah, I was the longest
– You held your breath – for seven minutes?
– No, no, no. I kept getting up
and going back down. – But it was seven minutes
– Okay. Nice. I don’t know
if that’s cool or not. You always keep those
with you? I keep ’em in my bag
just in case I run into
somebody that– – I understand.
– You seem really motivated. – I am, man. I’m pumped up.
– We could use somebody
like you. – Okay, okay.
– Yeah, so let’s see
what you got. – Let’s see.
– Are you up for the challenge? – Of course I’m up
for the challenge.
– How about you? – You up for the challenge?
– Born ready, born ready. All right, I got a few interview
questions for you guys. L.A. County Fire Department
ocean lifeguards do a extensive background
check. – Okay.
– ( bleep ) Uh-oh. – You didn’t tell me about that.
– So everybody that applies, – we do this background check
– Wait a minute. Is there anything in your past
that we should be aware of? – ( imitates explosion )
– Uh… You– you got anything? I mean… You got a machine
that you running it in? – Or are we dealing
with the honor system?
– Yeah, is this hypothetical? Depends on how you define
“conviction,” like… And I was like,
“I’m not gonna do that anymore.” That– that shouldn’t count. – Uh-huh.
– I gotta know.
What’s going on with that? There was that one time,
but it was in high school, and I feel like they said
if I made it to 18, they would wipe it
from my record. – Okay, how old are you now?
– 37. So your record’s expunged? I’ve been expunged. ( music playing ) – Ooh!
– There you go. – Ooh.
– There you go.
Welcome to rookie school. Now let’s see what you got. These shorts make us
a real lifeguard. Hey! Get your asses
out that water! Uh-huh. That lady got her breasts out
on the beach! You better cover
your breasts up! That’s a g– that’s a guy. Yeah. – See the…
– You’re right. You’re absolutely right. ( music playing ) ( barking ) First step, pay attention.
We’re gonna test your speed,
agility, and how to recognize
a possible victim. So you’re gonna be laying down,
you gotta pop up and try to grab
one of those hoses in the sand. – We call ’em beach flags.
– Uh, it’s only four hoses. Right, because one person’s
gonna get eliminated. So if you don’t get one,
you’re out. This is a competition.
You up for the challenge? ( chuckles )
It’s not a challenge
if you know you’re gonna win. – Aah!
– All right, let’s get. – Burn.
– Okay, you guys pay attention. I want you guys to get
in this same exact position
with your feet on that line. – The sand is hot.
– It’s okay, you’ll be fine. – What if there’s crabs in here?
– There’s no crabs. I don’t know that. God. Ah! Aah! Hot sand. Okay, the commands are
“competitors ready,” – your head’s up.
– Okay. Then I say “head down.” And then when
I blow the whistle, you jump up and try
to run for a flag. Head up, head down,
jump up, get the flag, that flag is a dead person! Don’t let that flag die, Kevin. Okay, competitor ready. Head down. – ( whistle blows )
– ( grunting ) Out of the way! ( grunts ) – I got a flag!
– All right, good job,
come on back. – Yes!
– I had to let Kevin win. It’s his show. – Casey didn’t get a flag.
– Okay, there’s only two flags. I let Kevin get the flag. It’s his show,
I didn’t want to embarrass him. He’s a lot smaller than I am. Hey, Casey,
how come you’re not in it? ( laughs ) Casey:
Thanks, Kevin. Let him think that
it’s his victory, you know? Cap, why’s he that far back?
Look at him. – He’s just shorter
than you are.
– I’m shorter than you. – Is he really?
– Yeah. – Yeah!
– Whoo! Yeah! – His little ass.
– Smith: Good eye. Good eyes. Head down! – ( whistle blows )
– Oh, shoot. I got a late start. ( grunts ) ( chuckles ) These guys are good
off the start. Good job. We didn’t stand a chance
against these ( bleep ) guys. Oh, yeah. ( whistles ) ( music playing ) Okay, you guys, the next step
is we’re gonna learn how to run out
and make a rescue. There’s some very important
things you need to know. Is there a victim out there? Right now
we’re just practicing. How far out do we swim? You’re gonna go out
past the surf line. So whenever the waves
stop coming in… – Okay.
– …that’s where
you’re gonna stop and then you’re gonna
come back. – You ready?
– Yeah. All right, you guys,
pay close attention. Here we go.
One, two, three. ( music playing ) – Okay, she runs out.
– Who does she see? She sees somebody. Smith:
Puts the can around her neck. Now watch the high knee action. – Casey: Throws the can.
– High knees, high knees,
jumping. Okay, now there’s
the dolphin jumping. What is a dolphin sound? – ( imitates dolphin )
– That’s close. ( imitates dolphin )
So as we come up… ( imitating dolphin ) Dolphin jumping. Dolphin jumping. Bam. Maybe without the…
( imitates dolphin ) Now she’s gonna start swimming
for her victim. – Kevin: Oh.
– Okay, now that’s
the surf line. – You see that right there?
– Yup. – She goes out.
– Okay. – Past the surf line.
– Casey: Got it. – Whoo!
– Well, who’s gonna
die right there? That person shouldn’t even
be in the ocean. All right,
you guys are next. That’s a case
of bad parenting if somebody dies right there. What’s the protocol
if I have to save Kevin? If you have to save Kevin,
stay calm. – Okay.
– Yup. – ( imitates dolphin )
– All right, Casey, here we go, on three, – one, two, three.
– Kevin: You got it, Casey. Smith: Don’t forget to wrap
that can around your shoulder. I got it! Wrap the can! No, no! He’s gonna trip. – He’s gonna trip.
He didn’t pay attention.
– High knees, high knees. – Look at that.
– He didn’t pay attention. – And boom.
– Dolphin jump. Oh, he’s got some skills. – Okay. And oh, no.
– Keep going, keep going. Kevin:
What just happened? No, oh, God, he’s dead. He forgot his hat, make sure
you don’t bring your hat. Leave your hat here. What if my hat
is part of my thing? – You don’t need that, though.
– Who says? Smith: You saw him
fumbling with it? Good job! Lose the hat. All right, round three. I’m about to give you
straight David Hasselhoff. Y’all don’t have
no sex appeal, that’s y’all problem. Ain’t nobody out here
with sex appeal. It’s one thing
to be a lifeguard, it’s another thing to be
a lifeguard with sex appeal. – All right, let’s see it.
– Tell me when to go. One, two, three, go. ( music playing ) Tell me again,
I got a bad start. Just… let’s go… – One.
– Let’s do it again.
Wait, I gotta… If this is a movie scene,
give me a second. – All right.
– What’s my motivation? – A dead body.
– Your motivation’s
to save a life. And I gotta get the life. – All right.
– Save a life. – It’s go time.
– Serve your community. – It is go time.
– You ready? Hey! Is that a baby? – On three, one, two, three.
– Who let that baby out there? – Go.
– It’s a baby! Where’s my whistle? I don’t have a whistle. Sex appeal, sex appeal. You got it, Kevin! ( music playing ) ( slow-motion
imitating dolphin ) He’s actually pretty good. Okay. Nice. All right. Whoo! All right,
bring it back in! I got the baby! I got to give the baby
mouth-to-mouth. Don’t you die on me, baby. Don’t you die on me. Don’t you die on me! ( crying ) Ah! ( slow-motion crying ) I’m too late. I’m too late, man. Why? On my first day as a lifeguard, you selfish son of a ( bleep ). – You did everything you could.
– How was that, Cap? Pretty good. ‘Cause I didn’t have
an ending to the scene. – So I had to end the scene.
– I like that. – All right?
– Yeah. You did pretty good. So now we’re gonna
get in the truck and do some
beach patrolling. – Oh, yes.
– Hey, all right. ( music playing ) Smith:
I’m focusing on the driving and you guys are the lookouts. Does this car
have like a loudspeaker, like a PA system? – Yeah, we have a PA.
– Let me use the PA. So you press
this button here, but you can’t say
anything inappropriate. – Okay, I got you.
– You gotta be appropriate – at all times. Professional.
– Okay, I got you. – 100%
– Okay? All right, here we go. Kevin: ( over PA )
Check, check, check. Just making sure everybody
on the beach is okay. Hello to everybody to my right. Just want to let everybody know
about the rules on the beach. No smoking, no drinking. Also, if you have strings
on your swim trunks keep them tied at all times. We’re gonna start fining. – That’s not correct.
– Well, that’s a rule. – I just made up a rule.
– No, no, that’s not cool. – What’s the fine, $20?
– There’s no fine. $20 fine. When they see you, Cap,
do people get pretty pumped up? Smith: Yeah, they do. What’s this group
of misfits doing? Probably got all types of drugs
and Molly in their bag. You want to shake
their bags down? Not shake them down,
we let the PD do that stuff. Okay. My main mission
is saving lives, nothing else. – I see something going down
way out there.
– Where? Way out there off
the end of the pier. Kevin:
Is that people going, like…? That’s something going on. Help! So we’re in route. – I should’ve ate.
– ( sirens wailing ) Smith:
I need you guys
to jump off the pier… – Kevin: Got you.
– …and go rescue
those two victims. – Great, let’s go.
– Kevin: Casey, where’s my guy? You got it, go, go, go. – Let’s go, we got to go.
– I’ma “Baywatch” run it. – Yeah.
– “Baywatch.” ( music playing ) All right, let’s get down
over here, set it up properly. – How do we know
which one we save?
– Get it on. – Do I call one?
– What’s that? How do we know
which one we save? Just whoever can gets in first,
get the first victim. Well, I don’t want
the heavy guy. You go for the guy
and you go for the girl. – I don’t want the guy!
– ( clamoring ) They’re drowning out there,
let’s go. – They’re drowning, let’s go.
– Come on, Kevin. Well, they’re clearly not
drowning yet, we got time. No, they’re going down. – Casey, you take the guy.
– There’s no time. ( slow-motion )
Kevin! No time, get out there. Casey, get the guy,
I don’t want to get the guy! Casey, go ahead, get the guy,
he’s taking too long. Yeah, why do I have to
get the guy? – I don’t want to get the guy!
– We need you out here! Why? I don’t need
to take my time… Let’s go, let’s go,
this is training. You don’t have to
rush me, Casey! And if they were
drowning for real, we wouldn’t be
doing this anyway! All right! Casey, here I go! – Come on, Kevin!
– Casey! ( music playing ) ( slow-motion )
Aah! – Don’t lose
your sunglasses, lady.
– I got her. I got her, Casey. – Oh, thank you.
– Grab the buoy. Wow, Kevin! – ( cheering )
– Kevin: I saved her. Tight. Ready? You guys ready? ( cheering ) ( music playing ) Okay, right here, Kevin,
bring her in! – ( whistling )
– All right, buddy. Atta boy, Kevin. Another amazing episode
of “What the Fit.” Did you have
a good time today? Yeah, yeah. Do you feel like
we’re lifeguards? I feel like we matter. – You feel like we matter.
– We matter today. Once I got out there,
I had purpose. – You had purpose.
– I felt like I had purpose. You had purpose
and you had your shoes on. Damn it! I forgot to take
my shoes off, Casey! ( bleep )! God, I don’t have
another pair of shoes! – I got you.
– All right, well, guys, it doesn’t get
better than this. Healthy lifestyles,
health is wealth. Casey. Oh, my God. Hey, major shoutout to
the county lifeguards too. This wouldn’t have been
possible without you guys letting us come
into your world. We truly, truly
thank you guys. – Let’s get back to work.
– Yeah, let’s go. Hey, what’s going on?
This is Kevin Hart. And it’s been proven that
if you watch “What the Fit,” you will not get eaten
by a shark, so what I need you to do
is click the link, watch the video,
subscribe to my channel.

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