Logo to MAST-high… Windsurfing Cabarete Winter 2015-2016

Cabarete Dec 2015-Jan 2016, Logo to Mast-high… This winter, I learned to unclip my
sail without touching the dirty sand! Had my fair share of fails… Jibing… Backside riding… Jumping… Wymaroo-ing… …or defying white water! Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one 🙂 ! Hey Franzi, you’re about to fall in! Franzi: What? You’re about to fall in! See, I told you Tiki, Franzi just wiped out, Think you can do better? Tiki: What? Nevermind… This month the surf was hawaiian! Grisolia Frontside Tiki Jens Got to shred a few lips! Also got to test my balance Sometimes I had so much speed but no lip! Jumps were scarce but high Dual Jumping with Flying Tiki Front Loop by Tiki Quick Tack by Tiki Nothing better than a good lip hit! Surfing a big one First one-handed cutbacks Dual Surfing! Thanks for watching, Please SUBSCRIBE, More FUN on my blog: windsurfing.lepicture.com

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