lose yoursponge (original spongebob boating theme X eminem lose yourself)

annoying ass spongebob music lol okay bye snapback to reality ohp there goes gravity ohp there goes ?? idk what this says lol ok im done with these stupid ass subtitles now wait if ur using subtitles does that mean youre deaf? or are you just hard of hearing? or do you want to see the stupid subtitles that youtube may have generated because those are funny as fuck sometimes once it came up with some weird ass message and it was like “allahu akbar” it was hilarious i dont know what it means but i found it so funny because im ignorant

100 thoughts on “lose yoursponge (original spongebob boating theme X eminem lose yourself)”

  1. The reason he "Ohp, there goes Rabbit" is because Lose Yiurself was made for a movie called 8 Mile where Eminen plays a rapper nicknamed Rabbit

  2. That moment you press pause during an achievement hunter minecraft lets play to search through youtube for a Linkin Park x Brittany Spears Faint/Toxic mix and an Eminem x Spongebob lose yourelf/ boating theme, both brought to us by a drunken bald headed monster truck and a lovely hysterical pregnant wild card

  3. Now all we need is the mom’s spaghetti variant set to the krusty krab theme and my life will finally have meaning

  4. I couldnt remember what specific rap went with the fucking song so it took me ages to find the song name and the rap with it

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