Lost El Patron Surfboard Review

hi I’m going to be doing a review on the
lost el patron which is a high performance short board designed
specifically for bigger guys like myself the reason I’m doing these reviews is I
really struggle as a bigger guy to find much information on high performance
short boards when I’m trying to research boards on one so I’m gonna give a bit of
information right now so I’ll give you a bit of background first the reason I got
this board so I’ve been struggling for least a good couple years now maybe more
to find a high performance short board so I’ve been to really good local
shapers have been to a couple one the kind of high performance shape it was a
bit of a compromise and it was more like one of his hybrid type models so that
was say they could pack in the volume so I wrote that for a while but the rails
were just too boxy and it just didn’t it wasn’t y1 and basically it wasn’t really
high performance up into another really good local shape about quite a lot of
boards shaped by so the one at the high performance shape obviously to fit my
size and he started trying to steer me down an even more high bid type of shape
so that kind of put me off of that so while this is going on I might in
attempting to get some high performance shapes so I’m thinking I’m also gonna
need something that goes in small waves obviously a high performance short board
you’re not really gonna get going in you know stomach chest dish I depend on how
clean is waves so then I got a lost Puddle Jumper I was blown away by it
when I got it I’ve just done another review on that so I was really impressed
by that and I was convert it to last quite instantly and then just as that
was happening in my BIOS or out this shape which is the old patch one so this
is specifically designed as a high performance short board for bigger guys
one to compromise with a hybrid shape you know but difficult years if you want
to stick with the high-performance template you need to blow the board up
to figure volume in so I need around forty four liters so this is just below
my guava layer and step up a bit above around 45 so to get 44 litres into a you
know a standard high-performance shape like if you looked at I don’t know if
you looked at Mary core something black and white or for example if it was black
and white for me if I wanted one of those in my fall you might have to be
going up to approaching 7 foot which is just too long so the trick for this is
Wireless has managed to pack in a volume but not have as much length still around
quite thin down it’s got a thin Tower I’ve not seen tower you know not there’s
not as much width in the tail it’s the last high performance short board that I
got shaped for me was more of a compromise and had still more of a
hybrid tail where this one you know it’s the tails pointing quite nicely give you
a lot of performance so that’s why I got the board um my experience are they in
the waves I’ve written it so when I first got it I just wanted to keep
taking in and you know I just spoke with it and just went to keep surfing it and
get used to it so I started taking a leonis always I wouldn’t you normally
take a high-performance brought in so funny stomach stomach is notify on the
sets and up to have not eaten anything really solid yet but definitely one
overhead and my experience in those kind of waves and the smaller stuff it’s it’s
a real struggle it’s just hard to generate any speed if you have to
generate the speed yourself it’s a lot more tricky if you want to
cleaner slightly bigger wave when waves did a lot of work for you that’s when it
really comes alive they absolutely flies in those and from
my experience of you know always generally having to compromise with
hybrid it’s actually being on a high performance board it was a revelation
and just the terms I was doing I just felt a lot sharper and I felt like it
would just wanted to go for the lip and it wanted to go vertical whereas on a
hybrid type of shapes you really have to push it get loads more progressive turns
in there see yeah absolutely flies in those chronic conditions it’s very
unforgiving so there’s you know it’s got the sweet spot which is relatively small
so if you’re not in the right spot even on that you know decent wave it’s gotta
be really unforgiving and you they’re gonna bug a rail or you’re not going to
be able to generate at speed as easily but that’s what you would expect I think
from a high performance shape for me anyway it’s something that you want to
push yourself in you have to be surfing it properly to get there you know the
right performance out of it so yeah fantastic board for that we’re really
pleased with it fin wise so for me I ride my small wave
boards as a quad because I want to generate the speed in another review
I’ve just done I talked about a punch on path and I use that as a quad to
generate speed but it has the win in the back so it kind of loosens a Taylor bit
for a high performance drop board I want the control you get from thruster set up
my peg thingy to generate a speed because you’re generally riding this in
waves that are doing the work for you for that so you can get it as a quad as
far as I’m aware but you know that’s personal preference I’m talking about my
personal experience I’ve been its master that’s it lost our patreon awesome board

11 thoughts on “Lost El Patron Surfboard Review”

  1. I’m a big dude too. 6’1 120kg. I love lost! I’ve got like 4! Puddlefish 6’1 43L, RNF redux 6’2 42L, Quiver killer(carbon wrap) 40.9L and another Board thatMatt Biolos tweaked the Quiver killer file for “big guy, good waves” 6’1x21x2 7/8 42.8L has a more pulled in nose and tail with more tail rocker than than a normal Quiver killer..

  2. Cool to see someone else on some decent volume 🙂 Lost shapes are fantastic. Especially the domesticated series. Were lucky enough to have our own authorised shaper in New Zealand to do customs so he's done me some cracking baords where he's just added a bit of thickness. Seeing this review I think you would really enjoy the rocket wide as a bit of a step down from the El Parton but above the Puddle jumper. I have a 6'4" at 44.5 litres and it generates speed and paddles really well and it's very smooth in the turns. I'm shorter and lighter than you but ride volumes between 40 and 45 usually. I paddle and catch waves on less but just a waste of time at our local waves and with my average at best ability. Good to see some fresh content from someone new 🙂 Nice work. I had been looking at the patron.

  3. cool vids mate – about time surfboard manufacturers realise what works for bigger blokes, instead of being scared.

  4. If you ever look for a polyvalent board, a one quiver board for vacation, the hs hypto with medium hs fins work extremely well , rail are medium but this board do it all , hollow , mushy it a very enjoyable board, i take even more pleasure with it then riding the puddle jumper, cant wait for hs to make a short groveller.

  5. If you are a bigger guy and have always wanted to ride a board the same height as you try a Tomo Cymatic. Please review this board (as a thruster) and a Hypto Krypto. Will blow you away.

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