Lost in the swell – Season 3.1 – Episode 0 – Fatbike / Surf / France

it’s Chippendale like… wich side are you Nono? …nipple hidding… I love to touch myself wearing Borats? it’s about as effective, as gain in style…! that’s it, we are going again! We leave Gwalaz for the moment… Because we are looking for beach waves “BeachBreak” as Americain would say To explore beaches… we thought bicycles would be useful! It’s not ordinary bike… but “Fat-Bikes”… big bikes… made of Bamboo… and flax! build in The Vosges Mountains Borrowed from “Solidream” Crazy adventurers… also watchable on Youtube We leave in 2016… But this Automn we role-play in France by spending 3 weeks at the beach From Soulac to Hossegor! online this January maybe it’s an “air bag”… No, I don’t know… Something just dilated inside me seriously, what’s happening? My tummy hurt well, this moring we ride 20Km, empty stomach… at noon, we ate a huge buger with fries! and now, we just ride our firts 2km on the beach… and I just collapse! “Big level sportsman” Told you, I have to avoid JUNK FOOD!

13 thoughts on “Lost in the swell – Season 3.1 – Episode 0 – Fatbike / Surf / France”

  1. J'ai hate de vous suivre encore une fois! On fait la meme chose chaque année avec des potes en Australie! J'avais enmené ma camera la premiere année si vous voulez une idée https://youtu.be/MZtkM28OI4M 😀

  2. HoSSEgor, et c'est super cool ce que vous faites, en ce moent sa va être compliqué de surfer, enjoy ur trip in las landas boiz

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