Lost in the swell – Season 3.1 – Episode 1 – wine, bike & surf: Bordeaux sideways!

We are in Soulac, north of the Gironde We are going south So, pine on the left, ocean on the right! Only going “sud”! the goal is to reach Cap Breton understand why they call it Cape “Britons”? I never knew.. Hi, my name is “Ronus” To my left, it’s W1w1 To my right, it’s Nono If we want to ride 250 km of beaches From Soulac to CapBreton it’s a role play for our next blast… we want to explore beaches very carefully so we need to be onshore sheltered from the Lineup So, no trimaran this time but bicycles! Not random bikes “Fat Bikes” bikes with big wheels To ride on sand In front of the waves we borrowed it from “Solidream” 3 explorers who did a 3 year round-the-world-trip no less! now they are back from Tadjikistan with new fatbikes they’ve been handmade By “In’Bo” in the Vosges mountain with Bamboo & flax like in our previous adventure We want to be self sufficient at least for a few days with surfs, fishing rods and all the video mess thats lots of things to carry on a bike so, one solution only: drag a trailler but we need to customise it hopefully, the had the connection Nico introduce us to Antoine a thrue metalhead who pimp our traillers! Surfs & solar panel fixing kickstands homemade fork for wheels of wheelbarrow! and it doesn’t work! but that’s the flabbiest sand ever uphill?? you pushed hard Nono I did not much it’s heavy you need one to push, the other to guide So what’s the total weight? trailler + bike, we have… my weight! 155 lbs that’s the brotherhood spirit even if I can’t articulate but I didn’t hit the booze yet! we are in THE wine region? we are in the “Médoc” not far from Saint-estèphe (PDO) Ocean side but… we already grape-harvest twice there! with the punks, was fun, good souvenir! it will ring a bell to a few friends! The horror Atrocious High tide… Now we know we will have to wait or go around water taste like shit! we had some counsel from a bike shop they told us it was a vital tool so the backside won’t hurt we ride 30 kilometers (18 miles) today That’s what I call sport! we have to find some fork, or something! you will arrange it with a music! we are lost in the shithole of Médoc and that, my little big fella.. that make a difference! very minimalist very handy! if it rain, we are gonna be pleased each one of us, in our tent with the ceiling just here! I mixed vegetables & pastas then I add… six eggs! But I removed 2 yolk… why?? I don’t know, “voila!” we wan’t to reach some wineyards but they are on the east side close to the Gironde river we went one way, then the other for 4 to 5 hours very exhausting, even not on beaches on trails only… that the beginning of the trip we feel like we are paddling a lot! we start here then we went there then we fuck up a little like that then all the way there and we went return here we didn’t see any “château” not even a leaf of grapevine but we found a bottle of wine! I think that the main thing
(2 bottles!) he was really nice Nono said: we are looking for “pif” I’ve got the “Pif” boss’ batch! No label! just like that you want a tumbler? let’s go how do you say “cheers” around here? we say “Yec’hed mat” (in Breton) hunt beat everyday, Jean-Jacques? if they camp in the forest, they will endup shot bearded like they are! they’d mix me up for a weasel but them, for a wild boar! what do we “hit” on the web? Lost in the Swell! hear him? an automaton better than a robot Disneyland Mosquitos… worth than the Solomon islands!

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