Lost in the swell – Season 3.2 – Episode 10 – Surf à risque

Well yeah we’re totally done. And we’re back on for 10 km,
to cross a river so we get to the surfing part. And the surfing part it’s
where we finish the job cause our legs will be gone
and we’ll be destroying our arms. Last night the eco-guards told me everything,
yeah be wary of hippos and the Niles. We said it’s alright guys, we know. Right we’re packing up,
the ANPN is arriving. We’re out of water, out of food,
same as usual yeah. The same refrain. We have to do a mission, the hypothetical village
to go get the hypothetical food. Well thanks guys. Yeah it’s the 15th time
we’re telling you thanks today. Thanks. – Thank ANPN once again.
– Yeah it’s clear. Alone in the world, it’s cool. what you think Nono but if there isn’t a spot here,
I don’t understand surfing anymore. To sleep. The beach is being devoured by the ocean. So since it’s a big coefficient
we can’t camp on the beach. So how is it? – Lagoooon.
– Lagoon. There. Fire, we’ll need to build it here. Yeah yeah, we might even
put up a fence, barbwire. A nice hippo entrance.
It’s a shame there was a bit of grass there. – So yeah we can’t camp here.
– It looks massive. Who came to the peak this morning? A Hippo… and Nono was mentionning, during high tide we won’t be
able to go by the beach. So to get back up the peak, well we’re gonna have to take the hippo,
crocos and elephant trail. It’s original huh? – It’s great.
– Nono likes it. – You like it too huh?
– No it’s shite. It’s alright we found a place to sleep in. Even if it’s not the view we expected, we have to go to a small savannah
that was on the other side. Because compared to everything
we’d seen before, it was all forest, full of hippo
and elephant prints. So we’ll be better over there. We can’t even see the spot. There. The guys are annoying right,
there’s always one that has… We’re definitely french,
we like to complain. Fuck but Nono you’re all over the place. Fuck my shoe. – Ah well too late.
– Oh no. – You’re the local pyromaniac.
– No – It maintains the Savannah.
– Ok. Well you gotta say,
for this country, it’s a small fishing rod. As soon as they see my rod
the guys start laughing. And the fish seems pretty big. Because the idea is not to catch a prize
but to bring back food. Well now I got to follow the fish. – Isn’t it burning around the tents?
– Oh yeah. There’s a fire. Did you manage the situation? Hey did you see, W1W1 the Fireman. It’s risky huh. You, you sleep just there. You’re going out to surf in half an hour
approximately, according to what you said. And actually since the wave is completly stuck
to the side of a super dense forest. I need to find a spot to film,
and at first view I need to go right at the bottom of the wave,
on the hippo and elephant trail. Actually it’s just a strip of
super dense forest between the wave and the lagoon. And I need to find a path through that, and I think it’ll be useful to you
too to get back up the peak. Where you thinking of crossing the bar? Well on the left there. Wait till there’s a calm bit, pass
the shorebreak there a bit of a mutant. And then drift along with the current and hope a series arrives right at that point
and then we take the wave upfront. Try to do something with the wave,
and quickly get out. the ocean is devouring the point. And so you have all the trees
that were alive, now all dead because of the salt,
and fell on the beach. We have to arrive after the lagoon
or we’re in deep shit. If there is no elephant passage,
we won’t go through. It’s kinda weird to put on your wetsuit
in the savannah. Well for what’s left of it. – In the ashtray.
– In the giant ashtray. Well it’s a go for
the drifting safari combo. I can’t tell you the number of spider webs
that’s in this mess here. it’s insane. Going along an elephant trail. They both took a wave from a series,
I don’t know where they are. So I’m trying to get back to them. One hour, one wave. Time to walk over there,
to go pass the shorebreak, to reach the peak, to take a wave and
do fuck all with it, and to go back up there. – You went through there?
– yeah. Alright?… Yeah Alright! To sum up the day, 3 waves. 3 hours
of surfing, maybe 4, but a lot of sport. And it’s cool there’s a spot,
but right now it’s a bit too big. The spot is saturated like we say
when there are too many waves. It’s draining everything on the beach. There are huge tree trunks
that must not have moved for… – months.
– Yeah yeah yeah. Huge rocks, so it’s dangerous. And thing is, it’s just foam that arrives, in general you get taken along,
it’s not big deal, you end on the beach. Whereas now if you get taken
you end up right in the forest. – That was the appetizer.
– Yeah the appetizer. A bit spicy. I wanted to get out, I was done. And then W1W1 motivated me. Let’s go
for a last one. I said ok, ok let’s go. So as usual we go through
the obstacle course and actually… I don’t know, maybe I misunderstood the peak, so a series came in. I paddled, paddled, paddled then the wave arrived, I went in like a duck exactly right
when the top of the wave, the lip fell on me. So I did the duck move and when i was finishing it
I took my board like that. The lip crushed my back, and so I went in head first, acutally I went all around,
I did it like the sun – I went around the dial.
– You did a front loop yeah. I did a front loop. – Like I did flaf flaf.
– It’s surfing huh. Tac tac and i went up like a cork. It’s been a long time since
I hadn’t gotten bucked like that. But no unleashed duck, no broken leash,
no broken board. Everything’s fine.

38 thoughts on “Lost in the swell – Season 3.2 – Episode 10 – Surf à risque”

  1. W1w1 la première vague je m'attendais pas à quelque chose d'aussi fat !!
    Super épisode, comme toujours ! Génial de vous regarder 😉

  2. Je n'avais jamais jugé intéressant de mettre un commentaire sur youtube mais vos vidéos envoient tellement de vibes positives que je ne pouvais rester inactif 😉 Bravo messieurs !!
    Est-il prévu une diffusion "intégrale" des divers épisodes dans des cinémas ? Si oui dans quelles villes ?
    Et surtout n'arrêtez pas de nous faire partager vos trips !!!

  3. Hello from San Diego, California!

    I love this series (it's good practice for my French, and also it's amazing to see you surf and trek in this beautiful part of the world).

    I was wondering what song at 5:40 do you use here? I've been searching the lyrics and haven't had any luck.

  4. Un projet vraiment chouette qui donne le smile ! Vous faites juste chier pour une chose, vous nous donnez encore plus l'envie de tout plaquer, quitter notre petit train train quotidien, partir aux quatre coins du monde pour surfer, découvrir de nouvelles cultures et explorer la petite planète dans laquelle nous vivons ! 🙂 Merci les gars, au top

  5. Encore merci pour cette saison, toujours déçu que ça s'arrête mais c'était vraiment bon. Vivement d'autres aventures!!!

  6. So sick!!! Havent seen you since Krui / Desilluion series. Stoked to see you are keeping up the adventures!

  7. Vraiment au top cette serie d'épisodes. Un plaisir de vous avoir suivi ! Bonne continuation a vous dans l'aventure

  8. hello les gars, auriez vous un contact pour vos combis visiblement coupé en france, habitant à la Réunion, je dois me protéger du soleil et des bisounours

  9. 2:28 > Pour information :
    "To prevent oxydation, we have traditionally used fire. But fire also leaves the soil bare, releasing carbon, and worse than that, burning one hectare of grassland gives off more, and more damaging, pollutants than 6,000 cars. And we are burning in Africa, every single year, more than one billion hectares of grasslands, and almost nobody is talking about it".
    Allan Savory, How to fight desertification and reverse climate change.

    “Pour éviter l'oxydation de la savane, le feu est traditionnellement utilisé. Mais le feu laisse le sol nu, relâchant le carbone, et pire que ça : brûler un hectare de prairie, libère plus de polluants, plus nocifs que 6000 voitures". Allan Savory, How to fight desertification and reverse climate change.

  10. Très belle vidéo les gars j'adore cette série vous représentez très bien ce "surf spirit" ! À part ça vous me faite penser aux daltons avec vos combis 😂🤙🤙

  11. Vous êtes des vendeurs de rêve !!! Très fort les gars !!! Et ce rires communicateur…J' adore !!!
    Pendant qu' il y en a qui bossent dur pour espérer se payer des sessions plus ou moin bonnes !!
    Pendant ces longues journées interminables de saison estivale !!

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